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Well, here it is, the timeline for the curious/masochistic! It's using Astrid's pregnancy as a guide, thus the minuses prior to her falling pregnant, and pluses after the birth of Freckle. This should stand up fairly well to the events in the story, but if you find anything a little out of whack, please let me know! And no, I'm not going into days-of-the-week or dates detail. That way lies madness.

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Timeline for When In Rome

A How to Train Your Dragon fanfiction

By apparent glutton-for-punishment, Determamfidd

-3 months: (Second month of winter in Berk, 49AD - 50AD)

The events of 'Talking In Her Sleep'.

Wedding of Hiccup Haddock and Astrid Hofferson.

-1 month: (Spring in Berk, 50AD)

Dragons wake from hibernation.

0 months:

Astrid falls pregnant.

0 months, 1 week:

Hiccup begins the voyage to Phlock, a 2-week journey, for the Dragon Convocation.

0 months, 3 weeks:

Hiccup is kidnapped by Alvin the Treacherous, who is posing as Alberich the trader.

1 month, 1 week:

Stoick returns to Berk

Regin's pirates attack the kidnapping longship. Hiccup transfers to Regin's longship, the 'Redbird'.

1 month, 2 weeks:

Rescue mission leaves from Berk.

2 months, 2 weeks: (Second week of summer in Berk, 50AD)

Hiccup confronts Alberich who reveals himself to be Alvin the Treacherous. Hiccup is locked in the hold.

3 months:

Pirates from the original ship ambush the rescuers' camp on an islet. A destination is revealed: Ostia.

4 months:

Hiccup arrives in Rome, and is sold to Balbus the slave trader.

Rescue party stops in Hispalis. Astrid's pregnancy is discovered, and Ostia is found to be the nearest port to Rome.

4 months, 1 week:

Hiccup is imprisoned in the gladiator barracks of the Octavian Amphitheatre. He meets the Gladiatrix Nemesis, and the Briton.

Rescue party's longship passes through the Fretum Herculaneum (Straits of Gibraltar). Regin's pirates attack, and Toothless burns the Redbird. Regin reveals that Hiccup was sold to Balbus. Astrid kills Regin.

4 months, 2 weeks:

The Briton confronts Claudius, and is discovered to be King Caratacus of the Catuvellauni, a British tribe.

Hiccup duels the Gladiatrix 'Nemesis', who is revealed to be his mother, Valhallarama of Berk.

He is set free, but after a single day is recaptured by Alvin and sent to work with the Orionos, Rusalka.

5 months: (Autumn in Berk, 50AD)

The Tiny Haddock's first kicks.

The rescue party's longship is shipwrecked near Naples.

5 months, 1 week:

Hiccup escapes with the help of Britannicus, who takes him to the palace for an interview with the Emperor Claudius. Hiccup flees from the palace into the streets.

Rescue mission reaches Rome and meets Caratacus. Astrid kills Balbus.

Hiccup is found, wounded and starving, by the rescue mission.

5 months, 2 weeks:

Hiccup recuperates.

Rescue of Valhallarama and Rusalka, with the help of Caratacus, Britannicus, Rufus and Claudius.

5 months, 3 weeks:

Flight back to Berk (5 days).

6 months:

Planning meeting in the Mead Hall, and preparation for battle.

Arrival of warriors from Phlock, Sleet, Brass Monkey and Freezing-To-Death.

6 months, 1 week:

Battle of Troll Valley.

Death of Alvin the Treacherous.

8 months, 2 weeks: (Second week of winter in Berk, 50AD - 51AD)

Wedding of Fishlegs Ingerman and Ruffnut Thorston.

The dragons re-enter hibernation shortly after.

9 months, 1 week:

Birth of Freki 'Freckle' Hiccupsson Haddock.

+2 months, 1 week: (First week of spring in Berk, 51AD)

Dragons wake from hibernation.

+3 months:

Epilogue. Letters from Britannicus, Caratacus and Plotina reach Berk.

+4 months:

Tuffnut Thorston and Snotlout Jorgenson leave for Phlock.

+8 months: (Last month of summer in Berk, 51AD)

Tiny Ingerman(s?) due.

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