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Title: Dead Men Tell No Tales
Summary: I'm Edward Cullen, and captain of the ship, The Deadly Loogaroo. All I wanted to do was meet up with my maiden, Bella Swan. I should have known that trouble would follow.
Word Count: 500
Rating: Rated Arrrgh. Kidding. Did you think I could let that pass? Actually, I'm going to rate this story NC-17/M just to be safe.
Disclaimer: Stephanie Meyer… What can I say? She owns it all… Twilight, Edward, Jasper… Owns. It. All.

Ah, but I have something myself… I own my own stories – many, many stories. PirateWard is all mine. As is First Mate, Jas. They can make me walk their planks anytime.

Thank you to my beta… you know who you are.

The title of this O/S comes from a phrase used in pirate lingo used as a command to leave no person left alive. The ship's name comes from a mythical creature, whose job it is to retrieve blood, in the Caribbean called a Loogaroo. (from Caribbean vampire lore)

Dead Men Tell No Tales

*~*~* Captain Edward Cullen's POV *~*~*

My ship has been docked outside of the caves of Cruz Cove in the Caribbean Sea. Jasper, my first mate, tried to tell me that it wasn't safe there. But did I listen to his sage advice?

No. I was Captain of The Deadly Loogaroo and it was my call. We were staying anchored. Besides, I had to rescue my maiden, Bella Swan. She only saw beauty and kindness where others saw a killer and a criminal. She didn't care that I killed a few men, nor did she care that I tended to borrow without one's consent.

It had been almost a year since she set me free from her father's prison, and as I had promised, I returned for her.

I did love her, after all.

And as she had promised, she met me in the cave located off the starboard side of my ship. The second I saw her, I grabbed her hand and pulled her from her dingy into mine, her body pressing against mine. I looked right at her and took my chance, planting a ripe kiss on her lips.

She wasn't too happy with my advances as she slapped me across my unshaven cheek, hissing, "Scallywag!"

"Ah, I may be, but you are the one meeting me here. What does that make you?"

She went to slap me again, but lost her balance and fell into the water. I couldn't help but to laugh at my maiden as she pouted at me from the water. She retaliated by rocking the boat, causing my balance to be lost and making me fall into the water.

When I resurfaced, I kissed her again. That time she went along with it. I made quick work of removing her clothing – uncinching her corset, untying the crinoline underskirts. I let them all sink slowly in the depths of the sea below us.

With her dainty hands, she had my waistcoat off in mere moments and my breeches followed soon after. As she removed the last of my scarves, I watched as her crimson blush spread down her body.

My maiden was as gorgeous as I remembered. I kissed her again, pressing my body against those rounded, luscious curves of hers. She wrapped her legs around my waist and I thought, Prepare to be boarded.

I made no waste of time entering my maiden. Her moans of delight urged me on to pillage and plunder her, making her officially mine. Suspended in the warm salty sea, our reunion was something this pirate would take to his watery grave, vowing to her over and over with each push that she would never be branded a wench.

As she let out one final orgasmic moan that echoed around us in that private cove; I too finished myself with one last groan.

"Dead men tell no tales!" a voice rang from my ship.

"Oh no! It's Jacob Black!" Bella gasped, frightened.


"My fiancée. He's looking for me aboard your ship."

Her… fiancée?