Title: Family Portrait
Summary: Bella paints a portrait of the two of them. Edward is anxious to see it, but it may not be what he expects.
Word Count: 495
Rating: M
Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight

I sit anxiously as Bella prepares to unveil her masterpiece to the family. She had painted a portrait, of the two of us together.

For days I watched as she twisted and turned in front of a mirror. She spent hours gazing at different angles of her cute ass and then her beautiful breasts. I was so hard watching her assess herself that I dragged her away from the mirror for a 'break', more than once.

Then it was my turn, she made me get in various poses and states of dress as she added me to the portrait. We ended up with a few breaks from that one too.

After that Bella holed herself up in the back room of the cottage for nearly four days while she finished the painting.

And now here she was, ready to show everyone her hard work. I was so proud of her, I knew that is would be nothing short of fantastic.

Without preamble or speech, Bella pulls the covering from the painting. We all stare, mostly in wonder, but mainly in confusion. Bella's portrait was of Count Chocula fucking Frankenberry's wife while he was biting her neck.

I am about to ask Bella if she would explain herself when Emmett jumps up screaming. "You rock Bella! This is just like that Halloween that Alice and Jasper dressed up as cereal killers and we dressed up as the cereal." Emmett looks down at Rosalie. "You looked so hot that night babe."

Bella removes the painting from the easel and gives it to Emmett. His eyes go wide as he takes in the gift.

"This is going right above the bed!" He yells right before bolting up the stairs, dragging Rose behind him.

That was it? That was what she painted as I modeled for her? I really wanted that portrait of us. Seeing my disappointment, Bella comes to sit down beside me.

"Edward, can I see you upstairs?" She asks me softly. I could never deny myself her company so I stood and walked slowly, up the stairs to our room.

I open the door and sit on the bed, Bella enters right behind me.

"Notice anything different Edward?" She asks, sitting next to me.

I look around the room, nothing seems to be different from before.


"Too bad." She reaches over and begins kissing me. Before long she pushes me onto my back and that is when I see it. Hanging on the ceiling above us is the portrait that she did of us. The two of us in the throws of passion, her riding me to oblivion and both of our heads tossed back in pleasure allowing the viewer to have a clear view of our bodies. Now I understand why she didn't want to show it to the family.

"It's beautiful Bella." I tell her. "Thank you."

She simply smiles back down at me before leading the way to us matching the picture.