By ParamoreXD


Dear Bella,

I'm…sorry. I can't do it. I can't continuously put you in danger like this, simply because I love you.

God, how I love you, and everything about you. I love your hair, I love your eyes, I love your body. But most of all, I love you soul, for all of its shining beauty. And because of that, I cannot stay with you.

I can feel my resolve weakening, feel your persuasion starting to sway me. And I cannot, I will not, turn you into one of us. I love you too much to tarnish you with our eternal curse. What Jasper did…he didn't mean it. You know that. But even though it hurts, the fact is, I can't always save you. Vampires are what we are. And I cannot let us be exposed to you for any more. It dangerous to your health, through both my fragile willpower and my family's nature.

And so, Bella, I must leave you again. I am not, I could never be, bored of you, fall out of love with you, exist without you. I love you with my cold, dead heart, and always will. You say that you will never love another, but have you ever tried? I cannot prevent you from doing anything, but I can keep you away from my family, away from me.

Don't break down over me. I am not worth it. Don't cry over me. I am not worth it. Just know that I will always love you, and that you are free to do whatever you wish with your life.

Isabella Marie Swan, you are free.

With love,


I scrunched the note into a tiny ball, and threw it into the bin. And just like that, my life shattered.

This is the preface! I'll post chapter one tomorrow, and then I'll do the rest on a roughly weekly basis. I've just taken two liberties with this story:

That's it. The next chapter shall be up tomorrow (I've already written a significant portion of this story), and I hope you enjoyed. :)

This story takes place during the timeframe of Eclipse, but not the events. Edward didn't leave in New Moon, he continues to be with her until Senior Year, when Jasper attacks again. The story starts from there.

Hope you enjoyed. :)