Title: Break up with me, Please
Summary: With Every heartbreak, comes a teardrop
Word Count: 500
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I don't own Bella, just the story.
Picture: Girl at the beach.

"Do you love me?"

"Of course, why would you have to ask?"

"Because, well, we've been going out for a while now…"

I didn't get it. He looked at me intently. Was he going to do something crazy? Propose?

"One time I remember you saying that you'd break up with me if I ever stood you up,"

"Yea I did. I hate it when men do that, without explanation. He's not a man at all." I explained.

"Just hear me out then. Tomorrow night, at the beach. Just a chance for me to show you how much I appreciate you." He broke into the charming smile that I couldn't resist.

I nodded and smiled, maybe he had something planned.

The next day, I prepped myself up and took a stroll down the beach to wait for him.

After ten minutes I started to notice his absence. Fifteen. Twenty, I started to get worried. It took the rest of the hour to get me to become beyond irritated.

I stomped home and called his cell. Nothing. His apartment. Nothing.

For three days it felt like he had disappeared from the surface of the earth. I continued to call and text, but no replies.

I tried to think up reasons for this. Maybe he'd died. But even his mom told me he was developing a severe case of the flu.

The night after, he texted me.

I thought you said you were gunna leave me if I stood you up.

That was it. Plain and simple.

My phone broke when I threw it across the house and down the stairs. But I don't give a fuck.

How could I be so blind? He'd played it around so that I'd be the fault of our ending relationship.

At the beach I angrily head for the same spot we'd lay in, countless hours after dark. It was the only place I was happiest.

And now I felt crappiest.

He made me so angry just by his little stunt. But how could I not see it coming?

To show you how much I appreciate you. He'd said.

The bastard didn't appreciate me one bit. This isn't what was supposed to happen to my happily ever after.

I tried not to let the tears fall; he wasn't worth them. But with any heartbreak came the teardrop; the aching relief. And I had to let this one go. I let them roll freely across my face for the few minutes it took me to calm down again.

A shadow loomed over me and I looked up to see who it was, "A beautiful lady like you shouldn't be here all alone, at night."

Then and there, I decided I was important. No man was ever going to walk all over me again. I wasn't going to give into just any trash, like the innocent Bella had been doing ever since high school.

Any man worth his shit was going to have to work hard to get me.