Click. Slid.

The infirmary room door slid open, "Ah, do you need anything Sasuke-kun?" the pink haired nurse smiled brightly. Uchiha Sasuke step in the room with a swift move, he would always skip class to come to the infirmary or avoid fan girls.

"Hn, no I have something to say." he said as he walked towards the small pink haired teacher.

"Nani?" Sakura tilt her head cutely.

Sasuke looked down, 'Damn she's so tiny.' he's like 6'2 and she's probably 5'5

"I miss you." he took her into his embrace. She blushed madly, "S-Sasuke-kun! I-it's not appropriate!"

He smirked, he knew she'd be different from other girls in the school.


"Psst, teme look!" Naruto whispered to his best friend Sauske. "What dobe, there's nothing interesting to look." Sasuke said annoyed.

"Just look!" Naruto pointed up the stage where all the office people stood, they were having a whole school meeting right now, "As I was saying the other nurse Nanami-san retired so we have a new one to replace her." the principal; Tsunade said.

"Is she seriously a teacher?" Naruto asked himself. Sasuke looked up at the stage because he did not need dobe's complain.

"Holy crap! She is cute!" a dude whispered to his friend.

"Damn, she's small." Suigetsu said.

He was shocked that such young person can be a teacher and let alone being that small.

"Please welcome our new teacher Sakura-san." Tsunade said. Sasuke notice her eyes went back and forth, he could tell she was nervous.

But then a minute later her face turned into a confused one but she shrugged it off and let a big smile come on her face.

"Hey! My name is Sakura Haruno, 17 and I'm gonna be your new infirmary teacher!" she said with a cute smile but what caught Sasuke off guard was when she said 17.

Gasp was hear all over the room, "17? how could she graduated that early?"

"Is that even possible?"

"She must be lying!"

"Everyone settle down, let me explain." Tsunade said through the microphone. Everyone closed their mouth and listened, "She graduated when she was 15 and went to medical school at age 15 too and graduated from there at age 17."

"No way!"


"Does anyone have any questions about her?" she asked. Many hands went up.

Tsunade pointed at this one guy with red hair, "Are you single!" Tsunade's eye twitched, "We don't ask about her personal life."

"Ah, it's okay, I'm single." she smiled cutely at the guy, he almost fell on the ground from the sudden blush that came up his face, if it wasn't for his friends he would of fallen on the ground.

"Do you like teme?" Naruto shouted and pointed at Sasuke, he slapped Naruto's hand away.

"Uzumaki Naruto!" Tsunade boomed, "My office! Now!"

Naruto squeaked, "Obaa-san is mad!"

"What did you just call me!"

"Ahhhh!" he ran out of the room and away from the fuming Tsunade. Sasuke sighed at his best friends dumbness, why did he even hangout with that idiot?

"You all are dismissed!" she boomed, "Uzumaki Naruto! Get back here and say it to my face!" she rush out the room.



Sakura frowned as she stared up at the big box that was on top of the cabinet. "Screw me and my short height."

She didn't notice a pair of onyx eyes watching her.

she raised herself from her tippy toe and tried to reach it but she still couldn't. She tried again and the box stared to fall, she shut her eyes tightly waiting for the impact from the big heavy box her it didn't come to her.

"Could of asked for help if you can't reach." a deep voice said. Sakura opened her eyes and turned around, it was the most popular guy in school, Uchiha Sasuke. He held the box in one hand with ease and the other hand supporting her back.

"Thank you!" she smiled and was about to take the box from him put he raised it higher, "I don't think you can carry this heavy box and the papers at the same time." he pointed out.

"But I have to get all these out of here so I can get this office ready for tomorrow." she frowned.

"What are you still doing here? It's after school and everyone has already gone home." she said as she went to the stack of papers.

"Hn, I gotta wait for that dobe to finish his chat with Tsunade." he lied, he wanted to check and make sure if Sakura is really gonna be a fan girl.

"Dobe?" she raised an eyebrow.

"Naruto, the one who made a embarrassment of himself at the meeting."

She nodded, "You don't need to get worked up, just relax, I can take care of things." she offered and the smile never left her face.

"I like to see you carry these then." he smirked at her mistake, she frowned cutely, "I don't want to bother you though."

"I have nothing to do anyway." he said.

"Where are you putting all of these?" he asked while taking a look around the infirmary room.

"The copy room." Sakura said as she too the stack of paper that the old nurse used.


From that day on, he started to skip classes to see Sakura, Naruto already knows Sasuke see's Sakura everyday, he will make time even if they are having the most important test, he would still go see Sakura.

End flashback~

"Ne Sasuke-kun, are you feeling okay? Does anywhere hurt?" Sakura asked when he spaced out.

He snapped back to reality and stared down at the girl he became comfortable with in their first meeting.

"Hey, this question that I'm about to ask is gonna be a yes, I won't take a no for it." he smirked at her confused form, he let go of her but had his strong grip on her small shoulders.

"Nani? What question doesn't allow a no?" she asked him with a weird look, "This one." he smirked at her more confused face.

"And that is?"

"Go out with me."

She widen her eyes, "Wha? Huh?" question marks popped on top of her head.

"I like you, go out with me." he repeated. She blushed, "B-but, I-I'm a teacher! And you're a student!" she said.

"We will keep it a secret." he smirked, "I-it's still against the rule." she shuttered.

"Too bad, you're going out with me and that's final." he smirked, "B-but-"

"No buts." he's deep voice made Sakura close her mouth tightly. "Good everything is settled."

"SAKURA-CHAN~" Naruto bust open the door with Hinata by his side.

"Yo teme!" he grinned. "What do you want dobe?"

"Did you do it yet?" Hinata asked, "Yeah." Sasuke smirked down at Sakura's shaken up form, "They knew this from the start." Sakura snap her head up and widen her eyes, "T-They knew?" he nodded.

Sakura suddenly blushed madly and covered her face with her hands, "T-this is so embarrassing..." she muttered, Sasuke chuckled and took her in his embrace again.

"Wow, I never seen Sasuke treat a girl like that." Naruto whispered to Hinata, his 3 month girlfriend.

"I know right and let alone a chuckle." Hinata whispered back.

"Teme! We have to go back now!" Naruto shouted. Sasuke turned his glare to him, "I'm not going."

"What! Then I ain't going back either! I might get attack by your fan girls again!" Naruto shouted and walked up to them.

"Attack?" Sakura tilt her head cutely, "Yeah, teme's fan girls are scary, when he goes somewhere missing, those girls would attack me and demand me to tell them where he is." Naruto muttered with disliking, Sakura laughed.

"Gasp!" Hinata clap her hands over her mouth, "Tomorrow is Christmas!" she shouted.

"I totally forgot!" Sakura slap her forehead.

"Let's have a party! Just us four!" Naruto shouted. Hinata and Sakura looked at each other and laughed.

"Sakura-sensei?" a voice on the other side of the door said and slid the door open, Kakashi stepped in and looked around the room, "Huh? Weird, I swear I heard Naruto's voice." Kakashi scratched his head.

But then he shrugged it off and closed the door.

"Whoa that was a close one." Naruto said as he remove the blanket that he and Hinata hid under on the infirmary bed.

"Ah ha!" Kakashi bust open the door again, "GYAA!" Naruto screamed due to sudden surprise.

"I knew you were in here!" Kakashi shouted with a satisfied smile.

"Yeah, b-b-because, uh, I'm uh... I feel sick!" Naruto shouted back as he lay on the bed, Kakashi didn't see Hinata because Naruto used his body to block hers.

"Really... did Sakura-sensei check your temperature yet?" Kakashi asked trying to find a mistake in Naruto.

"Y-yeah, she did." he lied, "Uh huh, why don't I check it for you one more time to make sure I you are sick or not." Kakashi said with a glint in his eyes.

"I-It's fine Kakashi-sensei, I just need to lay down!" Naruto shuttered. Kakashi smiled brightly.

"Oh! Then be back in class soon!" he beamed and skipped out the door.

"T-t-t-t-that was scary." Naruto shuttered as the image of Kakashi skipping like a little school girl.

"Bleffff~~" Naruto let out his gas that he held for along time, "Dobe! You call that manners?" Sasuke gave him a disgusted look.

~Let's see what Hinata, Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura was doing in the covers when they were hiding.~

"Sakura-sensei?" the door slid opened, everything seem to be in slow motion when Kakashi opened the door, Naruto dragged Hinata to the bed while Sasuke picked up Sakura and slid in the bed. He swiftly pulled the cover over his body and hers.

Naruto being the slow one had to get help from Hinata because his legs were tangled up with the cover.

Sasuke had a hand around Sakura's small waist and the other around her shoulder. His legs tangled with hers and there's no way Sakura wouldn't be embarrassed by the situation, Sasuke was watching her the whole time and was surprised that this girl wasn't blushing because of a hot guy hugging her, she was embarrassed from the situation they are in right now.

He knew he chose the right girl.

Naruto was shaking when he heard the door open,'Oh my god, it's Kakashi-sensei!'

"Stop shaking Naruto-kun." Hinata whispered.

"I can't!" he whispered back.

~Back to the story~

Sasuke removed the cover and sat up while still holding Sakura, she was small, warm and soft.

"Why did we have to hid?" she asked Sasuke while tilt her head when she looked up at him, he patted her head softly, "Don't you think having too many people in the nurse room won't make others suspicious about us?"

Sakura think and think, "I don't know?" Sasuke chuckled and ruffled her hair, her left eye squinted shut as he rubbed her head. It made her look cuter when her hair is kinda messed up and a smile on her face.

Sasuke leaned down and, "Chu~"

He kissed her softly on the lips, "Kya~ I missed the chance to take the picture~" Hinata squealed.

Sakura covered her mouth in embarrassment and blushed madly, "Whoa teme, that was a fast move!" Naruto shouted with a grin.

He ignored Naruto and leaned down, "Stop being so cute, it make me want to kiss you more."he whispered. She blushed more and closed her eyes tightly, "Hehehe, she's embarrassed." Hinata grinned.

Naruto grinned while Sasuke smirked, Ding Dong!

"Ah! The bell ringed! It's after school!" Naruto shouted with a big grin and ran around. Sakura sweat-dropped.

"Sakura-sensei, could you please come to the Principal's office right now, I repeat, Sakura-sensei, could you please come to the Principal's office right now." the speakers in the school building went on.

Sakura looked up at the speaker in the room she's in right now and tried to get out of Sasuke's embrace but he wouldn't budget.

"Huh?" she looked back at him, he lower his face to his, "We are not finish yet."


"As you see, you are still young and there's things you can still chose right now." Tsunade started, "But, let me ask you something, why are they here?" she asked with a glint in her eyes as she stared at Sasuke, Naruto and Hinata.

"Ahahaha, they were in my office and decided to tag along." Sakura laughed nervously.

"Well, I have something to tell you, you can reject if you want." Tsunade said seriously.

Sakura nodded waiting for her to go on, "I got an mail from the government this morning." she started.

"Government?" Sakura widen her eyes a little bit.

"Yes and they said that you are going too fast with your career, so they gave you two decision." Tsunade said and stood up.

"Be in high school once more as a senior like Sasuke, Naruto and Hinata or stay as a teacher."

Sakura widen her eyes, she could be a student again like everyone else but... she really like her career.

"She's gonna be a student."

An arm wrap itself around her waist and pulled her to a muscular chest. "Oi! Uchiha! It's her decision!" Tsunade's eyes twitched.

"It's also mine." he smirked. "Yours? How so?" she raised an eyebrow.

"She's mine and her decision is mine also." Tsunade smirked, "I see you found a girlfriend."

"I'm not playing around, I'm serious about this one." he said with full determination.

"I didn't say anything about being serious or not but it's rare seeing an Uchiha have a serious relationship." Tsunade smirked.


"Heh, there's the famous 'Hn'"

Tsunade flop down on her seat again and sighed, "What's your saying Sakura."

"Uh... um..." it was hard for her. The hand around her waist tighten and she looked up at Sasuke's face, he had a disproving face... but for what?

"She's gonna be a student."his voice echoed through her mind and she smiled and looked back at Tsunade, he didn't want her to be a teacher anymore, he don't know how to control himself in public if she continue to be so cute.

"I want to be a student again." she smiled. Tsunade widen her eyes then smiled, "Then it's settled."

"Yay! Sakura-chan is a student again!" Naruto shouted and squeezed Hinata who in return she blushed.

"N-Na-Naruto-kun... everyone is watching." she shuttered with a huge blush on her face. "Who cares! Sakura-chan is a student again and now we don't have to skip classes just to see her!"

Everyone froze, "What." Tsunade cracked her knuckles. "Naruto! You and your big mouth!" Sasuke said irritated.

"All of you apologize to Sakura for wasting her time on you idiots!" she boomed. Naruto squeaked and pulled Hinata out the door and makes a run, "Run Teme! Run for our lives!"

Sasuke smirked and pulled Sakura in a run too, "UZUMAKI NARUTO, UCHIHA SASUKE! GET BACK HERE NOW!"


Pant. Pant. Pant. "Wow, Obaa-san is really scary." Naruto panted, "Yeah." Hinata said out of breath.

"Hey where's Sasuke and Sakura-chan?" Hinata looked around, "Eh? Weren't they behind us?" Naruto asked.


"Ha... ha... ha..." Sakura panted while using her knees as support. A snow flake fell on Sakura's lips and she touched it with her hands. "It's snowing..." she looked up in the dark sky with white snow falling down.

"Ne, Sasuke-kun, isn't it pretty?" she smiled cutely and turned to Sauske.

"Chu~" he kissed her again, out of nowhere.

"S-Sa-Sasuke-kun!" she blushed heavily. "You're not a teacher anymore and your younger than me. This makes out relationship not a secret anymore." he said as his forehead touched her.

"Wha...?" even when she's confused she's still cute.

"I told you stop being so cute." he muttered then dragged her to the park where couples are there.

Sakura looked around and saw couples hugging, snuggling, cuddling and kissing.

Then everything went dark, "Huh? Where are we Sasuke-kun?" she asked as she stared up at the only thing she can see, Sasuke.

"In the ally of a random store." he picked her up and set up on the box so she's a little shorter than him when she's sitting.

"Store, is it a food store?" she asked. Sasuke chuckled at her childish antic, "Yeah."

"Gasp, can I get food?" she asked hopefully. 'How does this girl eat so much and stay small?'

"We can get it later, I want to finish what we were doing before."

"What-" he cut her off with a demanding kiss. His tongue ran over her bottom lip and she gasp, "Sa-Sasu-"

His tongue played with hers and it turned into a heated kiss that all girls dreamed of having with him.

He broke off the kiss and licked his lips, "I told you to stop being so cute, it makes me lose control." he lower his head and licked her swollen lips.

"Ah... eh... ano..." she was shaking like she just got fulled out of the snow two days later.

'Don't tell me she wasn't paying attention about the kiss...'Sasuke sighed then smirked, 'That's why she's different.'

He shook off his sweater and drifted over her shoulder. He had two sweaters on, one for a jacket like the other regular sweater.

"Put it on, you'll catch a cold." he said. She nodded not even knowing what just happened between him and her.

"You said you want something to eat right?" she nodded again, "Then come on." he then chuckled at her antic. She was trying to get off the boxes but somehow she couldn't.

"Don't laugh." she frowned cutely. He let out a laugh, a real laugh. "You sure is a child for a senior and a teacher."

She pouted, cross her arms and turned away stubbornly, "I can't help it, my small height always keeps me from tall things." she frowned more.

"From now on just ask, I will get you anything you want." he smirked and picked her up.

"B-but I don't want to bother you all the time."

He set her down and she looked up at him, "You're my girlfriend, I will get anything out of the way that's bothering you." he smirked, sliding his hand to hers and intertwined their fingers.

She blushed and covered her mouth with his sweater sleeve. "Ne, what do you like about me? There's a lot more cuter girls out there that are prettier than me."

"I don't care what people say about our relationship, you had you're chance to reject me and now I'm not gonna let you go." he smirked and looked at her small form in the corner of his eyes.

"What! Since when did you give me the chance to object?"

"Really? I remember I did give you a chance to reject me." he smirked, "When?"

"Hmm... I don't remember anymore." he dragged Sakura into a store.


He once again chuckled.

"I love everything about you."


Sakura had to wake up early than usual because she had to get her uniform from school and today was her first day, well not technically first day in school, first day as a student in school.

'This is gonna be weird.'

"Mornin'" a deep voice behind her said, she got startled, "Kya! You hentai pervert! Stay away!" she screamed and turned around with a terrified look.

She blinked and blinked, then she blushed heavily, "Sorry." she squeaked. Sasuke raised an eyebrow at her and smirked, "What was that all bout'?"

"Ahahahaha, nothing..." she replied while laughing sheepishly. "Why are you at school so early?"

He sighed, "If I come late the fan girls will block the entrance and demand me to go a date with them."

Sakura giggled, "What are you doing here this early?" he asked.

"I have to get my uniform, it's my first day." she grinned.

"I'm going with you." he said, she nodded. He notice her clothes were black leggings with a big white shirt that goes down to her thighs and white flats.

His uniform was a big tan sweater that has buttons on the front and slightly baggy black pants. Over all he looks drop-dead gorgeous in anyway.

"Hey." he called out to Sakura, she tilt her head back and looked at him, "Nani?"

"Where's my morning kiss?" he slightly tilt his head, "Hm?" he smirked, she blushed and turned around and faced him, "B-but what if someone saw us?" she asked in a shy voice.

He pulled her to him and went down to her eye level, "Everyone's gonna find out anyway." he licked his lips as he stared in Sakura's emerald eyes, "T-this is too weird!" she covered her face with her sleeves, Sasuke chuckled, 'She's too cute.'

She then looked up at him, she pressed her lips fully on his and broke off, she blushed madly and avert his gaze. He was shocked by her action but smirked, 'She's one shy girl yet brave at the same time.'

"Wasn't that hard right?" Sakura looked up at him through her long and thick black eyelashes.

She shook her head, her voice wasn't coming out. "Let's go to the office then." he took her hand and she followed behind him still embarrassed.

"We are going to meet the Akatsuki after school with Naruto and Hinata."

"Akatsuki?" a question mark popped on her head.

"Yeah. They rule Seihou Gakuen." Sakura nodded in understanding, "Why are we going there?"

"Dobe wants you and Hinata to meet them." Sasuke sighed in annoyance, "He tried so many method to convince me to have you meet them and worst he wasted my 30 minutes on the phone hearing him complain."

Sakura cracked a grin and laughed, "What's bad about me meeting them?" she tilt her head cutely.

"They fight a lot." was all Sasuke said.

"Are you... worried about me?" she grinned when Sasuke turned away trying to hid his embarrassment.


"Aw! You're so cute~" Sakura grinned. He twitched and slightly glared at her, he would never ever dare to truly glare or scare her. It's not that he is afraid to, he's just doesn't want to.

"Teme! Sakura-chan!" Naruto shouted and waved at them at the office door. "Huh? What are you doing here?" Sakura asked.

"We were waiting for you two love birds." Hinata grinned with a glint in her eyes.

"a-a-a-ah..." Sakura shuttered and couldn't even get a word out, "Shut up dobe, like you're not holding hands." Sasuke pointed out and stared at the intertwined hands of Hinata and Naruto's hand. They blushed.

"Are you all chit chatting? If your done come in my office." Tsunade's voice said through the door.

Naruto opened the door and stepped in with the others, "Here's your uniform and your class schedule." she handed Sakura her uniform and dismissed them.

Sakura went in the girls changing room while the others waited outside, minutes later Sakura walked out with tan sweater that goes down to mid thigh and covering half of her skirt.

"SASUKE-KUN!" scratchy voices came down from the hall, "Shit." Sasuke muttered and ran off some direction.

"Another day of running for Sasuke again." Hinata sighed.


"EEKKKKK!" Naruto ran the same direction Sasuke ran but the fan girls are on his trail.

"Uh... sooo." Sakura started. "Let's find your class first." Hinata looked at Sakura's schedule and smiled happily, "We all have the same classes!"

Sakura smiled brightly, "KAWAIIIIII!" someone shouted.

One minute they could still see the sun but now they are in the shadow, "Oi, Uzumaki and Uchiha isn't here to steal all the girls and there's two cute girls here in front of us." Suigetsu smirked.

"Wait, isn't that Sakura-sensei?" Jugo asked Suigetsu.

"Wait, What?"

"There's only one person in Tokyo that has pink hair and emerald eyes." Jugo explained.

A second later Suigetsu was knocked down on the floor by guys while Jugo dodge.

"OMG! HOW COME I NEVER SEEN YOU ANYWHERE BEFORE!" a guy asked with a huge grin.


"Run Sakura-chan run!" Hinata shouted and pulled Sakura with her. They ran down many halls and the boys are still chasing them, "Come back!"

"My angels!" Sakura and Hinata shuddered, "Over here!" Hinata said as she turned a sharp corner.

They hid in the copy room, "Hurry! We have to see them again!" a guy shouted, the mob of boys ran pass the room and the girls sighed, "Scary..." Sakura mumbled.

"I know right." Hinata shuddered.

Hinata opened the door and took a peek out of it, "It's clear."

They got out and went into a different direction as the guys. "Eh? What do we have here?" a guy with brown hair asked.

"They are cute~" the dark brown haired guy squealed, those two backed the girls in the corner, Sakura and Hinata shook with thoughts in their mind, they knew some guys in this school has some dirty minds.

"What the fuck are you doing to my girlfriend." a deep and silky voice demanded behind them.

"Yeah! What are you doing to Hinata-chan!" another shouted. The guys twirled around and widen their eyes, "Run!" they shouted.

"At lease they know what trouble they are in." Sasuke muttered darkly and took Sakura's hand.

Ding Dong!

"The bell! We are late!" Naruto shouted and dragged Hinata down the hall and to homeroom.

Sakura sweat dropped and looked at Sasuke but only to him him looking at her too, she tilt her head.


"Hn. Nothing."

They walked down the hall with hands intertwined. "Hey! What are you doing with Sasuke-kun!" a girl with red hair came up to them along with a blond chick with blue eye.

Sakura gave them a questioning look, "Let go of my Sasuke-kun!" the red head; Karin shouted.

"Yours? He's mine!" Ino shouted at Karin.

Sakura and Sasuke looked at each other and shrugged then walked off.


"Yo! I was lost-" Kakashi stared as he walked in the class room 25 minutes late, "LIAR!" the class shouted, he laughed nervously an scratched his head.

"We have a new student here, well not new, she's-"

"It's Sakura-chan!" Naruto shouted with a grin.

"Quite Naruto! Trying to talk here!" Kakashi shouted. "Sakura?" everyone raised an eyebrow.

Kakashi sighed, "It's Sakura-sensei but due to some reason, she's a senior in this school." he smiled.

"The Sakura-sensei?" a guy slammed his hand on the desk, Kakashi nodded, "YEAH!" the whole male population shouted.

The door slid opened and Sasuke step in with intertwined hands. Everyone stared at the intertwined hands and travel up the other person.

"You're later then Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto stood up and pointed at them, "Shut up dobe, she had to put her stuff in her locker."

"Let go of Sasuke-kun!" a random fan girl shouted.

"Yeah!" the girl population shouted with jealousy.

"Why should she?" Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "Because you're my boyfriend!" Karin shouted, "What! He's mine!" Ino shouted, "Who said I was your boyfriend?" Sasuke glared.

"R-remember? You said you love me so much and would always be mine?" Karin lied.

"Never did." he said and pulled Sakura in front of him. He slid a hand around her shoulders and his strong hold kept her in place, "She's my girlfriend."

"You can't date her! She's a teacher and it's against the rule!" Karin smirked and pushed up her glasses.

"She's not a teacher anymore."

"WHAT!" Karin screeched, "Shut up you fat ass!" Suigetsu shouted and covered his ears.

"You shut the fuck up-"

"Language!" Kakashi warned, "What part of me looks fat!" she screamed.

"Your fucking hips-"

"Language!" Kakashi warned the second time.

"Your fudging hips are too big! Your flabby mean on your stomach and legs makes me want to puke! You always wear those short shorts and belly button shirts to show off to Sasuke!"

She blushed, "I do not show off-"

"Lies." classmates said in unison.

"All of you shut up!" she shouted.

"All right all right kids settle down, we have to start class now." Kakashi said as he pull out his orange book out.

He sat in a lazy position, "Today's lesson is... well you all can have free time." he continued on with his Icha Icha Paradise.

"Someone has got to burn his hentai book." Naruto muttered as Sasuke and Sakura sat down next to him and Hinata.

Seated like this, Naruto, Hinata.

Front of them, Sasuke, Sakura.

Sakura and Hinata next to the window.

"Hey Sasuke-kun~ let's go somewhere privet~" Karin sat on Sasuke's desk crossed legged and purred.

"I don't think Sasuke likes your fat ass in his face." Suigetsu said as he walked up to them, "Shut it fish face!"

"What did you call me hippo!"


"Dumb ass!"


"Red head should go back to Europe!"

"Blue head should go back to the ocean!"

They glared at each other, "Kiddies no yelling." Kakashi reminded without taking his eyes off of his book.

They turned away from each other, "So Sasuke-kun, what do you think?" she batted her eye lashes.

"Hn, no."

"What why! I'm too sexy to be rejected!" Karin shouted, "It ain't the first time." Suigetsu grinned.

"ARGGG!" she attacked Suigetsu and they played wrestling on the floor, "GYAA! I'M GETTING RAPED! RAPE! RAPE! RAPE!" Suigetsu shouted with anime tears.

"Who would want to rape a fish?" Karin protested back. "Well what are you doing now?"

She looked down and saw she was sitting on his waist while he had a terrified look.


she looked back at her crush and found that he was talking to Naruto and the girls. She sighed in relief.

"Good he didn't see." she mumbled, "OI! I'M STILL HERE! SOME HELP?" Suigetsu shouted while struggling to get Karin off of him but she wouldn't budget.

"Loose some of your fuckin' fat!" he shouted, "What! I'm not fat!"

"Then how come I can't move your fat ass off of me!" he shouted back at her, "T-that's because your weak!" she lied, she just weighted herself this morning it was 150 pounds.

"You're just fat! Now move it!" she got off him with a huff, "I will bet you 50 bucks that I'm lighter than that Sakura girl!" she pointed at Sakura who was unaware of people looking at her.

"Sakura-chan, I think people are looking at you." Naruto whispered.

"Huh?" she tilt her head so she can see because Sasuke blocked her view of everything in front of her except himself.

People squealed at how cute she is. "It seems like a fun bet." Kakashi finally looked up from his book.

"Who can lift the same weight as Sasuke-kun?" Karin asked. "Neji can!" Naruto pointed at him.

'What do I have to do with this?' Sasuke asked himself.

"If you don't want to die then keep your mouth shut." Neji muttered darkly. "EPP!" he squeaked.

"How about I try it?" Kakashi smiled and stood up. Everyone stared at him, "What?" he stared back at them.

"A teacher shouldn't touch a student much." Neji pointed out with a bored voice.

"Eh... there's a rule like that?" he asked, the choco haired man nodded, "Oh... then the bet can't go on, there's no one who has the same strength as Sasuke."

"I'll do it!" Lee shot up and did his Gai pose thing.

"GAI-SENSEI IS GONNA BE PROUD OF ME!" he shouted with tears. "..." the whole class ignored him.

"Then let the bet start." Kakashi smiled.

Lee went up to Karin and stared at her soul, "..." she turned away from Lee's thick eyebrows.

"Yosh! Here we go!" he said with fire his eyes. "Ready. Set go!" Kakashi shouted, Lee picked up Karin with a lotof force, while Sasuke just pick up Sakura with ease.

"To make things more fun, you have to put them on your shoulders." Kakashi giggled, Sakura shuddered, 'Scary laugh...'

"My youthful Gai-sensei's youth power is burning up inside of me!" Lee shouted and put Karin on his shoulders, his determination drop instantly, 'She's so heavy!' he had tears coming down his face.

"I must not give up!"

Sasuke moved Sakura to his shoulders with a swift move and looked bored, Lee bit his lips with watery eyes, 'Ew did she just farted on my shoulder?'

His arms feelings are going away, and adding the fart smell from Karin made it worst, "I won't give up!"

His legs were wobbling and soon he fell along with Karin, she fell on his back, "Crack!"

Lee's face turned pale white and his head dropped on the ground, "M-m-m-my b-b-back."

"Alright that's enough." Kakashi said as he start to read his book again.

Sasuke set Sakura down slowly, "Ha! I win!" Karin shouted.

"You win? I win dumb ass! You cracked Lee's bone because your too heavy and Sasuke didn't have any trouble with Sakura-chan!"

"What are you talking about! Couldn't you see he was struggling!" she shouted back, obviously lying.

"I don't think so." Neji said as he picked up Sakura with one hand. Everyone seem to be impressed with her weight and his strength.

He set Sakura down, "My apology for picking you up without permission." he closed his eyes.

"Ah, Iie, it's fine." she smiled.

The rest of the school hours went by fast and in a blink of an eye it's after school, Sasuke and Naruto waited outside of for their girlfriends to come out. "Sorry for the wait!" Hinata shouted and waved at them.

"What too you two so long?" Naruto asked as he took Hinata's hand, Sasuke did the same to Sakura.

"Uh..." Sakura and Hinata looked at each other and then back at the boys, "We were..." Sakura started.

"Cornered by fan boys." Hinata finished. Both guys stop dead on their track, "Did they do anything." they demanded in unison.

"..." both girls looked away, "Tell me. Now." Naruto and Sasuke moved their girlfriend in front of them, Sakura and Hinata shook in fear, "T-they tried..." Hinata started.

"...T-to kiss us." Sakura finished as she remembered the fan boys corned them and the looks on their face.

"They got nerves." Naruto glared at nothing particular.

"Did they kiss you." Sasuke asked Sakura. She hugged him from his waists tightly and shook her head.

He sighed, Sasuke patted her head softly and didn't even notice his family's bloodline activated.

"Sasuke." Naruto whispered as he took Hinata into his arms, "Your eyes; Sharingan." he mouthed the words.

Sasuke widen his eyes, 'When did it activated by itself?'

He looked back at Naruto, "We need to show them to stop touching what's ours." Naruto mouthed.

"They are so gonna regret it." Sasuke mouthed back with a smirk.

"The Akatsuki is waiting for us!" Naruto shouted with a large grin. "There they are!" someone yelled.

"Sakura-chan~" Sasuke's hand twitched and eyes turned into Sharingan.

"Hinata-chan~" Naruto was shaking really and bangs covering his eyes.

"We will be right back." Naruto said as he walked to the two fan boys with Sauske. They pulled the fan boys behind the building, "GYA!"

"AHHHH!" painful screams, BAMM!





They walked back to the girls with a smirk, "What did you two do?" Sakura asked confused.

"Hn, nothing really." Sasuke smirked and took Sakura's hand again. "But that sounded very painful." Hinata said.

"Hmmm really?" Naruto acted innocent. Both girls looked at each other with a questioning look.


"We are here~" Naruto singed. Hinata and Sakura stared at the tall building that has a deadly aqua, "A-are you sure it's here?" Hinata asked unsure.

"Uh... can we visit another day?" Sakura asked clearly not wanting to be in there and worst she might get lost.

"Don't worry, you won't get lost." Sasuke smirked, "B-b-but, what if I do!"

"Yeah! What if we did get lost!" Hinata shouted, "You two won't, how could you? When you're like right next to us?" Naruto laughed.

"There's always a possibility that we do." Sakura frowned cutely.

"You won't." Sasuke squeezed Sakura's hand. "Temeeeeeee! Sakura-channnn! let's go in already!" Naruto shouted, "Dobe, not need for yelling, I'm right here." Sasuke's eye twitched.

"Shut up, I'm not yelling!"

"You're yelling right now." Sasuke stated. "Ha! Take that!" Naruto try to punch Sasuke but he moved out of the way and Naruto chased him, "Get back here teme! Let me land a punch on you!"

"I wanna see how would you like it if I punch you in your face!"

Sakura and Hinata stared at them with a sweat drop, then they shivered when they felt someone looking or rather staring at them from behind.


"Yeah, I-I feel it too." she shuttered, "W-w-wh-where are they?" Sakura widen her eyes as she looked around, "T-They are gone..." Hinata said and looked at Sakura, "H-h-help... m-me..." a shaky and scary voice said behind them, Sakura and Hinata flinched.

"KYA!" they both ran in the building, they ran down many rooms and hallways, "W-where are we?"

"I don't know..." Sakura said as he straighten up herself and looked around, "W-why is it so dark in here?" Sakura said shakily.

Hinata gulp loudly, "I-I don't know."




They hear dripping sounds all around them but they don't see anything, a cold wind went pass them and they were startled, this was like a horror movie.

"Let's find the others and go." Hinata suggested while sticking close to Sakura while Sakura did the same.


"KYA!" both girls held each others close with tears. "W-what was that?" Sakura asked shakily.

"I-I don't know but I wanna get out of here."

Step, bounce.

"Sakura-chan? Did you drop something?" Hinata asked and hoping it was her that dropped something.

Step, bounce.


A hand was placed on Sakura and Hinata's shoulder, they both flinch and startled at the same time. Sakura and Hinata slowly turned around and faced something unexpected...


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