Title: Morning Sun
Rating: M for lemons
Pairing: Jasper/Edward
Disclaimer: I only wish I owned this!
Count: 499
Summary: Edward wakes up beside his angel. Slash J/E

The morning sun peaked through our curtains, his face caught in its stream. Naked skin now luminous and blond hair turned golden, he looks everything like the angel I know he is.

I pull my head back a little for a better look at him. He is laying half on top of me, our legs tangled together. The light sheet we use for warmer weather rests on his hip. I push it down to see that tight ass I love so much.

Too tempted, I give it a soft squeeze and here a small noise. He shifts a little in his sleep and causes me to moan when I feel his hard length press into my leg.

His breathing changes and soon light kisses are being placed on my chest, a warm tongue dragging across my nipple. I growl when he bites down and he giggles. "Hmm, do you like that baby?" He asks while leaning over me to bite the other.

"Fuck, yea!" I say, before I flip us over and kiss him hard. We both moan when our erections touch as I lay down on top of him. Trailing light kisses over his neck, I bite down where it meets his shoulder.

"Please!" he cries, hips lifting, searching for more friction.

"Please what, baby?"

"Make love to me, Edward!" He doesn't have to ask twice. I grab the lube from the nightstand and sit up. He spreads his legs, opening up for me.

I look at him for a moment, admiring the man before me. Hair fanned out over the pillow, chest rising and falling with quick breaths. He is so fucking sexy, and all mine.

It doesn't take much to prepare him after our love making last night. I hover over him again, pressing on his entrance as I kiss him deeply. It one motion, I push all the way in. This has to be heaven.

I pull back until just the head is inside and thrust into him, hard. He throws his head back and moans loudly, "Yes! Pleaseā€¦ Faster!"

His words encouraging me, I drive into him as his hands grab onto anything for leverage. Too soon I feel that tightening in my stomach. "Jasper, baby. I'm so close, come with me please!"

Wrapping his legs around my waist, I hit at a different angle and he screams. I reach down and take his dick in my hand, pumping him with the rhythm of my hips. After a few more thrusts his back is arching and nonsensical mumbling leaves his lips.

The sight of my beautiful angel in ecstasy is all I need to send me over the edge. "Yes! Fuck!" I say, spilling inside him.

His eyes closed and a smile on his face, I pull out of him. After a soft kiss, I clean us up. Crawling back into bed with him, we find the same position we woke up with.

"Good morning, sunshine." I say, making him laugh.

"Good morning, love."