Title: In the Meadow
Summary: Jasper and his love share a moment in the meadow.
Word Count: 440
Rating: M
Disclaimer: Twilight and everything related belongs to S. Meyer, not me.

I stood in the sun. The light breeze softly blew my hair away from my face. In this place is where it all happened. Our coming out. Our first kiss. Our first tentative touches. Our first I love you's. We became friends here. We became boyfriends here. We lost our virginity to each other here, and became engaged here. Then, three days ago, we married here. It was the meadow. Our meadow. No one else knew about this place but me and him.

Our meadow was perfect. It was completely secluded from anyone and anywhere. In Spring and Summer, it held thick, soft grass, dotted with wildflowers. In Fall, it was full of brightly colored leaves that crunched under our feet. In Winter, it was covered by a blanket of snow in which we would make snow angels.

And that's what he was. My angel. My life. My love. My everything. I loved him with all of my being. I would never stray from him, keep anything from him, or fail to tell him I love him every day. He has my heart, and he always will.

The breeze picked up again, and I lifted my face into it, closing my eyes. I smiled, seeing him behind my lids. Walking, talking, laughing, his face as we made love, and even crying. He was beautiful in everything he did. I would never tire of looking at him. Ever. I felt one tear run down my cheek as my heart swelled to bursting with my love for him.

The wind picked up again, a little stronger now, ruffling my jacket. With my face still lifted and my eyes still closed, I held my arms out, smiling, feeling like I could be swept away in its sweetness. I caught the smell of jasmine and roses in the air and I inhaled deeply, taking in as much of the scent as I could.

After a moment, the wind ceased again. I looked down, opening my eyes. "Thank you, my love," I whispered. "I love you, too."

Kneeling in the warm grass, I leaned over and kissed his name on the cool marble stone, laying the yellow tulip I had brought on the grass. "I will always love you, Edward Anthony Whitlock."