The girl who fell in love with a demon….

Chapter one: The mystery man and his violin..

Summery: New student Amu Hinamori just enters Seiyo academy high

school and she's already popular. when in truth she's just shy. What will happen when she gets lost and eavesdrops on a blue haired violinist who's the most popular guy in school? What will happen when Amu finds out his scary secret? AMUTO

I do not own Shugo Chara or any of the characters.



Amu = 16

Nagihiko = 16

Tadase = 16

Yaya = 15

Rima = 16

Utau = 16

Kukai = 17

Ikuto = 17

Chapter one: The new student, and the mystery man.

Amu's POV:

Hi, I'm Amu Hinamori. Today is the first day at my new High school as a junior .

So what am I doing right now to prepare myself? Sleeping of course. Well I was, until my mom woke me up.

"Amu-chan! Time for school darling!"

…Ugg… I tossed in my bed and put the pillow over my head, hoping that my moms voice would magically go away, and I could go back to my world of sleep and dreams.

But mom sent my little sister Ami after me and all of a sudden I felt a 9 year old bouncing on my bed ruining the little time of peace I acquire. "Nee-chan! Wake up Nee-chan! Time for school! Mommy told me to get you up!" She yelled in my ear.

I swear I couldn't hear anything for about five seconds. "Ok! Ok! Just get off of me!" I threw her off, and not in a mean way I might add, then sat up in my bed to be found by the sun shinning through my balcony window.

My eyes fluttered a few times, getting used to the lighting, then looked around my new room. Boxes laid on the floor, some said "fragile" and most just said "Amu's stuff."

My new room has red walls and a creamy color ceiling, there was already things on the walls from the previous owners. Mostly just pictures of distant landscapes.

I thought about the day up ahead and sighed inwardly. Oh goodie, I get to go to a new school… again! Sarcasm anyone?

Getting up with a thud of my feet against the floor I put on my new uniform, which I changed up a bit. It really annoys me how bland school uniforms can be. This one was alright though.

The uniform was a black pleated skirt with white pin stripe and a black formal shirt with crosses hanging from the collar accompanied by a white tie; I put on a black choker and I added some knee high socks, as well as a studded belt on my skirt.

Quickly in a few hand motions I brushed my waist length pink hair that naturally cascaded down into waves at the bottom, then rushed downstairs to see my mom making breakfast in the kitchen.

"Do you want breakfast dear?", My mom smiled, "No thanks, mom." I gestured over to the toast with a grateful smile, "I'll just take this toast and leave."

Rushing out the door I nommed on the toast in my mouth quickly swallowing. It's a good thing I showered the night before, so I didn't have to worry about that at the very least.

I lifted my wrist up to check the time.

Sweat dropping I mentally face palmed. Crap! It's almost time for the bell! Can this day get any better? Sprinting my feet carried me to the school gates, and when I arrived I stopped for a second to stare at the school, my mouth so wide open bugs could fly in.


There was cherry blossom trees that led up to the main entrance and a few stone benches under some other trees around the campus.

The grass was green and trimmed, there was even a Zen garden in the far end and a fake waterfall surrounded by more cherry blossoms.

The whole picture of the school looked traditional but modern at the same time. Being as the whole place was a marble white color, the gate itself was giant and a gold color. The wind blew a small breeze, and shook the cherry blossoms in the most elegant way, like in a movie.

Who would go to this place, rich kids? My head shook violently like it was a dream then ran up to what I thought was the office. I walked in smoothly, trying to breath regularly now. A bit hesitant, I strolled over to the front desk.

A dark haired women looked at me and forced a smile then said, "Are you the new student?" I just nodded my head and she pointed to a little paper that had my schedule on it.

Retrieving the small paper I left to my 1st period class murmuring a 'thanks' to the lady.

My forehead creased in concentration at the white paper with my name on it and read, "1st period: Homeroom room 105 - Nikaidou-sensei." Walking aimlessly until I found it.

On the door a gold plaque read, "Room 105 Nikaidou-sensei."

I sweat dropped as I scratched the back of my head. In my old school teachers just had a piece of paper taped to the door with their name on it. Sometimes the students would doodle on the paper next to their name.

My teeth grazed on my bottom lip while my hearth began throbbing quickly as I got my courage up and pushed open the door.

Maybe I could try and be myself this time, I mused with a small, hopeful smile. There was a tall man in front of the class with glasses and red hair. He looked kind of clumsy, and a bit awkward, so I assumed he must be the teacher.

Standing in the doorway I made eye contact with the "teacher", or Nikaidou-sensei, who called me to come in and introduce myself. I looked towards the class, all eyes staring back at me.

'You can do it Amu! Just be yourself!' I silently encouraged myself with a mental pat on the back.

Sighing, I put my hand on my hip and ran the other through my pink hair and said, "Names Hinamori Amu, nice to meet ya.." Silence filled the room. 'Dammit! I did it again!'

Cursing at myself over and over again in my head my ears prickled at the people starting to whisper things. 'Just like in the old schools,' I bitterly reminisced.

"She must be the new student." "Wow, she has pink hair!" "I wonder if its natural!" "Wow, and I thought Ikuto was the only one with an unnatural hair color.." "So pretty.. Cool and spicy!" "I wonder where she's from..?" "Look at what she did to her uniform! She's so stylish."

I inwardly sighed again. It seems I have been sighing a lot these days.. Anyway, what is with people and just judging the first thing based on appearance? Its so annoying sometimes..

Well when they do it to me.

Nikaidou-sensei interrupted my train of thoughts, not that I minded, and told me to sit in the back near the window.

"Just sit next to our teacher helper for now. Ikuto Tsukiyoni, raise your hand so Ms. Himamori can sit next to you." Then I heard more whispers, only from girls this time.

"Lucky! She gets to sit next to Ikuto!" "I want to sit next to him!"

Then out of nowhere amongst the crowd, I heard a small irritated grunt and saw a hand go up. At the same time we said, "It's Tsukiyomi/Hinamori."

"Gomen," Nikaidou-sensei went on, "just sit there for now, Ms. Himamori."

Apparently he didn't get it..

Nikaidou-sensei pointed to the kid with his hand up so I did what I was told. I'm glad my seat was near the window in the second row to the back.

I lowered my head so my bangs covered my eyes and put one hand in my pocket and the other holding my bag over my shoulder as I walked to the back, jumping over some twit's leg that had tried tripping me.

"You trying to trip me." My head tilted over my shoulder dangerously while musing at the kid, honey eyes glaring daggers through my bangs. It sounded more like a statement than a question.

"N-no…" He looked down embarrassed as he spoke. I smirked a little, then returned to normal and just kept walking till I got to my seat and sat down.

'That was close! I almost face planted! How embarrassing…' I nearly had a mini heart attack.

A familiar habit picked up with pressure making its way onto my bottom lip as I heard a bunch of the girls whispering about how lucky I was to sit back here, but I didn't even care to take a glance at this Ikuto kid.

Over all the voices chattering along came an annoying voice from a girl with red curly hair say something around the lines of me being a bitch for not even acknowledging Ikuto. Hm.. It was strange, for some reason I felt someone looking at me intensely..

It gave me shivers yet made me on fire. Whatever. I brushed it off and resumed to my thoughts. I just wish that for once I could get enough courage to be myself. Putting on this mask can wear me out.

I took in a bored breath and put in my earplugs to let the music from my ipod carry me away. Letting my eyes rest shut as my hand cupped my chin, the first song that played from my endless play list was Dark Blue by Jack Mannequin. I smiled fondly, looking out of the window I drifted to my happy place.

There were green pastures, with cherry blossoms and pink and blue roses as far as the eye can see; the sun beamed creating shade under the trees. A waterfall erupted glittering aqua into the stream below it, being framed by moss covered rocks. The smell of spring wafted in the wet air.

I sat under one and let the bliss of my daydream tickle my senses. Before I knew it the bell rang, then another, and soon enough it was lunch time.

Strolling out of class I went outside right away, not really looking to strike any conversations considering my reputation at this point was already set in.

I didn't really feel like eating school lunch, but then again I didn't know how rich this school actually was. I decided to just find a peaceful tree to take refuge under.

Moving by a group of seniors and I caught a hint of blue hair. Interesting, I thought I was the only one with weird hair coloring. I only got a glance, but I just shrugged it off and continued on my quest for a good place to sit.

My small journey finally led me to a lovely cherry blossom tree, nice and quiet I complimented silently. I sat down and closed my eyes, my hands behind my head leaning against the sturdy tree. Just a few seconds into getting comfortable, It seems that my peace is always interrupted.

How wonderful. Soon enough I heard that one curly red heads voice again, but this time directed towards me, and not in a pleasant tone. "You have some nerve, new girl." I looked up and there she was.

Me not being rude, I made eye contact with the red headed girl, she had two others behind her, all of them had there hands on there hips.

That's not a snooty pose at all, I chuckled to myself in my head.

"And why is that?" I asked just as meanly with an irritated look on my face. "Well, for one, you didn't even notice Ikuto," She paused to state his name dreamily with a gesture to her heart, then continued glaring me up and down, "And for some reason he decides to smile at you."

She made a disgusted look on her face as she spat the word 'you', like I was repugnant or an ugly monster. I just smirked and stood up with my bag over my shoulder.

Oddly and intriguingly enough, that seems to have become my signature pose. "Like I care, you can have the smiley creeper. As far as I'm concerned jealousy gets you nowhere." I spat calmly with a nice touch of venom.

With that I just walked off not bothering too look back, my heart dropping. Confrontation isn't my thing despite this mask I put on. I heard the girl start fuming and the two girls were saying comforting things like,

"Don't let her get to you, Saaya." "Yea, she's the jealous one." The last part made me scoff grumpily. In fact, they were right, I was jealous.

She had friends, even if they seemed somewhat fake. At least she had someone to talk to.

Becoming engrossed to my black shoes as I walked to my next class I was more and more grateful that school was going to be over soon. I can't take this façade much more.

About an hour later and finally, schools over! I groaned to myself just outside the school gates, victory rising as my fist clutched in self praise and my head shooting up with a grin. Golden orbs sparkling brightly with triumph.

It was surprisingly dark outside already. I looked at my watch, 5:30. Mom is going to be a bit mad about that..

I continued walking, but with my luck today, I got lost. Starting to feel chills going down my back and goose bumps as the night breeze got colder I felt my heart jump in my chest at this declaration I made.

I am lost. Alone.

Cursing under my breath as I stumbled through bushes, I scraped myself along the way. "Ouch.. That hurt." I started to bleed but chose to ignore it. Finding my way home was of the up-most importance right now.

My eyes peered through the dark mist of night, but the smell of bark and leaves told me I wasn't about to find my way out soon. I kept walking through the bushes and trees in a quickened pace, all of them seeming to be like a repeating background from those really old cartoons, until all of a sudden I heard beautiful music and stopped abruptly in my tracks.

It was a violin.

'Strange.. Why is there violin music in the middle of a forest?' Pondering it further I shook my head with a smile, 'Obviously because someone is playing it. Good job figuring that out Amu…' I fallowed the music until it lead me to a gazebo in what looked like an abandoned park.

It seemed weird to have a park in the middle of a forest. Vines and other plants absorbed the stage, making the whole feel of if antique and old.

The moon was covered by dark clouds that illuminated the stage ever so slightly. I hid behind the bushes trying to see if someone was playing or if I was crazy. Crazy is always a validated concern in my book.

My head slowly peeked through some bushes, the ringing in my ears trying to make sense of where the origin of the music was. It's not like I was eavesdropping, ok! I was just secretly listening. Nothing bad about that…

The music continued and I saw a figure standing there. Trying to achieve a better look at the figure playing it, my eyes focused and narrowed. It was tall and lean, so it must be a boy from my class since he had the black uniform on, which is probably why it was so hard to see him.

He was all alone, and the clouds covering the moon disappeared to reveal who was playing. I got a better look, the moon turned everything blue, He even had blue hai- wait a second… blue hair?!

Its that Ikuto kid Saaya was bitching to me about!

I leaned in and got an even closer look at him to see what was so great about him. Curiosity killed the cat as they say.

I Chuckled to myself about my lame joke, then returned to look at him. His eyes were closed as he concentrated really hard on the notes.

When he played louder I got slightly dazed, as if the music was hypnotizing me.

It was a familiar feeling, like I was turning into a burning light and fading to an unknown location. I tried to shake off this feeling so I could see him better.

He did have a nice slim figure, I admit. And his hair was very stylish. I wondered if it was his real hair color or if the moon just made it look that way.

I recalled one of the students saying Ikuto had strange hair color too.

I started to feel the heat rise on my cheeks. 'Crap, I'm blushing,' I thought. I shook my head in disapproval of myself, I can't fall for this popular pretty boy!

Besides, it seems as if he has a creepy, overly obsessive fan girl club and I don't want to be the girl in the middle of that insanity.

However, his music captivated me. He was playing a lullaby. I started listening in again, The song started sounding sort of nostalgic and sad, yet in a beautiful way.

My eyes fluttered soundly shut as I started drifting into the music, it was like a story, a tragic one as if it were written by Shakespeare.

It made me melt, physically and mentally. My heart sang along with its melody, the familiar song resonating within my core. Until all of a sudden it stopped.

Shocked, my amber eyes sprang open and stared into a pair of gorgeous midnight blue eyes.

I opened my mouth to say something, but nothing came out, so I just shut it and continued staring.

The feeling of red rose to my cheeks. How embarrassing! I bit my lip hard this time.

Without saying a word he gathered up his violin in his white case and started walking away into the darkness of the forest.

Instinctively I rose to my feet with vigor, "W-wait!" My voice demanded with a stutter.

He stopped and turned to look at me. "Yes?" He even had a beautiful voice too.

I swallowed and looked away, folding my arms a bit. "W-why did you stop playing? It sounded beautiful, but also nostalgic.. I-in a good way."

Glancing at him now he looked sort of shocked, but that soon dissipated as he then relaxed and smirked. "So little Amu thinks I play well?" I blushed even more at his emphasis of my name.

"I was just saying, but if your like that then no!" I retorted cheekily and crossed my arms over my chest more firmly.

He looked even more shocked now.

I guess girls never yell at him or something. He just returned to smirking and shook his head a bit then started walking off.

"Ja ne, Amu." My cheeks grew even more hot if that was possible and finally I yelled with a growl, "And stop emphasizing my name!"

My intake of breath was hurried as I glanced at my hands, they were trembling a bit.

It was really cold all of a sudden when he left, like his presence had some weird aura of fire. I looked at where I had got cut, and for some reason the cut was gone.

Just one strange thing after another, I bemused. I checked my watch again. 7:30?! When did it get so late?! What am I doing standing here?!

So many questions you'd think I would know the answer too!… I better get home!

At this point I started to sprint, dodging trees. Good thing I was in the track team before I came here..

I was ready for a long run, but surprisingly the forest just ended. It seemed just a while ago it lasted forever.. Shaking my head in disbelief my legs busted forward down the street until I finally made it home.

Right after I opened the door I saw mom on the couch in her robe. Turning her head to face me her glare was clear as day.

"Where have you been?" She asked. "I stayed after school to talk about classes and such, but when I was done it got darker and I got lost.."

Sadly, I have gotten used to lying through my teeth. But what was I suppose to say? Yea, mom, I got lost in this forest that seemed to go on forever and found myself at an abandoned park that no one knew of, than started to run back home but somehow the forest magically ended?

My mom sighed, then nodded, "Alright honey." She smiled at me. I'm so lucky I have such an awesome mom.

"Where's Ami?" I mused. "Upstairs," she waved her hand towards the stairs distractedly, "asleep."

Nodding in agreement I ran a hang through my hair. I guess it was late..

Leisurely going up stairs after my run home I decided to take a quick shower, hot shower. Afterwards I drank a nice refreshing glass of warm milk, the only thing that seems to relax me, then laid on my bed turning to lay on my side.

I took one last glance at the clock. 9:30. I should get some sleep.. Resting my eyes didn't seem to alleviate the pace of my mind considering I began thinking of the music Ikuto was playing.

Huh, I just realized that he remembered my name…

Not that I care or anything! … Does it seem hotter in here for some reason…?

Am I blushing?!

Doki, doki.

Oh gods no, the throbbing sound of my heart told me "Yes, you are blushing. And hard at that."

Gaahh! Ok, get a hold of yourself Amu. He is probably some jerk or something, if that Saaya girl likes him.. Besides, lots of girls like him, he's way too popular to even recognize someone like you…


I shot up right from my bed and looked around, startled that I heard Ikuto's voice. At first I thought I was hearing things, until my gaze carried over to my balcony.

My eyes grew wider, and what I saw shocked me so much my moth even dropped open. Ikuto was there standing in the moonlight of my balcony window, absolutely covered in blood. My heart gave way, and my stomach felt sick to the core.

The scary thing wasn't that he was here randomly at 12 o'clock at night, or that he knew where I lived. It was the fact he fell to my bedroom floor, and out of all the things he could have told me like who did this to him, he just said my name.. "….Amu.. Hinamori…."

With that last utterance of consciousness, he was out.


Ikuto's POV at the Gazebo in the forest:

After school I decided to linger to one of my favorite spots that was hidden from pure mortal's view with a powerful spell. It was an ancient ground site that had taken the form of a Gazebo, vines wrapping the rotting railings and columns as if it was consuming it.

The energy swirled around this Gazebo, and once in it you see the energy moving around as water would, the flow of it looked contained in a bubble-like sphere with the full moon as its center visual in the sky.

Finally, some peace, quiet, and alone time. Something that has been increasingly rare in my recent days.

Taking out my violin from its white case I smirked fondly. This old case and violin had a lot of sentimental meaning to me.

Strolling onto the Gazebo, I leisurely put the violin onto the crease between my shoulder and neck while gripping it securely as well as my bow.

I take a deep intake of breath whilst my eyes begin to close, then exhale as I fully glide my bow across the strings. My eyes closed shut, I begin to lose myself into the melody.

"Let the plan commence."

The moon and clouds overhead played musical chairs, moonlight weaving itself through the clouds descended onto my closed eyes.

This was the only time I could feel my power rising calmly starting from my core, and it healed me in a curious manner. Times when I could be alone at night with my violin in this place, playing this song.

Just as I was deeply serenading my lament, I heard something in the bushes close by. My eyes peeked open to see a patch of pink creating shades of deeper pink by the basking moonlight.

I smiled to myself as I walked closer to the girl in the bush, still playing. She was easy to identify, who else has pink hair?

'How… intriguing that she is able to step foot in this place.' My voice rang inquisitively in my head.

Closing in I stopped playing, my eyes staring directly into her slowly, awakening golden orbs.

She looked rather startled considering she opened her mouth and no words were forming so she decided to close it.

'How cute, cats got her tongue.' I snickered to myself.

Holding her gaze steadily her cheeks began turning a bright red as she bit her bottom lip. That habit seemed disturbingly familiar.

Plagued by this revealing thought I started to pack up my violin gently into it's case and began to walk away into the spells ending barrier line, just entering into the forest.

As I was about to cross that line Amu said something in haste.


I ceased walking and shifted to face her. "Yes?" I breathed out, curiosity gripping me as to why she had stopped me.

She looked a bit taken a back, yet she proceeded to fold her arms a tad as she spoke quietly but with certainty,

"W-why did you stop playing? It sounded beautiful, but also nostalgic… I-in a good way."

My mouth was agape. I had played for so long without anyone's company that I had forgotten what it was like for others to hear. Quickly regaining my composure and relaxing, I let out an infamous smirk.

"So little Amu thinks I play well?" I blurted out. I didn't mean to, but it got a wonderful response as her blush turned deeper shades of red.

"I was just saying, but if your like that then no!" She spat while huffing out her cheeks and crossing her arms over her chest.

I sweat dropped. 'Okay… No one has ever been so feisty with me before and looked so adorable in the process…'

I must have looked shocked, but painted a smirk on my face once more.

Shaking my head I turned to take my leave while calling out, "Ja ne, Amu."

In the short distance I heard her yell with fake furiousness, "And stop emphasizing my name!"

That made me chuckle. She is going to be so much fun to tease.

Going to my car I saw her. I glared at her then ran a hand through my hair, glancing away from her form. "What do you want?" I asked un-amused by her presence.

She just snickered and said, "So you have found her." A triumphant look to her composure.

I scoffed at her reassuring pride and rolled my eyes. "Just because you knew she could get through the spell doesn't mean it is her." I said in a dangerously low tone, my eyes being shadowed over by my hair.

She just gestured her pointer finger back and forth, making a "Tsk, tsk." noise.

A confident smile broke out and she rose a delicate eyebrow at me.

"There is a way to find out. However," Her eyes shifted once as she returned to look at my sideways, "it is pretty gruesome."

I rose an eyebrow of curiosity in return, and a mischievous smirk adorned my features once more.

"Oh? Do tell me what you mean by "gruesome." Do I get to decapitate you?"

Glaring, she drew her lips into a firm line.

"No." Was her short retort of an answer.

It was her turn to mischievously smirk as her words echoed out.

"But I get to decapitate you."

I inwardly face palmed at her seriousness, but curiosity had its hold on me, and I wanted to know if Amu was who we were looking for. I just nodded sternly and her smirk grew into a grin that rose ear to ear.

End Chapter 1