Chapter 5: The many faces of friendship

Italics = thinking/recap

Bold = Inner

Regular = Talking

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Amu: Phew, sorry I'm late, what did I miss?

Ikuto: NOTHING! *glares at Sdkagome*

Rima: Sdkagome was threatening to make this a Tadamu..

Sdkagome: When did you get here Rima?

Rima: I was already here, you guys barged in on me. *folds arms*

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Recap: I slowly opened my eyes, muttered a 'Good morning,' to the random pretty lady in my room smirking at me, and started to rub my other eye, yawning.

'Wait- Hold the phone. RANDOM LADY? IN MY ROOM? SMIRKING AT ME?'

Amu's POV:

I shot up, hoping that what I saw was some type of hallucination from being half asleep, but when I blinked she was still there, arms folded and a smirk on her gorgeous face.

My eyes widened from shock and surprise, but oddly not fear.

She seemed somewhat familiar.. Just by the way she stood, completely calm, but demanding.

Like she was in a distant dream I had, or dare I say, a past life.

'Past life, don't I sound sane..'

I doubt this is the time for sarcasm.

'What the hell? Your still here? Your only proving my point further!'

Well, don't I feel loved. Fine, I'll be over here. -fading footsteps-

Sweat drop.

Okay then..

Feeling her gaze on me, I got out of my la-la land and saw she was still standing there, like a statue. She looked liked she was in deep thought, with a look of awe and sadness in her eyes, even though she was smirking.

I slowly got out of bed, eyeing her as I did, being cautious for some reason, like this meeting between us was as fragile as glass.

Any wrong move could make it shatter.

She only looked at me, this time her full attention on me. Her purple eyes sparkled, but they were unreadable.

It carried on like that for some time, us just standing there, staring intensely into each other's eyes as if to say, 'Who's going to talk first..'

Silence. The loudest music in the universe.

I decided to break that silence.

"W-who are you, and what are you doing in my room.." I tried to sound strong, but I stuttered.. Damn it..

I eyed her, trying to make the confidence I displayed look real, like I wasn't completely FREAKING.

At least she doesn't look menacing.. She was dressed in strange attire though, a white roman robe and sandals. She looked like a goddess..

For a second, just a mere second, her mask broke and her face was taken over with a look of utter pain, sadness, and regret. But she soon composed herself again and returned to smirking.

'Was that my imagination, or did she actually look hurt…?' My thoughts swimming in my head, I felt something in my stomach, a nagging feeling like there was something I just knew. Something that was trying to make itself clear.

That and I couldn't help but dislike the fact that she was sad, even if it was only a second.

I felt my hand move involuntarily, slowly reaching for the girl as if trying to comfort her.

The weird feeling that consumed me just seeing her sad and try to hide it was unexplainable.

Like, all of a sudden I felt like I have seen that look before..

Like all of a sudden my heart just broke from seeing this random girl break down..

. . .

Like all of a sudden I was her friend, wanting to comfort her..

But I stopped as soon as she opened her mouth to speak.

"Utinam fortiores…Paenitet."

Utau's POV: (A/N o.O?)

"W-who are you, and what are you doing in my room..?" A small, strained but high pitched voice demanded.

I kind of felt like giggling, Amu always tried to sound so strong, but her stutters always gave her away.

I stood there silent, and realized that she asked who I was.. I felt a slight ping in my chest, and it hurt, like my heart just sunk in darkness.

'She doesn't remember me, just as I thought..'

For a few seconds I felt nothing but utter despair, the grief feeling almost too much to bear.

My best friend didn't even know I existed.

Realizing quickly that my mask was off, I put it back on, the ever so famous smirk in place.

I saw out of my peripheral vision Amu's hand slowly come up, but I cut her off.

I knew she was trying to comfort me.

Even though I was a complete stranger that could potentially kill her and be on my marry way, that's just who Amu is.

A caring, considerate, perfect little angel.

Yet, I just couldn't handle that right now.. It hurt to much to be reminded..

"Utinam fortiores…Paenitet."

I could see the confusion in her eyes, although it wasn't hard to tell, it was practically written on her face.

I smiled a sad smile inwardly.

'I see she has also forgotten Latin.. Even though it was the same sentence she had said to me before.. It happened.'

FLASH BACK~~ (A/N Utau Style~)

'My only friend.'

My vision started to blur, the stinging feeling of unshed tears burned my eyes.

Pit-pat, pit-pat.

'My best friend.'

I squinted, the water in my eyes filling up, about to over flow.

Pit-pat, pit-pat, pit-pat.

'And I couldn't do anything about it..'

I squeezed my eyes tightly, the burn starting to sting more than ever.

Pit-Pat, Pit-Pat, Pit-Pat, Pit-Pat.

I was in heaven then, running as if my life depended on it, a sick feeling in my stomach.

'Irony's a bitch.' I thought bitterly.

My feet moved swiftly on their own, a light pitter-patter was the only sound that was heard down the white marble corridor as I practically flew to reach my destination.

Opening my eyes, what I saw horrified me to no end.

I stopped abruptly, almost flinging myself forward.

My eyes widened, horror struck through me like one of Zeus's lightening bolts.

There she lay, on the ground next to the main fountain, bloody and battered, her wings ripped off. Literally.

This picture was an ugly pretty, like it came straight from a tragic Shakespearian play where the heroin of the story would be lying there, a look of peace and contentment on her face, except there was no fake blood.

It was all too much, and the first tear was shed.

The first of many.

The scenery of this play, you may ask? The main fountain garden. The place itself was a breath-taking place, only the gods, goddesses, and elite most trustworthy angels were aloud in this part of heaven.


Because this fountain alone holds the power many are after and would stop at nothing to achieve. Even the flowers and cherry trees hold a certain aspect to them that for some are too great of a temptation, and will lead to misuse.

Not everyone can be trusted, even some of the angels. Just comes to show that not everything is perfect, even in heaven.

Yet among all these sacred things was probably the purest of them all.


I felt a hot stream of tears finally roll down my cheeks as I slowly made my way to her, not wanting to believe that the poor, innocent girl on the ground was Amu.

She looked so fragile, like a flower starting to wilt and lose its glow.

She was in fetal position, her left side on the ground, her chest slowly moving up and down.

Her once neatly combed pink hair was now stained with blood and knotted, lying all around her like a jumbled mess, yet still somehow beautiful.

There was blood everywhere, splatters here and there decorating the main fountain garden like a crime scene.

She looked like a fallen angel.

Her white robe was ripped, it practically colored red now. Her sandals were off, thrown away somewhere.

Seeing her here, like that.. I collapsed.

My hands were shaking as I brought her right hand to my eyes as I wept.

'S-she, she didn't d-deserve this.. I-it isn't FAIR!' my thoughts swirled around in so many directions at once; desperation and fear for sure. But regret, sadness, anger, and self-loathing were the main factors.

More tears came down, yet they were hot from anger, my whole body shaking as my face turned red.

I was getting blood all over me, but I didn't care, my friend needed me.

And I was damned if I wasn't going to be there for her.

I felt goose bumps rise on my arms and realized that her hand is cold, like ice cubes.

'She's normally the one so warm, but now..' I cringed. I didn't want to think about it..

I brought her hand away from my face a little and looked at the ring, the light it had slowly faded, returning to its normal form.

I smiled a sad smile.

'It called out for me.'

I felt the tears start up again, only this time it stung even more, the mascara running down my face like black tire marks.

'Amu called for me, and I wasn't there..'

I brought her hand up to my face again, wiping my eyes.

'The whole reason we created these rings were so that we could contact each other when we were in danger, and I failed to come here quickly enough! I..I tainted our friendship ring..'

She stirred a little bit, then opened one of her honey orbs to look at me, a small smile starting to form on her precious face, her cheeks pink with tear stains on them, a little blood sprinkled on her cheek and forehead.

'I'm too late..'

Amu stared up at me, both eyes opened now, a fresh tear rolling down her face as she smiled at me, probably trying to comfort me.

Even then her smile, although strained and fragile, was filled with warmth.

I was about to say sorry, to plead her for forgiveness, to hold her close and try to comfort her instead of it the other way around, but she interrupted, her voice so small, so weak, barely a whisper.

It broke my heart.

"Utinam fortiores…Paenitet."

Her smile faded to a smaller smile, her eyes glowing from the unshed tears. Her right hand that I was still holding rose up to cup my face, her eyes stared into mine with such raw emotion.

The look in her eyes were like a parents' in that instant. It was the look of disappointment, but in a way that she wasn't blaming me, more that she understood. She knew I was beating myself up over not being here soon enough, and she was disappointed in the fact I was beating myself over something I didn't have much control over.

This time she said it in Japanese, slowly, and sadly.

"If only I had been stronger… I'm sorry."

Another tear shed from her eyes as she said that, her face tensed, her lips pursed together, her brows now furrowed from trying not to cry.

'She always thought she had to be so damn strong! Like if she asked someone for help, she would be a burden!'

It was my turn to be strong, but damn it if it wasn't so hard to cry..

Her face looked of utter regret. But most of all, she looked as if she was..

As if she was saying sorry.

At that my eyes widened, the shaking stopped, and my blood went cold.

Shock adorned my face.


'Does she even know who she is?'

The thought that she might not even know who she was is frightening. Ikuto may think I know everything that's going to happen, but when it comes to Amu I really don't know..

That's why it all depends on his actions.

"I-I'm sorry.. W-what?"

I had to resist the urge to laugh, she looked so dumbfounded! It was utterly hilarious.

Instead I smiled. A true, genuine smile.

It felt good to smile, its been so long..

"All your questions, Amu, will be answered over there," I pointed to the balcony.

'If she's still somewhat the same Amu I know, she will totally fall for it and look over there expecting an answer written in air or something.' I thought with a small laugh.

She looked over hesitantly, still confused.

'OMG SHE ACTUALLY LOOKED! -Insert laugh here- Aahh, Amu, how I've missed you. But I have to leave for now. Farewell, Amu.'

Before I left, I placed a small ring on her dresser without making a sound, and poofed out of her room, leaving her still staring at the balcony, the smile still gracing my lips.

Amu's POV:

It took me a second to realize she wasn't speaking Japanese..

'I think it was Latin..'

I sweat dropped.

Even though I had no idea what it meant, her voice was beautiful, it was soft but strong, and it was smooth like wine. It had such feeling in it, like she was sad about something, almost asking me forgiveness.. Weird.

I tilted my head slightly to the right, confusion written on my face.

"I-I'm sorry.. W-what?" I probably sounded like an idiot, but I had to ask..

She smiled. A soft, meaningful smile.

It was breath-taking.

"All your questions, Amu, will be answered over there," She pointed her elegant finger to my balcony, and I looked to see what she meant.

I stared at it for a while, seeing those two birds again swoop by and fly down, still dancing with each other.

I quirked an eye brow up, not getting what she meant.

"E-excuse me, but what do you mea-" I looked over to see she was gone.

. . .

"Am I going INSANE?" I screamed to the heavens before plopping on my bed, my left hand covering my eyes and my right locked in my hair in frustration.

Letting out a sigh of irritation, I sat up, my eyes searching my room for my cell.

But then, something caught my eye, it was something shiny, glimmering in the light from my balcony.

I stood up slowly, in awe at the shiny thing on my dresser, before making my way too see what it was.

What I saw took my breath away.

It was a beautiful silver ring with a purple gem heart in the middle and an almost unnoticeable pink gem in the middle of the heart. (A/N Same as Utau's, the colors are just switched)

It was gorgeous.

I picked it up, examined it, and saw something engraved inside the ring.

~Defendo Anulum~

'Latin again, I'm pretty sure..' What is it with people and Latin?

I looked at it again, then looked around the dresser for any sign of a note, seeing nothing there I slowly put in on my right ring finger, it just seemed like it belonged there.

When I put it on nothing happened, I don't know why I expecting something too but I did.

I looked at it on my finger and smiled to myself.

'A perfect fit.'

Satisfied with the ring, I looked over to find my cell on the nightstand next to my bed.

I walked over briskly to the nightstand, took the phone in my hand, and went to my contacts to call Rima.

'Okay, so I'm a little shaken up by the whole 'random lady in my room at 8 in the morning,' but I was going to call Rima anyway, so it's okay..'

Liar, you so weren't going to call her. Your too shy.

'Ugh, why are you here? Seriously. And I was going too! … I just decided to do it early..'

Whatever. Lie to yourself all you want.. *cough liarr~ cough*

Sweat drop.

'Real mature..'

"Hello?" a small, irritated voice sounded.

I jumped a little, startled at the sudden voice.

'oh right, I was calling Rima.. I probably woke her up.. Damn it.'

"O-oh, Hi Rima. U-um, I was wondering if I c-could come over today?" I said softly, probably a bit too softly.

"Sure. My address is 76. Blaine Rd. See you later."

I sweat dropped.

Once again, she hung up on me.

76. Blaine.. Isn't that sort of near Ikuto's house?

Sighing I got up and went to my closet to choose an outfit.

Looking through my selections I decided on wearing my beige sweater dress that went to my mid thigh with two white studded belts over my waist and my black knee length boots with a red, black, and white plaid jacket that had buckles on it.

Looking at my outfit in the full mirror, I nodded once with satisfaction and made my way to the bathroom.

I turned on the curling iron and put on the little make up I used, mascara, a little eyeliner, and lip gloss.

I grabbed a rubber band and put my hair into two pig tails, then grabbed the iron and curled the tips of both pigtails.

Looking at myself in the mirror real quick I smiled, grabbed my cell phone and shoved it into my jacket pocket as I ran downstairs to make toast.

When I reached the bottom of the staircase I looked at the clock on the wall.

9:30 in the morning.

Sighing, I walked over to the toaster and put two pieces in and went to sit down at the kitchen island.

Pulling my ipod out of my jacket pocket, I put the buds in my ears and put it on random.

Resting my chin in my palm I drifted into the song Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson.

As the song started, I felt a weird, tingling feeling in my stomach, and my mind was a bit fuzzy.

Trying hard to reach out

But when I tried to speak out

Felt like no one could hear me

The fuzzy feeling got worse, I now felt like I was in a daze

Wanted to belong here

But something felt so wrong here

So I prayed I could break away

My eyes got heavy, and my hand started to feel numb

I'll spread my wings

and I'll learn how to fly

My head felt like it was spinning, fuzzy images playing in my head too quickly for me to comprehend.

Out of the darkness and into the sun

But I won't forget all the ones that I love

Take a risk

Take a chance

Make a change

And break awa-


I shot up, suddenly feeling a ping of a headache coming on. I grabbed my head, the headache getting worse. My brows furrowed in discomfort.

'I guess I stood up to quickly..'


"Shit! The toast!"

I ran over to the toaster and pulled the toast out. I instantly regretting not putting gloves on first.

"Ouch! Shit.."

Putting my finger in my mouth I glared at the toast on the counter. Surprisingly, they were only a little burnt.

Sighing I took my finger out of my mouth and put the toast in my mouth, eating both pieces quickly.

I walked over to the counter top, grabbed my keys, and walked outside to my car.

I stood there for a moment, just staring at it.

'Ikuto seemed like he wanted… wanted to k-kiss me.. That time in the parking lot..'

I felt a blush rise to my cheeks, the images of him pushed against me and his musky scent filled my nostrils, like I was re-living the moment.

'I wonder why..'

Shaking my head, I tried to stop blushing.

'Silly thoughts, Amu. Just get in the car and go to Rima's..'

Sighing, I got in the carand put my key in the ignition, and made my way to Rima's.


Still Amu's POV

I pulled up at the front gate, which were huge and gold by the way, and told the person on the intercom thing that I was here to see Rima.

"Oh, Hinamori-San, we've been expecting you. Please, come in."

With that the gate slowly peered open, I felt my eyes widen and the headache coming back. My mouth was a-gap. I probably looked like one of those hippos, just waiting for a bird to fly in any minute.

'This is Rima's HOUSE?' I felt like fainting.

'Seriously, what is it with everyone having mansions?' My thoughts were swimming round and round.

I continued to stare in shock, feeling a sweat drop coming on.

Rima's house was a marble white color with a gold trim lining the windows and the door. The door itself was huge and in the center, connecting to the door was three steps leading to it and connected to the steps was a stretch of perfect grey pavement going straight to where I was in my car. On the right and left side of the door was roman columns, giving the house more depth. Cherry trees surrounded the left and right side of the house, leaving a beautiful green lawn in front. Compared to Ikuto's house it wasn't as big or 'in-your-face,' but rather a more simplistic feel to it.

But even though the house was magnificent, the most jaw-dropping part was the row of perfectly lined butlers on the left of the paved driveway, and perfectly lined maids on the right side of the driveway, all holding out one of their hands towards me, polite smiles on all their faces. The butlers all had the exact same butler outfits, and the maids had the same maid outfits as well.

Rubbing the back of my neck I stepped out of my car, waving to all of the butlers and maids.

"Welcome!" They all said in sync.

I couldn't help but sweat drop at that point.

'Do they rehearse this and do it every time someone comes over?'

Shaking my head at my ridiculous thought I smiled back politely and walked past all of them to the door.

I put my hand up to knock, but made contact with nothing.

On the other side was Rima, her hair cascading down and her brown eyes looking up at me, a small smile on her face.

Rima's small, but she looks even smaller next to that giant door. And what's even more amazing is the fact that she can open a 10 foot high door in the first place!

She opened it some more and gestured for me to come in, and I fallowed.

The inside was even more spectacular. It wasn't too simple, but also had a classic feel to it. By the looks of it I would guess that Rima's parent must travel a lot.

There were statues and art from everywhere! There was an African mask and spear on the wall, a statue of a Greek's head in marble on a column platform, a sunset painting of Paris, and even an Egyptian golden Anubis mini statue in a glass cabinet filled with other expensive things.

It took all the will power I had not to leave my mouth hanging open.

"Snap. Snap."

I shook my head and look to see Rima with a stoic expression and her fingers frozen in a snapping position.

She looked at me boredly, but her eyes were full of amusement.

I blushed, embarrassed, and folded my arms, looking away.

"W-what?" I said, low and stubbornly.

Rima smiled, rolling her eyes as she did.

"Nothing. This way."

I sighed in relief. Luckily Rima isn't the type to make of people.. At least not often.

I fallowed her up a spiraling grand staircase and down a long hall to a door at the end on the left.

On the door a white piece of paper was tacked to it. In gold cursive letters it read, "Rima's room."

'I wonder what Rima's room is going to look like.. If it's anything like her house..'

I felt the hair on my neck stand up from anticipation, my eyes slowly widening as Rima slowly opened the door.. A little bit too slowly for my liking, and my curiosity.

'Just a few more inches…'

I bit my lip, ready for an amusement park or something ridiculous.

Rima finally opened it, and I was very.. Surprised.

It was normal.

I felt the anticipation just wash away, a feeling of dumbfounded sinking in.

"Are you just going to stand there..?"

Rima was already in, sitting on her bed, staring at me like I was an idiot for gawking at her surprisingly plain room.

I nodded once and walked in, still a bit wide eyed, checking every corner of her room as I slowly sat down next to her, trying to find something out of the ordinary.

There was nothing.

Inwardly shrugging I turned to Rima, who magically obtained a small black remote, pressed a combination on the remote pad and-


Suddenly a big plasma screen T.V appeared underneath a moving wall and a stereo system fallowed as a rack of DVD's and CD's unearthed itself from the floor.

I bet the look on my face was priceless, considering the smirk on Rima's face was of pure amusement.

She burst out laughing and I pouted, but it wasn't too long until I was laughing along with her.

I smiled as Rima continued to laugh.

'My first friend since I've moved here..'

Rima stopped laughing and we just smiled at each other, the aura of friendship forming before we even knew it.

'I hope we become best of friends.'


Sdkagome: Aw, friendship is a beautiful thing! Sadly I decided to end it here, otherwise the chapter would be WAY too long… if there is such a thing as 'too-long' apparently there is because I say so… that and it helps to end it here XD

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