Title: You're not alone
summary: Bella is having a hard time coping with recent changes in her life.
Word Count: 500
Rating: All

"Mirror, mirror on the wall..." I chanted to my reflection. I run my hand over my now bald head…

Earlier today after my second round of chemo, I had come home to nap; when I woke up there were large chunks of hair on my pillow. I cried for what felt like hours. I know that sounds petty, here I am being given a second chance at life and I am crying over hair. I knew this was going to happen.

My pity party didn't last long because before I knew it my best friend of 8 years crashes through my bedroom door, her head buzzed and a pair of head shears in her hand.

"Bella!" She sings out as she sees me. "Come on! Don't make me be the only bald one!"

I laugh through my tears. "What? Why? Oh… Alice your beautiful hair." I whine.

"Bells that's the greatest part," She whispered and leaned close like she had a huge secret to tell me. "Hair will grow back."

She pulls me off the bed and gathers my hair in a ponytail; my hair was long… really long. It had been my favorite feature, it was down past my hips and slightly wavy. I closed my eyes as I heard her cutting through my thick mass of mahogany locks.

"I think we will be able to donate this to 'Locks of love'." She says grinning.

I snort, "Why? So they can make me a wig out of my own hair?"

"No, so some other girl who doesn't have the support or confidence you do will be able to hold her head up with pride, knowing someone out there cares." She says.

I sigh and shut up, she is right. The electric buzz of the hair clippers starts and my lap fills up with my hair. Finally, it stops. I look up at her and raise my eyebrows questioning her on how I look.

"You look like the strongest person I know." She whispers.

I grin through my tears and pull her into a hug. I misjudge and cause us to topple over in the chair. We laugh, I stand up tall and proud and tell Alice I want to show my parents, they knew it would happen but I don't want to just spring it on them.

Alice grabs my hand and we head down stairs.

"Mom, Dad?" I call out

"In here Bells" My dad calls out from the living room.

When I turn the corner tears fill my eyes, my parents, and closest friends were all gather around showing their support. My boyfriend comes and spins me around. I ran my hand over his head, where his copper hair had once been.

"Edward." I squealed.

"You didn't really think we would let you go through this alone did you Beautiful?" he whispered into my ear.

As the events of today run through my mind, I realize bald or not, I am fucking perfect the way I am.