Family and gay women never mix…



Savannah and Marti would in the theater watching THE ROOMATE every now and then. "We should really get back to the hotel and.." Savannah said and Marti responded, "We should stay because the movie is almost over." Savannah agreed ever since her and Marti argue that first time they met. They knew they would meant to be together. They would here because Savannah needed a vacation, Marti needed to get away from her mother but Savannah's mother neglected to mention it was Judy Fabray she was visiting.

"Your mother has been cool with us so far but…Oh fuck it." Marti said and then a certain Latino with her girlfriend Brittany walked in. "Excuse me. Those are our seats." Santana said and Savannah responded, "We're sitting in them. You go away." Santana didn't like that. "I'm all for girl on girl but I'm here on my first official date with my girlfriend in our make-out seats."

They stopped again and Marti came back with. "I totally understand that this is your date but her mother and my maybe mother-in-law…"Marti first said which made Savannah happy that she was thinking ahead. "We have to deal with this Fabray person." Santana was about to bitch her out and then she paused.

"We know there daughter. She got me reduced to the bottom of the pyramid because she told my coach I got my boobs done." Santana said and Savannah stopped. "She did, what?" Savannah said and Marti knew that she was going to have to catch up with the movie because Savannah and Santana would going to talk shop.

Savannah and Santana would comparing notes on Quinn as Santana knows her and Savannah knew her as a little girl. "Oh my God tell me you have pictures." Santana said and Savannah asked for her e-mail address. Marti and Brittany sat on the side. "How long have you two been seeing each other?" Marti asked and Brittany responded around the time of middle school. She told Marti about Santana singing Landslide to her. Brittany told Marti there in Glee club and they would going to regional in six days. Marti said since they will be here they will go. "I'm trying to avoid my cousin." Marti said and then all she hear was…."Cousin Marti." Rachel Berry said and Savannah's eyes widened. Santana rubbed her back and said, "She told you about Rachel. It's okay." Savannah hang her head because know no one was going to get any…