Family and Gay women Never Mix


Part Two

Rachel and Dominic would flying down to Lancer University as a recruiter was looking at Dominic for his starting receiver.

"Okay baby your ready." Dominic said and Rachel responded how she was ready to ask all the important questions, she also told him that Virginia would be a good spot for him to make the car ride there to her at Julliard.

Marti and Savannah would waiting for them at the airport.

"We could like called them a cab." Marti said and Savannah responded to her sternly. "Marti Perkins you will not flake on your cousin and yes she's over perky but she's maybe our family." Savannah said and Marti smirk then said, "She's our family but you might think about disowning her."

As the plane landed, Marti got a crushing hug from Rachel and then Savannah as they met Dominic who seemed like a very calm person which made them question, how are they dating?

So Marti and Rachel drove to Wanda's who was happy to see her niece.

"How are you?" Wanda asked and wandered about her brother, the Jewish one. She told him he was good and wanted her to come up. Marti signal for her to say no and Wanda said she would love to.

So they started to unpack.

"What's the schedule?" Marti asked and Rachel listed it all down then Marti told that Savannah and her will give her a tour. "Can we go on a double date?" Rachel asked and Marti responded, "Of course we can." "Now would there be any woman in particular who might climb over my Dom bear." Rachel said and added, "Because I've practice a lot of submission moves which would allowed me to break bones." Marti prayed that she didn't meet Aliceā€¦.unless after Nationals.

Savannah had Dominic meet everyone.

"I saw your tapes man, your moves are good but they need some polish if you come here we could work on that." Lewis said and Dominic assured him that he comes to learned.. Lewis liked his attitude and then Alice came through. "Hi I'm Alice we heard so much about you Dominic." Alice said and Dominic shook her head while Savannah saw a problem. "I think your girlfriend has talk her to death so I think we should go.." Savannah said and rushed him out of there. Alice looked insulted.

"What's up?" Dominic asked and Savannah responded, "Alice is what you called a man-eater. You look like lunch to her. I love her to death but you would lunch with a fine wine. I know her look."