The captain of the ship holds his head high.

He will go down with the ship with pride.

The cold twilight air burns his cheeks

As he directs the crew, the passengers to safety.

He is in a daze.

The bow has disappeared.

The ice water taken the ship,

Swallowing, pulling it under.

The last boat plops into the sea,

The beautiful sea he loved.

After this voyage, he planned to retire,

Live a long life

…Not anymore…

He holds his head high, noble captain

Valiant crew

Grasp's the wheel of the ship

And stares.

At the water overtaking the ship

It's over, the battle lost

He did all he could, couldn't he?

A few people still stranded on the deck.

Some jump.

Some cling to the rail.

But there's no difference really

Since most of them will die.

What a Life, he thinks and smiles

A rueful smile

The ship is still alive beneath him

Fighting the water

It laps at his heels. Covers the window.

The ship goes down, him, crushed beneath

Glass, ice, black water

As a young sailor, he had fallen in love with the sea

Obviously the sea did not return the favor.