12 November 2359

0922 Hours (Vetkan Local Time)

Alpha Centauri System

I ran my hand through my black hair with a sigh. In the dirty mirror, my sharp blue eyes were still bright against the grey of the room. I pushed myself off the vanity and patted down my green and orange ISA Marines uniform. Silence.

"Hey, Z." Broken. "You should come see this light show. It might raise your spirits." Lance Corporal Michael 'Zero' Istomin stood in the doorway. Zero is a small guy. I top out at six feet two inches when I stand up straight, and I have to look down at Istomin from any angle. His traditional Marine hair and dark eyes shouted 'Soldier' to anyone who looked at him. I would bet money that he was the nicest guy on this ship.

"Sounds good." I followed Istomin through the cramped hallways of the ISA Cruiser Bright Dawn. Astride us was the New Sun and the Zephyr. Istomin and I stepped up the bay window at the end of the hallway.

"What's happening, ladies?" I didn't bother to turn.

"Hey, Alex." Corporal Alex Jekyll, also known as Jackal. He stands between Istomin and myself, and is built stockier than me. Of course, I'm known to be lanky. His spiked blond hair and green eyes lend themselves well to his comedic personality. He's not too shabby with a sniper rifle, either.

"What's goin' on here, Z?" Jekyll directed toward me. With guys named Istomin and Jekyll, I sit awkwardly with the plain name of Zack Davis. Having Sergeant First Class come before it doesn't hurt, though.

"Zero said something about a light show."

"Helghast ships are supposedly just around the corner. We're in the dark, so we've probably got the drop on them." I smiled.

"You guys ever seen these cruisers drop Snow on a Hig ship? It's a thing of beauty." Snow – the shop name for the guided missiles that the New Sun-class cruisers were equipped. A fleet firing a volley each on a target means you won't see that target any more. "Here it comes." Our ships drifted lazily forward, past the final moon in our way. Alpha crested against the rock, blazing in our eyes. Then we spotted the Higs.

From where we were standing, we only caught the blue glow of the Snow as they rocketed past the window, then later as they blazed through space toward their target. The Hig ships detonated in a cascading blue inferno, tossing shrapnel haphazardly through space. We cheered.

"If your done watching your little show, there's work to be done." Master Sergeant James Aldaavir, our commanding officer. Together, we formed Delta Squad, the backbone of Team Gamma.

"Yes, sir," we said in unison as Al walked off without another word.

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