Okay. So this was written in response to a post on Tumblr. The idea just would not leave me alone. Of course, me being the person I am, I am incapable of writing smut. So...if anyone would be interested in a sequel? Gimme a ring (or, you know, a click) and I'll be happy to hand over the wonderful smutty reins to you. Hope you enjoy!

Gabriel was not patient. He was not a being that controlled his impulses. He got what he wanted when he wanted. One of the perks of being an archangel and Trickster rolled into one was that he could get pretty much whatever he wantedwhenever he wanted.

One thing he couldn't get was Sam Winchester. Sam had a ridiculous moral code and would never sink so low as to be with a Trickster. Demon? Sure, that's justifiable. "Gotta save the world" and all that jazz. But a Trickster? Nope, not a chance in hell.

So when Gabriel's absolutely delightful younger brother (and yes, he was using all the sarcasm he could muster to even think of Zachariah and delightful in the same sentence) gave the Winchesters amnesia and stuck them behind desks?

Well, how could Gabriel be expected to resist that?

It seemed poetic that Gabriel disguise himself as a janitor. Gabriel had enjoyed his stint at that college where he first met the Winchesters. Janitors were awesome. Just like that guy in The Breakfast Club said. They knew everything. All the dirty little secrets that were just so delicious.

And Gabriel could definitely get behind that.

Even though Gabriel hated to be patient, he knew that if he wasn't careful his brother would notice him. So he took his time to assimilate. He actually applied for the janitor job the human way (an experience he would never repeat, not even to get into Sam Winchester's pants).

He wasted no time approaching Sam "Wesson," however. It was stupidly easy to get the Sasquatch alone, actually. Gabriel should have known that Sam would be one of those guys. The kind that was last out of the office just because he wanted to make sure nothing went wrong or no one needed help. So getting him alone? Not hard at all.

"You know, most people go home once five o'clock rolls around, bucko," Gabriel snarked as he gathered up the trash for the sake of appearances.

Sam turned and looked at him with a frown. He watched as the human's mouth twitched before he turned back around. "Just trying to get some last minute work done."

Gabriel chuckled. "There's always some last minute work," he replied. "Learn to live a little, Sasquatch! Get outta here and hit up a bar and pick up some girls!" Sam turned around and gave him the patented Sam Winchester bitchface. Gabriel shrugged, making a face. "Or guys. I don't judge." Sam shook his head and chuckled as Gabriel wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

"Who says I want to go out and pick up any girls…or guys?"

"Why wouldn't you?" Gabriel groaned. "You're one of those guys that goes home after work and reads, aren't you?"

Sam shook his head again. "So what if I am? What do you do after work?"

Gabriel grinned wickedly. "Why don't you join me sometime and find out?"

He could tell that Sam just resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Gabriel whistled as he made his way from the tech center. "The name's Gabe, by the way, Sammy-boy," he called as he left. He resisted the urge to turn and see Sam's face.

Gabriel never expected Sam to actually consider that proposition. He knew that Sam Winchester would never have actually taken a guy up on such an offer. Then again, this was a Sam Winchester that thought angels and demon blood were just the stuff of dreams. So he shouldn't have been surprised when Sam found him the next Friday to take him up on his offer.

It had been millennia since Gabriel had been surprised by anything. He was always the one doing the surprising. It came with the job description, both as a Trickster and Messenger of God.

But Gabriel was surprised.

And he liked it.

Sam cornered him while he was on lunch break. Gabriel was doing the menial job of a janitor (with little help from his mojo, unfortunately) - taking out the trash - when Sam suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Gabriel thought this was quite a feat. Not only had he snuck up on an archangel, but the kid was agiant. The idea of Sam sneaking anywhere should have been laughable.

"Uh, Gabe, right? Were you serious about that offer?"

Gabriel cocked an eyebrow as the corner of his mouth slid upwards. "And which offer would that be, Gigantor?"

Sam's mouth twitched. "About, uh, joining you sometime?"

Damn, Gabriel wondered, how does such a giant do such a good job of being so awkward?

He decided to take pity on the poor kid. Well, it wasn't reallypity. Gabriel could only poke and prod so much before he ran off scared. "Ah, you mean the offer to show you how to get a life!" Sam shook his head, biting back a chuckle. "Offer's still open, kiddo. Got a hot date with Jules Verne tonight?" Sam laughed and opened his mouth to retort, but Gabriel cut him off. "Good. Then you won't mind showing up at the bar down the street."

Gabriel left the kid standing there. And for the record? Hewalked away. Because archangels most certainly do notsaunter anywhere.

When Gabriel got to the bar, he saw that Sam was finally out of that hideous combination of polos and khakis. Whoever decided on that dress code hadn't kept giants in mind because it most certainly wasn't a good look on Sam. He was pretty happy to get out of that janitor's outfit too. Comfortable? Maybe. Proper attire to seduce Sam "Wesson"? Definitely not.

Gabriel slid onto the chair across from sam, kicking his feet up onto an empty one. "Heya, Sammy-boy, what's shaking?"

Sam chuckled. "Dunno, aren't you supposed to show me?"

"Now there's the almost witty retorts I knew were hidden somewhere!"

He frowned. "How'd you know my name, anyway?"

Gabriel rolled his eyes. "You do realise you've got a big-ass plaque hanging on the wall of your cubicle, right?"

The archangel delighted in the embarassed expression. "Oh. Right."

"First things first," he started, "we need ourselves some drinks. Tonight we are going to get drunk, bucko, because that is what people do."

Gabriel waved a waitress down. It really was too bad he couldn't just snap a couple of beers into existence. Or even better, some wine. Much better than whatever swill was up at the bar.

When he looked back at Sam, the kid was looking at him and obviously thinking some deep thoughts. "Hey! No deep thoughts! Drinking first."

Sam shook his head. "Sorry, it's just…it feels like we've met before. Like I know you, you know?"

Zachariah needs to get better with this whole "amnesia" thing, Gabriel thought vaguely. He merely smirked, however. "Sorry to break your heart, kiddo, but I've never met a Sam Wesson before." Eh, what could he say? Gabriel liked sweet things. Irony was included.

Sam blinked and shook his head. "So the only plan for tonight is to get drunk? Really?"

Gabriel raised an eyebrow. "Well, we could do other things."

"Like what?"

Again, Gabriel had never claimed to be a patient being. Could he help it if Sam Winchester or Wesson or whoever the hell he was had a habit of asking provoking questions? No, he couldn't.

Gabriel sat up straight, moving his feet off of the empty chair. He reached across the table and grabbed Sam's shirt collar, pulling him forward so he could kiss the kid. He knew he had surprised the human. He wasn't really shocked by that. Gabriel was just a surprising person.

But damn could the kid kiss. Gabriel took it back. He would do things the human way again to get into Sam Winchester's pants. If kissing was this good? Hot damn, Gabriel couldn't wait to have his way with the kid.

Gabriel pulled back and delighted in the hand that was on the back of his head and the flushed look on Sam's face. "Now that is much better than staying home and reading, isn't it?"