He never was at a loss for words. He was dapper and brilliant with giving speeches. He could make boys and girls alike crumble to their knees with just a few well-spoken words. On paper, he was perfect linguist, high grades in English and speech classes, early acceptance into multiple ivy league colleges where he wanted to write, or speak, or something where he could play with words and manipulate them as his own.

How could he be at such a loss with someone he could spend hours talking to about everything under the sun?

There was never a time when they were ever awkward or unsure when they talked. It just seemed to flow between them and it was always so wonderful. And yet, here he was staring at more than twenty letters, scratched on and crumpled in frustration. It should have been simple: three little words that would solidify their relationship. Yet, everything he tried to say seemed bland and emotionless.

iI love you/i. It was such a simple statement, but it threw the Dalton boy for a complete three-sixty. He just blinked, his mouth hanging open, his big brown eyes staring into hazel green knowing he felt the exact same way but unable to speak.

There was a knock at his bedroom door and he spun around in his seat to be met with those same gorgeous green eyes. "Hey" A gruff voice greeted and came into the room as he had so many times before.

It all came flooding to him at that very moment as he took in the slightly chubby cheeks and scruffy hair, probably from tugging on it too much with stress and anxiety like when he had a big test approaching. He got up form his chair and walked over to the larger boy, nestling between his legs and look down. His fingers trailed down his jaw and under his chin to lift his face and look up.

"I can't tell you I love you." He whispered, his hand cupping the scruffy face and running his thump over his cheekbone. Green eyes closed, almost defeated but the dark haired boy continued. "I feel so much more than that it'd be to simple to say just that." He leaned down and kissed his boyfriend for a long moment before breaking away, letting his forehead rest against the others. "I adore you. Every single thing about you is perfection and I want it around me all the time. I know we could go on without each other, but I don't iwant/i to. I want to be with you. I want all of you, forever."

And those beautiful hazel eyes looked up at him, sparkling with happiness and adoration. "You couldn't say that before?" he leaned up slightly to the boy still standing over him and kissed him wanting to catch those lips into a deeper kiss.

Instead the dark haired boy pulled back, wrapping his arms around his neck. "Does it matter?" his fingers playing with the curly hair at the nape of his broad neck.

A grin spread across his face. "Nope."