Another Type Of Magic

Summary: After the Death of the Lily and James Potter Harry is left with his Aunt Petunia, whom immediately sends him off to her younger sister Emma whom lived with their Father in the states.

A/N: I do tend to forget to mention things so I will tell you now. Since Harry was sent to America I highly doubt Death Eaters would risk alerting the American Ministry of their plans and so they wait hopelessly for Harry to Return. I also think that Dumbledore despite his manipulative side, would rather Harry safe with Emma than in danger with the Dursleys'. Note that Harry chose to remain in the Muggle world because joining the American Wizarding world would mean leaving his Aunt until his graduation. I will Explain this in further detail.

Chapter One- The Diva

Harry Potter was one of the most popular boys at William McKinley High School, he was tall with shaggy black hair that was always a mess and the most brilliant Green eyes, at least the girls thought so. He was muscular but not overly so. He was also smart and kind, most of the other students knew to avoid conflict with Harry Potter, a skilled fighter whom would stand up for anyone being bullied, not that their weren't those that liked to push his buttons. Harry was friends with Puck and Finn who played football with him. Currently the three of them where walking toward class after morning football practice, when Harry spotted the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She was tall with straight dark brown hair that fell to just below her shoulders. She wore clothes that showed off her figure and she walked with such confidence it would be hard to miss her.

"Dude? What the hell?" Puck asked when he walked into Harry's back.

"Who's that?" He asked.

Finn looked up at the person Harry looking at and looked back at his friend.

"That's Rachel Berry." Finn said, "We have Spanish with her."

"No way Dude, dating Berry would be social…." Puck stopped talking at the glare of piercing emerald.

"Sorry." Puck mumbled as Harry walked into class having lost sight of his beauty.

Later that day Harry walked into Spanish and saw his beauty sitting alone in the back of the room. Forgoing his usual seat Harry moved to sit next to her.

"Hi." Harry said sitting down.

"Hello." Rachel said with a smile.

"Your Rachel right?" Harry asked.

"Yes, and you're Harry." Rachel said.

Harry laughed and shook his head but any further conversation was cut off as Mr. Shuester walked in and started class. After Class Rachel vanished before he could say a word to her, leaving Harry feeling defeated.

"Everything Okay Harry?" His Aunt Emma asked when he walked into the older woman's office.

"I saw the most beautiful girl today." Harry said.

"Really what's her name?" Emma asked.

"Rachel Berry."

Emma smiled at her younger cousin as he stared off into space, a dreamy expression on his face.

"So tell me Harry have you stayed out of trouble this week?" Emma asked.

Harry turned his eyes to her and frowned.

"Of course I stayed out of trouble, besides it's not my fault some of these dunderheads don't learn their lessons." Harry huffed crossing his arms.

"You broke the poor boys arm Harry."

"I warned him I'd do it." Harry defended.

Emma just shook her head and sighed.

"I don't understand you sometimes Harry." Emma said shaking her had at him.

"Oh come on Aunt Emma, we both know that any trouble I get into is almost always when I'm defending someone. I'm like you, only a little more aggressive at it." Harry said.

"I think you have a hero complex." Emma said.

"Complexes must be a family thing then." Harry laughed as he walked out of the room and toward the football field for practice passing by Quinn and Finn. Harry smiled at them and continued to his practice.

The next day Harry was walking into the school when he slammed into someone's back .

"Sorry." Harry said helping the person up.

It was Rachel Berry, and from the large purple stain on her white top she had just been Slushied.

"You okay?" Harry asked pulling toward the men's room.

"Fine, I just don't have any clean shirts I wore my last spare yesterday." Rachel said.

"You can where this one, I can just run home an get a another during lunch." Harry said pulling out an folded up shirt from his messenger bag.

"You carry ironed shirts in your bag?" Rachel asked as she took the offered Shirt.

"Not usually, but my Aunt and I are having dinner with my Cousins'. So my Aunt wanted me to be ready right after practice so I packed a shirt." Harry explained as Rachel walked into the stall and tossed her stained button up over the door and pulled his on.

"Well I'm glad to see that there is at least one person who understands what it means to be prepared." Rachel said, " A Star such as myself knows that being ready for anything is very important to be successful."

"So you wanna be a star huh?

"Is there a problem with that?" Rachel asked.

"It's an admirable dream sure, but I hate being in the spotlight." Harry said.

"Why can you imagine having millions of people knowing you name and begging for your autograph." Rachel asked.

Harry cringed at the thought, because fact was that he did indeed know what it felt like. You see Harry was no normal boy, he was a wizard and it was because of his fame within the magical community that he refused to attend magic school, choosing instead to live as a Muggle.

"I wouldn't know how to deal with it." Harry said.

Rachel laughed at the look of pure disgust on his face as they walked toward Spanish.

"So why did Puck Slushy you this time?" Harry asked.

Rachel sighed and motioned to the purple stained sign up sheets, where Harry could clearly make out Rachel's scrawled signature and gold star.

"Glee Club huh?" Harry said.

"There is nothing wrong with Show Choir!" Rachel snapped.

"Whoa! I never said their was. I'm just worried is all." Harry said.

Rachel looked confused as she stared at him and Harry smiled nervously.

"Look I have to get to class, I'll see you in Spanish Rachel." Harry said walking off only to slam into yet another person.

"Sorry Mr. Shue." Harry said picking himself up.

"It's fine, you just hurry up and get to Class Mr. Potter." Mr. Shue said.

Rachel Berry smiled slightly as she walked into her first period class and took a seat. The Shirt Harry had given her was slightly big on her seeing as how Harry was a good head taller than she was. She had heard about Harry's kindness but never really believed he was really so kind. She liked him and though felt that maybe with time she could give him a chance.

To Be Continued…