Another Type Of Magic

Summary: After the Death of the Lily and James Potter Harry is left with his Aunt Petunia, whom immediately sends him off to her younger sister Emma whom lived with their Father in the states.

A/N: I own nothing. A special thanks To Rori Potter who inspired the last chapter. Also Massive Time Jump here, but only because the original Files aren't opening and I miss placed my backup drive. I will post the missing chapters once I find that drive.

Chapter 22 – The End of A Year

Harry drove to Blaine's house because going home had resulted in him seeing a little more of Mike Chang and Hermione than he would have liked. Blaine was sitting in his room when Harry walked in.

"You look like you just saw a ghost." Blaine said.

"More like Mike Chang's ass." Harry said with a shiver.

Blaine gave a thoughtful tilt of his head, "Was it tight?"

"You're no help." Harry said.

Blaine burst into laughter at his cousin's discomfort.

"I hate you sometimes." Harry said.

"No you don't cause I'm the only family around your age." Blaine said.

"Sadly that is true." Harry said.

The rest of the week following their first kiss went by quickly and it wasn't long before Mercedes noted that the attention she had gotten from being a cheerio was back.

"I feel like am still a cheerio." Mercedes mumbled as Harry walked beside her to the Choir room.

"That's because every one can see how beautiful are." Harry told her pressing a kiss to her temple.

Mercedes giggled and hugged him close.

It was only a few weeks before the munch anticipated Regional's performance and the New Directions where working their butts off to ensure a win. Rachel had met Shelby with the exact results Harry had predicted the Diva had been furious when she found out Harry had known but she cooled off when Shelby explained that he had only done what he did to protect her. Then came the attack from Carmel who trashed their choir room. He took Mercedes home after school and went home expecting to find Hermione and Mike going at it what he did find was much, much, worse. Walking into the living room he came face to face with a shirtless Will Schuester kissing his Aunt. The two sprang apart and Harry quickly turned and ran out the front door and sat on the porch. A few second later Will walked out and sat awkwardly beside him.

"So…you and my Aunt…" Harry said.

"She likes it when I kiss her with my shirt off…might not have wanted to say that." Will said a blush crossing his face.

Harry laughed and Will turned to look at him in confusion.

"What is it?" Will asked.

"I told my Aunt to try and make things work between you, I just never expected this." Harry said.

"You're the one that told her to give us a chance?" Will asked.

"Yeah, we…we were talking about our family and how before we where just surviving, getting by you know." Harry told him.

"What changed?" Will asked.

Harry turned to look at the older male.

"You, you changed everything." Harry said.

Will looked both touched and confused, "Me? How…"

"You where the reason my Aunt started going to therapy for her OCD, and even if she won't admit it's a problem it's a start. You also became a father figure not just for me but Finn and he will deny this but Puck too. Since joining the Glee club I've only had one serious incident. For the first time that I can remember, I feel like I have a real family, and you did that." Harry said.

Will was teary eyed as he nodded at Harry before pulling the teen into a hug.

"You kids and your Aunt changed my life to you know. If it weren't for you kids I would still be stuck in my lie of a marriage, but you especially. Emma told me it was you who told her to make me stay when I wanted to become an accountant." Will said.

Harry smiled at him and then Emma came out and snapped a photo causing the two men to laugh.

"We are never to speak of this." Harry said.

"Wouldn't dream of it." Will said with a smile.

"I'll give you two the house, I have a date with Mercedes." Harry said rushing inside to change.

Harry laughed he and Mercedes walked through the park, Mercedes having stolen his hat placed it on her head and struck a pose.

"So why are you avoiding going home?" Mercedes asked.

"Huh, here I thought I was trying to spend more time with my girl." Harry said.

Mercedes gave him a knowing look and Harry smiled and nodded.

"Okay you got me, My Aunt has a date over and I'm afraid of a repeat of the Mike incident." Harry told her.

"Mike incident?" Mercedes asked confused.

"You don't want to know." Harry said shaking his hand.

Mercedes smiled but hugged Harry close as they walked out of the park. Harry smiled as he took her hand in his and noted that she still hadn't removed the music note bracelet or necklace he had gifted her.

"You know before Glee Club I never would have imagined that I would have the most popular boy as my boyfriend." Mercedes said.

"Before glee club I must likely would have ended up in jail for assault." Harry said which caused Mercedes to burst into laughter.

The two continued their walk talking about nothing and everything until Harry decided it would be safe for him to go home.

Harry and Mercedes sat in Mr. Schue's livingroom for a glee club meeting which was a rather depressing because it had come to the clubs attention that Sue Sylvester was one of the judges at Regionals. So far it had consisted of constant crying from Tina and Rachel and various members telling stories of their time in Glee.

"Will you idiots snap out of it?" Harry asked earning the rooms attention.

"We've worked our asses off all year. We've proven the fact that we are good. If we go into this thinking we've lost, then we don't stand a chance in hell of winning." Harry snapped.

Mercedes straightened up and nodded, "Harry's right we can't let Sue bring us down she's not the only judge. We just need to wow the other two." Mercedes said.

Everyone seemed to agree and then Quinn burped and the room was silent for a few minutes as they stared at the blushing blonde before the room burst into laughter breaking the depressing tension in the apartment. When the party ended a few hours later

Harry stayed behind to help Will clean.

"Thanks for helping." Mr. Schue said as he and Harry sat down once the cleaning was down.

"No problem, so what are you guys going to do for Regionals?" Harry asked.

"What do you mean you guys?" Mr. Schue asked.

"Well we're an odd numbered group I figured I'd just step down and let Finn sing the solo's this time." Harry said.

Will looked at him suspiciously but nodded.

"I really don't know what to do." Will said running a hand through his hair.

"It'll come to you or Rachel will come up with something half decent." Harry said.

"Why only half decent?" Will asked.

"Cause it'll involve several Rachel Berry solo's which will have to be changed into group numbers." Harry explained.

Will laughed and ruffled Harry's hair.

Harry paced the room as the rest of new Directions performed they where doing very well in his opinion but his opinion didn't matter. They where reaching the end of Don't Stop Believin' when suddenly their was a knock at the door.

"She's amazing huh?" Shelby asked walking into the room.

"Rachel always is." Harry said with a smile.

"I wanted to thank you for making me wait to meet her. I think about it now and I know that if I hadn't readied myself by talking with you I might have ended up pushing her away." Shelby said.

"Maybe, but it still won't be easy especially when you go back to New York this summer." Harry said.

"You know about that huh?" Shelby said.

"Jessie had a big mouth." Harry said as a roaring of the audience reached them.

"Well I should go." Shelby said.

"See you around Shelby." Harry said shaking her hand.

"If you're ever in new york let's hang out." She said with a smile as she made her exit just before New Directions walked in Rachel hugging him and screaming that they nailed it.

"Good job guys." Harry said hugging both her and Mercedes together. Then he noticed Quinn talking to her mother and three words sent the New Directions into a panicked rush.

"My water broke." Quinn informed her mother.

"You making me sick!" Finn called as Harry drove toward the hospital.

"Shut up Finn!" Quinn screamed as Harry pulled up to the emergency exit and handed the tall boy his keys.

"Park it!" Harry called as he Quinn her mother and the others raced the girl inside the hospital room.

Harry and Mercedes joined Mrs. Fabray and Puck in the room where Quinn would give birth. It was an experience he did not want to repeat for several years but also the most beautiful. Quinn gave birth to a daughter Harry smiled as the little girl was handed to Quinn.

"You feeling okay?" Harry asked.

"Better than before." Quinn said.

"I'm sure." Harry joked.

"You should go they'll be giving the results soon." Quinn said.

"You're right. See you when you get out of here." Harry said walking out with Mercedes leaving the new family behind.

"Is she alright?" Tina asked the second they walked out into the waiting area.

"She's fine, the little girl is fine and Puck may never forget to use a condom again." Harry told them earning a chuckle.

"Rachel called they're waiting for word to start the award ceremony. The judges where strong arms by Sue into waiting. Rachel thinks it's cause Mr. Shue isn't there." Finn said.

Harry looked up as someone closed his locker.

"Hey stranger." Quinn said smiling at him.

"Hey stranger." Harry repeated with his own smile.

"Who'd of guessed how this year would turn out huh? I get pregnant my first time having sex with another man. Finn and Rachel Berry are together. Your soon to be Step-Father is the Spanish teacher and Coach Sylvester saved the Glee club." Quinn asked.

"Not to mention that Quinn Fabray isn't head Cheerio." Harry joked.

Quinn laughed as they walked down they empty hall. They had just finished their last class. After Regional's they had though it was over but Sue Sylvester had saved the club. It was now the end of the year and the New Directions hand once more shot at making it to Nationals. As the two walked down the hall they were joined by other members of the Glee Club. Mercedes threw her arms around Harry and pressed a kiss to his temple. Eventually the whole club stood outside the school.

"Next year, we'll kick Vocal Adrenaline's asses." Harry said which earned a loud cheer from the group.

End Chapter...