The following story was inspired by two movies that dealt with the idea of a female boxer: "Girl Fight" and "Million Dollar Baby" both of which I loved due to their strong female characters. The rest of the story is inspired by one of my top twenty movies of all time, "Rocky" which almost everyone who watches movies is familiar with in some way or another.

The name of this story "South Paw Pataki" derived from the term "south paw" which relates to a boxer who is left-handed, just like Helga is.

Time frame wise, this story will take place about two years following the events that would have taken place in "The Patakis" (had Craig Bartlett been given the go-ahead to actually create it). It is also in the same universe more-or-less as my HA! fanfiction "Falsely Accused." This story, like "Falsely Accused" contains strong content including: violence, language and adult situations, not to mention a good deal of humor, especially from Arnold's grandmother, Gertie. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own "Hey Arnold!" or any of the characters written (aside from a few I created for the story). Craig Bartlett created them and Nickelodeon and Viacom owns the show.

South Paw Pataki

By DarthRoden

Prologue: The Knockout

Helga's world at the moment was nothing but a mixture of sensations. Pain being the one that first came to mind from the throbbing in her swollen nose and upper lip, to the bruising that she knew her stomach had that felt almost sore down to her back. The other sensations were the loud noises of the crowd, both cheers and boos, mixed with catcalls, angry shouts, screams of protest, and shouts of encouragement.

Helga was rocked by another hard punch, backing her up against the turn buckle hard, where she brought her gloves up to her face to protect it from another vicious blow. She could just barely hear the referee over the near deafening yells of the crowd telling her opponent to back away and break off, but it was just as obvious that the huge boxer was not about to do so, without first inflicting even more damage on her than could be gotten away with first. Another hard right from her opponent caught Helga in the abdomen, which was already quite sore from the pummeling that she'd already endured in the match.

She couldn't see very well, because of the bruising that her eyes endured from before, now so swollen that they were practically shut. Her eyebrow was bleeding on her left and a red haze covered her vision in one eye. The other was nothing but bright light from the overhead lights. She felt herself falling and then hitting the mat hard. There were screams and cheers all around her. Even though Helga couldn't see them, she could barely hear Arnold shouting out her name in something close to terror and her coach shouting for her to get up over the oppressive noise, mixed now with a ringing in her right ear, and the slow count of the referee, which was now up to three.

Helga tried with all of her might to will herself to sit up as the count moved up to five, and her opponent shouting for her to stay down unless she wanted some more. She could hear the chants of her supporters and the cheers of her opponents, and she suddenly felt dizzy . . .

To Be Continued . . . .

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