Title- Nightmare
Characters/Pairings- Meg/Erik
Rating- K+
Summary- Meg has an awful dream. This is the scene that got left off the end of Love Never Dies.

A/N- Technically this is a Love Never Dies story, but as it's set in the POTO 'verse and not the LND 'verse, I posted it here. It's the scene I imagine ALW wrote, but forgot to send to his producers and so it got left off the end of LND, because it's the only explanation for this insanity! And this A/N is officially longer than the fic now, so I'll shut up.

Meg's eyes fly open and immediately silent tears pour down her cheeks.

Coney Island and Phantasma...
Christine... dead!
The Ooh La La Girl, lost her wits at last...
A son bereft of a mother...
Erik never loved her...

It's the worst nightmare Meg has ever had, and she shudders at the feelings that still grip her. She wonders how her imagination cooked up something so disturbing and bizarre.


It's Erik.

"I woke you," she says, feeling guilty. "I'm sorry. Just... a nightmare."

So many times she has held him while his own fevered imaginings tore through him. Now, it seems, it is his turn. He wraps a strong arm around her waist and pulls her into a surprisingly tender embrace. Feeling silly even as she revels in the comfort he offers, Meg buries her face in her husband's chest.

"What was it?" he asks, a little awkwardly. He is not good at this, but she doesn't mind. Just knowing he cares enough to make the attempt is worth the world to her.

"Nothing to worry about," she says. "Just nonsense."