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By ktfranceebee

Part III

Dave moaned into Kurt's mouth as their eyes fluttered shut in unison. He kissed Kurt gently, his lips brushing against the other man's as if counting down to the moment where Kurt would push him away. For a brief second Dave believed his fears to be confirmed as Kurt placed his hands evenly against his ribcage, just below his pectoral muscles. Instead of pushing him away as Dave originally anticipated, Kurt skimmed his hands up and past Dave's nipples, enjoying both the feeling Dave's chest hair underneath his fingertips and the sound the taller man's sharp intake of breath through his nose as Kurt's palms grazed the sensitive regions. Dave realized that, with both of Kurt's arms circling around his neck, there was nothing to keep the towel that was previously swathing Kurt from slipping off his shoulders and falling to the ground.

Feeling more encouraged, Dave deepened the kiss, his one free hand trailing from Kurt's neck and down to his waist in order to draw him closer. Kurt took a step backward so that he pulled Dave with him, causing him to tread on the damp, abandoned towel as he followed Kurt to his bed. As the back of Kurt's legs hit the edge of the mattress he broke the kiss, gasping for air. Kurt dragged his hands down Dave's front, resting them on the man's chest. Dave himself inhaled deeply before he began exploring the expanse of milky white skin that was Kurt's elegant neck. He sucked gently on the skin just below his jaw, allowing the tip of his tongue dart out, tasting him and the pheromones that seemed to be seeping from his freshly washed body, making Dave's senses buzz and the hair on his arms stand on end.

"D…avid…" Kurt shuddered. Dave felt Kurt's breath flutter through the hair on the side of his head from where he had to crane his neck somewhat in order to reach the shorter man. Dave moved his lips further down Kurt's neck, nuzzling his nose against him as he inhaled his scent. He came to a rest at the dint in his neck and he bit down gently, dragging his teeth lightly across Kurt's skin and down the curve of his neck.

"Ahhh…" Kurt wailed as he tossed his head back and closed his eyes, allowing Dave more room for his advances. Kurt dug his nails into the flesh of Dave's chest as Dave kissed his collarbone.

Dave paused and lifted his head up to meet Kurt's hooded gazed, his lips looking swollen and pink and beautifully taken even in the dim, shadowy lighting of the bedroom—a result of the lamps being off and the minimal amount sunlight able to slip past the drawn curtains.

Dave removed his hand from Kurt's waist and let it glide over his arm. Kurt watched intently as Dave let his fingers dance across the vertical surface causing goose bumps to ripple across his porcelain skin. Kurt glanced back at Dave whose own gaze was following his hand where it settled upon Kurt's cheek, stroking it tenderly with the pad of his thumb before leaning in to kiss him again.

Kurt sighed into the touch giving Dave the opportunity to languidly slip his tongue past his parted lips. Dave's knees trembled as something that could only be described as electricity shot through his body as their tongues met; and Kurt must have felt it too because his knees buckled and he crumpled on the bed. Miraculously, though, Dave's mouth remained glued to Kurt's and he impulsively followed. Dave could feel the ardor hanging thick and palpable in the air. The pounding in his chest dramatically accelerated in tempo at the fervor in their kiss as their tongues slid against each other. Kurt scooted back on the bed and Dave crouched over him, placing a knee on the mattress between Kurt's legs.

Dave realized in all of this that the towel that he was still gripping at his waist was nothing more than a hindrance; an obstacle in preventing him from touching Kurt as much as he possibly could. He let one end of the fabric slip through his fingers and pulled at the material until he was free of it, flinging it behind him. Dave cupped Kurt's face in both of his hands and stroked the slick, sensitive pallet just behind Kurt's teeth with a flick of the point of his tongue. Dave could feel the evidence of Kurt's arousal as his penis twitched against his thigh.

Dave broke away from Kurt once more and he placed his large hands on Kurt's shoulders, coaxing him to lie down on his back completely. Kurt obeyed and he settled comfortably on the mattress.

Dave took in Kurt's body that was spread out before him. He was thinner than the last time they were together, but it didn't make his features any less stunning. His prominent cheek bones and cute upturned nose were the same. His lips were still as pink and as soft as rose petals. The only thing foreign to him were the marks that marred his once flawless skin; bruises and a few scratch marks that would eventually fade away and be forgotten—as forgotten as the cereal Dave poured for himself less than two hours ago and as forgotten as the towels that were discarded on the floor. Dave wanted to be the reason why Kurt would never have to suffer at the hands of another human being again. He could help Kurt—get Kurt the help he needed—so that his internal scars could fade as inevitably as his external ones.

Dave crawled on the bed so that his hands were on either side of Kurt's head, supporting his weight as Kurt looked up at him.

"I don't want you to ever feel any amount of pain in this lifetime, Kurt. Never again," Dave said with his voice thick with emotion.

Dave lowered his head and kissed Kurt's jaw where the bruise was. He kept his lips where they were, murmuring against his skin.

"If he loved you, he never would have hurt you, Kurt," Dave said, and he moved his body lower, dragging his lips against Kurt's taut flesh until he reached a bruise on his forearm that looked like a result of a vicelike grip. Dave kissed that as well, his hand gently stroking the skin of Kurt's opposite arm.

"He would have shown you how much you meant to him, like I'm going to show you how much you mean to me—what you've always meant to me." Dave moved lower until his face was just above Kurt's pelvis. It was there that red scratch marks stared back at Dave; fingernail marks that mirrored each other on both sides of Kurt's hips. They would go away… Eventually. But for now he lowered his head for a final time, kissing those markings as he did the others.

Kurt whimpered at the touch and his hands moved to tangle themselves into the short curly strands of the hair on the back of Dave's head. Dave could feel Kurt's erection pressing against his sternum and felt his lithe body shiver beneath him as his fingers traveled languidly down Kurt's thigh. Dave moved so that his face was just above Kurt's and took Kurt in his hand, grazing his fingertips up and down the length of his cock.

"Mmmph…" Kurt groaned in ecstasy as his hands slid off from behind Dave's head to grip the fluffy comforter beneath him. His back arched as he attempted to follow each of Dave's feather-light touches. Dave gulped, watching Kurt's face avidly as it twisted in pleasure and he wrapped his hand around Kurt's length more resolutely, causing him to buck into his grip as he thumbed at a vein.

"Dave… I-I can't…" Kurt said in a desperate voice, the fingers of one hand scrabbling at the flesh just above Dave's heart and the other clawing at the muscles he could see tensing in Dave's arm as he alternated between squeezing the base of Kurt's erection and stroking upward, his thumb swiping at the gorgeously blushing head every so often.

"Tell me to stop, Kurt," Dave said in a hoarse, almost afraid of the answer. "Tell me to stop and I will."

"No," Kurt dragged out in a moan, writhing underneath Dave's body. "Don't… Just—Won't last. Want—Want you…" Kurt closed his eyes as he gave his all to not climax then and there.

"What do you want, baby?" Kurt felt Dave still his movements. Kurt bit his bottom lip, a part of his mourning the loss of friction despite the logic in his thinking. He knew what he wanted. Why was it so damn hard to say?

"I want…" He didn't want to hurt anymore… He didn't want to feel disgusting and used.

He didn't want to be fucked.

He wanted to feel like he meant something; both to himself and to another person. He remembered his dad telling him something like that, once upon a time.

He wanted to be loved and…

He knew what it was that he wanted as he felt Dave nuzzle the side of his face before softly placing a kiss on his cheek.

"I want you to make love to me," Kurt said decisively, never more sure of himself in his life. Kurt opened his eyes slowly as he turned his head to look at Dave, his bright eyes flickering back and forth between Dave's thin lips and his dazzling hazel orbs. Kurt leaned further into the pillows in order to fully appreciate Dave's appearance. His pupils were blown and his penis fully erect, the tip glistening with pre-cum. Dave looked away from Kurt, an unreadable expression on his face. Dave moved his hand way from Kurt's length and dragged his palm across the comforter in order to remove some of the stickiness.

Dave leaned in further towards Kurt, their noses just inches away from touching and their hot breath was intermingling in the minute space between them. Relying on feel alone, Dave reached toward the end table and pulled the drawer open and removed two objects.

Dave sat back up in his kneeling position between Kurt's extended legs and tossed the square packet on the bed beside them and flicked open the lid to the small bottle in his hand. Dave overturned the bottle so that the clear liquid inside dribbled out on his index and middle finger. He made sure to apply a generous amount, even though it began to drip through the narrow fissure between his two fingers.

Using the hand that wasn't covered in lube, Dave reached for Kurt's right leg and ran his hand over the slight dusting of hair before hiking it. Dave bit his bottom lip and slowly pulled through his teeth as he reached for Kurt, his other hand still resting on Kurt's thigh. A guttural moan escaped Kurt's lips as Dave slipped his fingers into his opening. The glorious sound seemed to completely bypass Dave's ears and went straight to his lower stomach, tingling in response to Kurt's audible appreciation as his fingers entered his deliciously warm opening.

Kurt wriggled his hips slightly, sighing contentedly as Dave worked his fingers in further and proceeded to rotate his hand so that Kurt could be as lubricated as possible. Dave watched Kurt, mesmerized by the rapid rise and fall of his chest as well as the muscles that clenched deliciously around his fingers. The blissful expression on Kurt's face was framed beautifully by his elegant hands that were resting on either side of his face, one even gripping the pillow in an effort to not touch himself.

"Dave…" Kurt breathed.

"Does that feel good, Kurt?" Dave asked as the thumb of the same hand that was gently strumming his insides began to trace a circular pattern over his scrotum.

"O—ohhh…" Kurt ground out as his body seized violently and Dave began to spread his fingers, stretching him out.

"So good…" Dave heard Kurt mutter and he smiled softly to himself. He slipped his fingers out of Kurt's hole, causing him to cry out in desperation.

"Just a second, baby, it's okay," Dave said soothingly, even reaching up sweep away at Kurt's disheveled hair with his clean hand before picking up the condom beside him. Upon hearing the crinkling plastic of the wrapper, Kurt opened his eyes.

"No," he said, sitting up on the bed. Dave paused, raising a questioning eyebrow at him.

"Let me." Kurt reached out to him. "Please?" Dave handed the half-torn open condom packet to Kurt as he sat up further on his knees, his erection jutting out before him. Kurt took the condom out of the packet and placed it on the head of his penis before rolling it towards the base, his fingertips leaving feather-light touches on his neglected shaft along the way. Kurt smiled kindly at him when he was finished with his task and he kissed the tip of his latex covered cock (Dave didn't think he would ever get that angelic image out of his head) before reaching for the bottle of lube.

Kurt squeezed some of the lube onto the palm of his hand and put the bottle aside before reaching for Dave's length, palm up.

"Oh God, Kurt." Dave groaned, coming very close to bucking into his touch. Kurt stroked Dave's cock, not letting an inch go untouched until it was completely coated.

Kurt returned to his original position, his legs separated and his entrance looking much like an offering to Dave. Dave scooted toward Kurt until he was on top of him once more and slipped his arm into the gap between the bed and the curve in the small of Kurt's back. Dave pulled Kurt towards him so that his hips rose off the bed a few inches and so that Dave was able to align himself with Kurt's entrance.

Dave rolled his head back on his shoulders, shuddering as he felt the tips of his cock pressing between the flesh of Kurt's ass cheeks before slowly pushing in. Dave groaned as he felt Kurt working around him, his muscles clenching and relaxing until Dave's length was buried inside him to the hilt.

Kurt gulped convulsively as Dave tenderly kissed his neck and drew back, his hips following.

"Oh God, Dave," Kurt moaned as he felt Dave pulling out of him until what felt like only an inch of his length remained inside of him. He plunged back in completely causing Kurt to whimper at the feeling of fullness.

Dave continued his efforts at a languorous and steady pace, savoring the heat surrounding him. He never thought he would be able to feel this again; to be with Kurt again.

Dave's heart clenched painfully at the thought and he increased his pace.

Kurt felt the heat in his stomach accumulating as Dave's thrusts became more frequent. He closed his eyes and wrapped his lean legs around Dave's torso, bringing him closer so that his movements became shallower as he pulled out of Kurt.

Kurt could feel the heat radiating off of Dave's body as he enveloped Kurt's smaller form with his and heard Dave whisper in his ear.

"I was so scared," Dave said, his eyes clenching shut.

Kurt opened his eyes and searched for Dave's face in the dim lighting as well as the passionate fog that was clouding Kurt's senses.

He was surprised to see when he was able to make out his face that it was wet with tears.

"David," Kurt whispered as he reached up and cupped his cheek with his hand. Dave placed his own hand over Kurt's, covering it entirely.

"There was no way of knowing…" Dave began to bring his movements back to their original pace. "Anything could have happened to you. He could have…" Dave grasped Kurt's wrist and brought it in front of his face, pressing a kiss on the sensitive skin of his palm before touching Kurt's fingertips to his lips.

"And I never would have known," he concluded.

There was nothing that could prevent the tears from falling from Kurt's eyes. A tiny sob escaped his throat at the tenderness in his confession.

"I'm here," Kurt said. "I'm not going anywhere."

'Never again,' Kurt thought, Dave's previous words echoing in his head.

Dave nodded wordlessly as Kurt reached out to him and Dave lifted him into his arms.

Kurt hugged Dave, his arms wrapped around his neck as Dave held Kurt in his arms, supporting all of his weight, his cock still buried deeply inside of him. Kurt heard Dave sigh and he pressed his face into Kurt's shoulder as he thrust into him. The new position caused Kurt to shake like a leaf in his arms and he clung to Dave even tighter than before.

"Oh—Oh my God, Dave," Kurt cried out, griping the back of Dave's head and shoulder as he began to suck on the recess between his clavicles. The friction of Kurt's hard-on rubbing against Dave's stomach was becoming too much to bear.

Dave's hands that were wrapped around Kurt's back moved down in order to cup his ass, the leverage helping him lift Kurt up before bringing him back down to push into him deeper.

"Don't stop… Please," Kurt begged as Dave removed a hand from behind Kurt, causing him to lose momentum briefly. "So close." The gasping breath in Kurt's ear only assured him that Dave was reaching his peak as well.

Dave slipped his hand in between the two of them and he squeezed Kurt's erection before jerking him off erratically.

"Ahh!" He cried at the sudden touch. Kurt felt the tremor spreading through his body as he spilled out onto Dave's hand. Kurt faintly heard Dave curse through the pounding in his ears and he knew that he came only seconds after he did. Kurt's muscles responded, working around Dave's cock reflexively, milking him, as he drew himself desperately into the larger man. Kurt's heels dug into Dave's buttocks as he felt the added warmth inside him thinly veiled only by the condom.

With one last grunt Dave pulled Kurt with him as he fell over onto the bed, both of them catching their breath. Neither of them cared that they were lying on the bed backwards, their entangled feet propped up on the pillows at the head of the bed.

Minutes passed before Dave lazily opened his eyes to see Kurt staring back at him and he smiled gently at the blue-eyed man. If he didn't know any better, Kurt's eyes now held that certain sparkling quality that he loved so much and that was absent when he first opened the door to him. He knew, not caring if it seemed selfish, that he had something to do with its return.

Kurt opened his eyes, moaning slightly as Dave slipped out of him. Kurt never felt more frightened by anything as he was by the warmth that had taken up residence somewhere underneath his sixth rib. Dave smiled at Kurt lightly, only making the warm feeling in his body grow even hotter and his breath catch in his throat, before going to remove the used condom.

"Dave…" Kurt said, as Dave tied off the condom.

"Hmmm?" Dave hummed noncommittally as he turned away from Kurt slightly. He aimed for the trashcan next to his dresser and flung the condom in its direction. Kurt couldn't help but snicker as it hit the wall. It hung there for a few seconds before sliding to the ground, inches away from its intended destination.

Dave cringed, "I was never really that good at basketball." He turned back to Kurt, brushing away at the bangs that had fallen into his eyes.

"David, I…"

"Fancy," Dave said, the one word bringing Kurt to a halt in what he was going to say to the man.

"Everything will be okay," Dave said before pulling Kurt into him, wrapping his arm around his waist.

"Sleep, baby," Dave murmured into Kurt's hair.

'Okay…' Kurt thought.

"Okay' was good.'

Kurt inhaled Dave's heady scent and snuggled deeper into his warm body knowing that he had every reason to believe him, and no reason not to.

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