Okay,so I Wrote this only because there aren't really any fanfics about Jamie and Eugene and I wasn't having it! Because I love them lol so enjoy,ps. It's a short one shot but just say if you want more,k bye.


"Eugene!" Jamie screamed through the house,eugene

heard his blonde girlfriends panicked shriek and jumped from his place at the sink where he was washing his face and ran in the kitchen,it's then he

came face to face with his 'horrified' mate,Eugene saw Jamie covered in some kind of batter of some sort and he slowly began to walk up to the

distraught blonde and as he approached her he cocked his head to the left and had a confused look on his face. Then he open and closed his mouth as he observe the disaster and said "what the hell happened?" Jamie says "I was trying to make cupcakes!" as she pouted "but...I guess it didn't work out so

well" Eugene chuckled and said "I see" his girlfriend pouted again and said "don't laugh at me! I tried for you!" eugene's smiled faltered and he

walked closer to jamie and said "thank you,but for future references let's not do it again" she giggled and gave him a chaste kiss and he said "go

take a shower" She giggled then complied she walked into their room and went into the bathroom and striped herself from her clothing then opened the

shower glass door And jumped in,Jamie slowly turned the nob to the left so the water would get hotter and she washed herself and the gunk out of her

hair. When she was done her shower she pressed the nob inwards and the water shut off immediately she stepped out of the shower and wrapped her

favorite red towel around her wet body and a matching one for her hair,then Jamie walked into their room and began to rummage through their drawers

all the while not hearing Eugene at the doorway watching her,finally satisfied Jamie pulls out shorts and a tank top knowing their is no reason to put

on panties when she's going to end up taking them off before the end of the night,she stands and sees her boyfriend out the corner of her eye and

spins around to meet his gaze and says "hey what's wrong?" Jamie asks "oh nothing...just admiring" Eugene says,Jamie smiles and Saunters over to him

and wraps her arms around his waist and kisses him chastely on his lips but eugene brings his hands up to cup her cheeks deepening the kiss.

Then Eugene. Takes one hand down and grabs on to jamie's towel and undoes it and let's it fall to the floor,Jamie catches on by bringing her hands up

and taking off the red towel that was wrapped around her head,Jamie then begins to back herself and Eugene to the bed but Eugene stops her by tearing

apart their lips and takes his shirt And pants off and throws them in a pile In the corner accompanied by his boxers and he looks down at Jamie and

says "I want to try something different tonight"


So? What did ya think? Short i know! But what can I say I did this all on my iPod lol So you can either put your mind to work and wonder what the 'something different' is or you can leave me a comment telling me you want me to continue! K bye!