Jamie looked at Eugene cautiously and said 'like what?'

Eugene smiles and says 'well I think you've been a bag girl,so you need to be punished'.

The petite girl smirks at him and says 'oh do you? Well you have to do what you have to do'.

With those words Eugene pulls lightly on Jamie's locks and turns her around and makes her bend over

the bed. Jamie bites on her lip in anticipation, Eugene gets on his knees and lightly swipes his tongue

over her clit which rewards him in a small moan from Jamie. Eugene brings his hand up to her hot

center and slips one finger in her and puts his tongue back to her clit while his fingers are going in and

out and, his tongue working, and soft moans coming from the blonde, Eugene takes his right hand and

brings it up,he smacks Jamie once on her ass, which in return Jamie grunts loud. Then Eugene

continues and Jamie breaths out 'I'm so close' from those words the man stops everything and pulls out

his fingers and stands up and walks out of the room,into the living room. Jamie opens her eyes and

jumps up and whines 'Eugene!' as she walks into the living room and says 'hello very horny,very

naked,very upset girlfriend here' Eugene looks at her and smiles and says I told you, you had to be

punished. Jamie whines again 'but babyyyyyy!' and the young man smiles again and says 'come here'

Jamie walks over to her boyfriend. Once she comes up close enough Eugene grabs Jamie rough but

soft,knowing he doesn't want to do anything to scare her,her lightly pushes her over the back of the

sofa and spreads her legs and puts his manhood in her dripping core. She moans loudly as he continues

to drive his self into her,followed by Jamie's moans and screams 'fucckkkkkk!' 'Eugeeennee!' 'Im

gonnaa …im .. gonna . Cummm!' when she spoke those words her actions followed as she came all

over Eugene penis,and Eugene blew into her. Jamie and Eugene both breathing hard,then Jamie stood

and said 'that was amazing baby' she put her hand on his penis and began to stroke then looking down

and she spoke nervously ' your not wearing a condom?'.