Order of Deaths and OC Bios

The Wizard

-name unknown

-killed by Voldemort himself

-first person to tell James he was in Limbo

-doesn't use Voldemorts name and asked James not to

-implied that he might be at least middle aged if not older

-believed wronging that Muggles whose souls have an inclination to wizards might come to Limbo

Sohpie Abbot

-old witch first to die after baby Harry's defeat of Voldemort

-has been to see the Potter's statue

-first to tell James and Lily of their son's defeat of Voldemort

-thought it was wonderful she had choices and admitted to being worried their wouldn't be an after life

-left promptly

A String of unnamed people over ten years who were all impressed to see the Potters but couldn't tell the Potter much about their son


Two more years go by

An old wizard with a walking stick

-name unknown

-surprised to hear Lily and James believed Sirius Black innocent

-left thinking they were crazy

Bertha Jorkins

Frank Bryce

Barty Crouch Sr

Cedric Diggory

Prior Incatatum

Year of occasional unnamed witch or wizard who didn't know anything about Voldemort being back

Bode the Unspeakable

Simpering Witch

-didn't believe Voldemort was back

-yelled at Cedric for being too young to be dead

-Cedric gave her a lecture and she left choosing to be a ghost

-shivers at the sound of Voldemorts name

-it is unknown why she wanted to be a ghost

Sirius Black

Then after a LOT of Sirius talking…

Amelia Bones

-not an OC but is a poorly developed one in the books

-was at Harry's hearing in books five and was impressed with his abilities to produce a corporeal Patronus

-also was the one to tell the Potter's that their sons Patronus was a stag

-fought bravely before being killed

-managed to beat the death eaters than was killed by Voldemort himself.

-was the one to apologize to Sirius on behalf of the Ministry of Magic… ~Sirius did not take it well

-before she leaves she tells the Potters all about Harry's hearing

Emmeline Vance

-not an OC but is a poorly developed one in the books

-didn't have much of a character in books

-just part of Harry's guard in book five

-I gave her the personality trait of not liking to make personal decisions

-doesn't react at all to Sirius hitting on her

-spent a while weighting pros and cons for her choices before going on


Tilly Abbot

- not an OC but is a poorly developed one in the books

-all we knew about her was that she was Hannah Abbots mother

-recognized Sirius right away

-I created a death for her since all that happens in the books was Hannah being taken out of class and told her mother was dead

-she was killed walking down the street

-a death eater walked by her/she was in the wrong place at the wrong time

Dean Montgumary

- not an OC but is a poorly developed one in the books

-in the books his sisters look upset and Hermione tells Harry it is because their little brother was attached by a werewolf and died in the hospital/he was attached because his mother wouldn't do what the death eaters wanted her to

-he didn't have a first name in the books so I named him Dean and now I wish I hadn't since everyone keeps asking me why Dean Thomas died. Hello! Is Dean Thomas five years old?

-is upset when he first arrives because he remembers the great pain of his werewolf bits and is scared of being all alone

-he thinks his family vanished around him/they were all looking over his bed and then they weren't and he didn't understand why

-once he learns from Lily that his parents and family are fine, and that he is with people he cheers up

-becomes main character in my story/becomes very good friends with Lily and everyone

-becomes play mates with Dumbledore

-invents a game of making all the adults do silly things



Cedric goes on

Charity Burbage


Alastor Moody aka Mad-Eye Moody

Rufus Scrimgeour

Liese and her children

- not an OC but is a poorly developed one in the books

-in the books there is a scene where Voldemort murders a German family while looking for the elder wand this is them

-I named her Liese but didn't name her children

-showed through her that in Limbo there are no language barrios

-her children played with Dean and Sirius for a while


-a wand maker who is mentioned in the books to have made Cedric's wand

-was surprised to hear Dumbledore had the Elder wand

Bathilda Bagshot

-in the books it didn't say exactly when she died so I just choose to add her in here

-once arriving she admits to telling Rita Skeeter everything about Dumbledore

Dumbledore writes his poem ^_^

Leise and her children went on

Gregovitch goes on

Bathilda Bagshot goes on after a long talk with Dumbledore

Series of Muggle-born deaths who were all unnamed arrive

Ted Tonks

- not an OC but is not a big character in the books

-Tonks' dad and a muggle born

-Teddy Lupin named after him

-dies on the run from Muggle-born registration

-stays to learn his daughter and wife's fate

-becomes a main character in my story

Dirk Cresswell

- not an OC but is not a big character in the books

-dies with Ted Tonks while on the run

-is known to have sons and a wife

-decided to stay and learn what happened to his family

Unnamed muggle born girl

-was in safe house with Dirk's family but left to look for her own and was killed

-she is the one to tell Dirk all about his family

-and then she and Dirk go on together

Peter Pettigrew

Gellert Grindelwald

-not given any dialogue in book except his death scene

-back story of him and Dumbledore in Ritas book

-is implied he might be Dumbledore's only love

-was the second most evil wizard to ever exist

-but shows signs of remorse during his last years in prison

-I tried to convay that remorse in Limbo


-not a wizard so shouldn't have come but since no other elves die free Dumbledore surmises that is why he comes to Limbo

Peter Pettigrew goes on

Some unknown and unnamed people come and go over a period of a month

Dobby goes on

Grindelwald goes on with a heart breaking scream from his damaged soul

The battle of Hogwarts starts

Iona Mongunary

-is technically a character in the books since it was the Mongunary sisters that Harry and Hermione saw upset over their little brother's attach but since I named her and gave her a personally you can call her my OC if you want

-Dean Mongunary's older sister

-dies fighting in the battle of Hogwarts

-is 17 when she dies

-believed whole heartily in the fight

-first thing she said after getting to Limbo was "Oh no, this means I am out of the fight"

-Dean calls has a nickname for her: her

-as he was learning to talk he noticed people refer to her as her and started calling her that

-know that being happy and free was more important than anything


-last name unknown

-is on friendly terms with Iona but that may just be because they found in the battle together

-died during the battle of Hogwarts only moments after Iona


Fred Weasley

Remus Lupin

-since there was no death scene in the books I made one up for him and Tonks

-he was fighting Dolohov alone while Tonks looked for him

Nymphadora Tonks

- since there was no death scene in the books I made one up for him and Tonks

-once she found Remus she started fighting near him while still being about to see him

-she started to win her fight when Dolohov killed Remus in front of her

-she either made to go to him or got distracted enough for whoever she was fighting to kill her only moments after Remus

-there is a chance that after seeing her husband killed she got herself killed on purpose where consciously or unconsciously

While they were talking Limbo filled up with unnamed students who died in the battle, Colin Creevy being one of them

Now over fifty people in Limbo

Severus Snape

Harry uses his resurrection stone

Dumbledore meets Harry at Kings Cross Station

-the way I did this was that Harry never really went to Limbo

-since he never died cause in Harry Potter land you can't bring people back to life

-he was just in a place in his mind while Dumbledore could talk to him from Limbo

-Dumbledore just saw the clouds of Limbo while Harry's mind created Kings cross station around him

-what they heard was the bleed through of the spell Dumbledore did/the same way Voldemort and Harry were knocked unconscious on earth was the bleed though there

Voldemort's snake Nagini is killed by Neville

Unnamed Death Eater died and argues with Dumbledore


-In the book it said that Dolohov falls with a scream at Flitwick's hand and I decided to take that as he died cause I really wanted him to die

-oh and Tonks whole ability to make him "never be whole again" was be wanting him to suffer but also I was going off her abilities as a Metamorphmagus

-the concept is that when she was on earth she could change her physical appearance but now that she is just a soul she can change both her soul and others

-and since it is Dumbledore who always says evil tarnishes the soul I thought it would work

Fenrir Greyback

-in the books it says that Harry saw "Ron and Neville bringing down Fenrir Greyback" and though I didn't want Ron and Neville to become killers I figured I would kill him off anyway

-maybe he hit his head on the way down or something


Tom Riddle

Iona goes on with Dean in her arms

Riddle tries and fails to be a ghost

Voldemort got some lectures and everyone chatted for a while

Theo and a large number of unnamed students go on

Jade Newin

-the first officially all original character of mine in my story who has a name

-died of old age at 108 years old

-has kids and grandkids she knows will be fine without her

-was ready to die when it was her time

-is a HUGE gossip and very annoying

-named them all in terms of Harry's something. Harry's godson's birthmother; Harry's teacher; Harry's godfather; Harry's parents etc…

-knew all about Snape and his love for Lily

-very well informed on celebrities like the boy who lived and stuff

-worked very hard to get the people of Limbo to interact in an entertaining way while she was there

Dolohov moves on with a scream far worse than Grindelwalds. The reasons for his moving on are unknown

Just for your information

~The remark Snape say about Sirius not being a very well written character isn't a remark about how bad a writer JK Rowling is or anything! Her writing is great! It was just something slightly mean but very funny that Snape can say to Sirius

Unnamed death eater leaves with slight scream

The rest of the death eaters were tricked into going on by Dumbledore

Dumbledore leaves with a swish of his cloak

Ted Tonks goes on

Fred goes on

Kool Kalvin

-the second officially all original character of mine in my story who has a name

-says cool a lot

-is known that is was very old when he died because he talks about having smooth hands again

-was very mellow and wasn't surprised that he was dead or that he was in an in-between place like Limbo

-and yes I know Irish isn't a language, the first draft got published before I could replace it with Dutch

-Kalvin goes on and teaches Sirius life is always an unknown while doing so

Lily, James, Sirius and Snape all leave standing side by side

Remus and Tonks are so dull that Jade goes on too

Philip Winterbotham

-the third officially all original character of mine in this story who has a name

-died around 1286 and upon coming to Limbo decided to be a ghost and returned to earth

-is very old fashions due to the time he comes from

-doesn't know anything about Voldemort's reign of terror or the boy who lived except what he has heard in passing

-for the last half century of his ghost life Philip left England and went for a trip around the world

-this being the reason why he didn't know of Voldemort of Harry

-was about 713 when he reappeared in Limbo

-explained to Remus, Tonks and Riddle that the whole point of being a ghost was the same as Limbo: so the dead could deal with their unresolved issues and go on when they are ready

-was the one to explained to Riddle why he couldn't be a ghost

-after he finishes talking to them he goes on

Riddle goes on and Remus and Tonks stay to wait for news of Teddy