AN: AH! I don't even know why I did this, I've never even contemplated writing anything like this before, but here I am, doing it. Maybe a little, slightly pre-slash if you squint or have a dirty mind. ;) Inspired by chapter 7 in Styx88's A Million Little Things, because Cas with a duckling on his head was ridiculously adorable. So yeah… Enjoy!

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"Castiel! Get your feathery ass down here! We could use some help." Dean called towards the ceiling, from where he lay on one of the motel beds. Sam sat at the table with his laptop open, rolling his eyes at his brother's attempts to get the angel's attention.

"Dude, you've been at it for twenty minutes, he's not coming. We're just going to have to look harder for whatever it is that's killing people here." Sam said, not looking from the computer screen.

Dean shot him a glare before shrugging to himself, taking a swing of beer and returning his attention to their father's journal, "How's that coming then Sammy?"

It was Sam's turn to glare at his brother before the sound of wing beats was heard.

"Bout time Cas! What took you?" Dean asked, not bothering to look at the angel as he flipped a page.

"I was… preoccupied." Was the gruff response, "What is it you need?"

"Well, basically- WHAT THE?" Sam cut himself off and sputtered into laughter when he looked at the angel. Interested, Dean looked up at Cas and gaped.

Castiel stood between the bed Dean was laying on and the table where Sam was working, looking normal as always, trench coat and all. Except for the fact that there was a small white duck sitting on his head.

"Um, Cas. You do realize you have a duck on your head, right?" Dean asked amused.

"I am aware."

"Ok… Why is there a duck on your head?"

"She likes to sit there."

"Alright." Dean sighed in exasperation, rubbing a hand over his face, "Let's try this. Why do you have a duck?"

Castiel titled his head to the side as he usually does when Dean says something he doesn't understand, and is rewarded with white wings buffeting the side of his head as the duck takes off flying with several LOUD quacks. The duck first tries to land on Sam, but he's laughing so hard that the duck gives up and ends up landing in Dean's lap. It stares him in the face, quacking a few times. Dean just stares at it, eyebrow arched in confusion.

"Hilary, that is rude. I'm fairly certain that Dean does not appreciate you in his lap." Castiel spoke to the bird as though it could understand.

"Hilary?" Sam stated cackling anew.

"Yes. I've decided to call her Hilary. Is it not customary to name a pet?" Cas asked confused, looking between Sam, who was nearly rolling on the floor laughing, and Dean who was still keeping an eye on the duck. When Cas finished, Dean looked up at him, startled.


"That is what you refer to your animal companions as, yes?" Another head tilt.

"Uh, yeah. But people don't usually have pet ducks. What kind of duck is this anyways, I don't think I've ever actually seen a white duck this small before. Is it a baby or something?"

"She is a Call duck and is fully grown."

"Why's it called a Call duck?" Sam asked, finally getting himself under control.

"They have rather loud and obnoxious vocals. Especially the females."

"Typical." Dean muttered as he poked the small duck to try and make it move. As if to demonstrate Cas's words, she started a series of very loud and obnoxious quacks and proceeded to try and bite the finger Dean was poking her with. "Hey! Dude, your friggin' duck just tried to bite my finger off. Oh Jesus, I just called it 'your duck'. Ugh."

"Blasphemy Dean. Hilary, come here. Now." The duck looked at Cas before it started waddling over to him and climbed into the hand he had extended towards the bird.

"Now that's just weird."

Cas brought his hand with the duck in it up by his chest and started to stroke its feathers. She made a small squeak as she settled further into his palm and her eyes slid half-shut as he continued to pet her.

"I stand corrected, that, is weird."

"Cas, you mind explaining exactly why you have a duck?" Sam asked as he got up to sit on the bed opposite of Dean's.

"I was at the park earlier today, and she would not leave me alone."

"… So you decided to keep her just because of that?"

"No. At one point she managed to climb into my lap, and when I attempted to remove her, she began to call. In the end I was forced to bring her with me when I met with Balthazar. It was he who suggested I keep her as a pet."

Dean and Sam couldn't help but gawk at the angel as he recounted his story, all while petting the duck.

"Dude, quit stroking the damn duck!" Dean blurted suddenly, jumping to his feet and grabbing his jacket.

"Where are you going?" Sam asked confused as he watched his brother grab the keys to the Impala and head towards the door.

"I'm going to need something stronger than beer if I'm going to have to watch him pet that damn duck all night. Just see if he knows what we're hunting and how to kill it, I'll be back in like an hour." And with that Dean left the motel room. Sam and Cas stared after him for a moment in silence.

"So, uh, Cas..."


Trufax: Call ducks are absolutely adorable (Google it) but they are also extremely obnoxious. Especially when there's a flock of them. Cause then they just set each other off and you just want to strangle them all. But then you look at them and can't cause they're so damn cute!

Soooooooo, yeah. Like? Hate? Love? Should I continue along with this plot, or should this just be a
collection of one-shots where Cas brings in a new "pet" each time? I'd appreciate feedback. :)