"It's not fair."

"I know," Chuck assured her, lips to temple, hands on waist. "I know."

Blair wiped angrily at the tears that dared spill over, but her actions were for naught. The tears wouldn't fucking stop.

"It's not fair," Blair sobbed again, and through the veil of tears she saw that her mascara had smudged onto Chuck's pristine white shirt. She rubbed angrily at the black mark, murmuring "It's not fair," under her breath the entire time.

"We'll have our chance," he promised.

"How is she?"

Serena Davidson was waiting outside the bathroom, biting her lip, wringing her hands, blue eyes full of unadulterated worry.

Chuck responded with a weary sigh.

"She'll be fine."

"Can I see her?" Serena made a move to enter the bathroom, but Chuck was faster, hand darting out to grab her forearm.

"She doesn't want to—"

"I suspected as much," Serena said quietly, removing her arm from his grasp and laying it across her still flat stomach. "I shouldn't have done this."

Chuck looked down the hallway, towards the sound of chatter and champagne glasses, towards a room full of people who had all been privy to Mr. and Mrs. Sean Davidson's announcement.

"You think?" Chuck asked wryly, leaning against the wall opposite from Serena Davidson.

"I just—" tears sprung to Serena's eyes, and she dabbed at them with the long sleeves of her dress, which Blair had remarked was uncharacteristically conservative for Serena van der Woodsen (out of a continual dislike for Sean Davidson, Blair had continued to refer to her best friend by her maiden name). "I thought she would be happy…" Serena trailed off, clearly anguished.

"It's not your fault," Chuck tried to reason, but his voice fell flat.

"Tell Blair I'm sorry," Serena whispered, and then turned on her heel, quiet sobs trailing behind her as she walked in the opposite direction from the party.

Chuck took a moment, before entering the bathroom once more. He took a moment, steeling himself before re-entering.

Because he expected Blair to be worse than when he left her moments ago, to answer Serena's frantic knocks and pleas.

And Chuck found his expectations spot-on as he re-entered, Blair having slid down the wall, emerald green dress pooled around her bare feet as her frail shoulders shook.

"Come on," he said gently, pulling his wife up by her shoulders. "Let's go home."


AN: This is a oneshot that turned into a chapter story; I've all the chapters written out, however, and this will be a short story. Based upon a situation in CSI: Miami, I take no credit for the main plot, only the minor GG details I've worked in. This is set in the future, though their exact age remains vague, I'd say around their early 30s. Reviews would be loved, and thanks to bethaboo, the best beta a girl could ever want.