Four months later

"Oh thank God, Serena, you're home!"

Serena smiled sheepishly as she dropped her bags into the foyer, looking around for Kate.

"You know, S, when we said we'd babysit anytime, we didn't mean for eight days, and with barely any contact from you," Blair admonished, before motioning for Serena to follow her. As Serena followed Blair up the steps of her penthouse, Blair picking up stray blankets and soothers as she went, she blushed at the thought of where she had been.

"Really, S," Blair was saying, and Serena forced herself to listen, "where were you?"

"I'm sorry, B," Serena apologized sincerely. "I just knew you guys wouldn't approve, and if I told you what I was doing, you'd never let me go, and I just had to do this."

"You left your four-month-old baby with us for eight days," Blair said flatly.

"But you enjoyed every minute of it?" Serena asked, blinking her wide blue eyes innocently.

"Nearly," Blair admitted with a smile of her own. "Except for the time she started crying in the next room when Chuck and I—"

"Ew, Blair!" Serena slapped her hands over hear ears, looking at her best friend in horror.

"Really, Serena, you would think that after you had Kate you'd be more mature about this," Blair huffed.

"But it's you and Chuck," Serena argued. "Ew."

"Very eloquent, S," Blair teased. "It's a good thing you've got Chuck and I around, or Kate would grow up speaking like—ugh—someone from Brooklyn."

"Hey, there's nothing wrong with Brookly—"

But Serena was cut off as they approached the quasi-nursery Chuck and Blair had set up for Kate. Placing a finger to her lips, Blair opened the door cautiously, peeking inside.

Fast asleep in the rocking chair was Kate, held by one Chuck Bass, who looked in need of a nap himself.

Looking up at the two women who entered the room, a relieved expression washed over his features.

Serena moved to take the baby, and Chuck relented, handing the warm little bundle off to her mother.

Blair and Chuck exited the nursery and Serena followed shortly after placing Kate into her bassinet—the one that had also been hand woven by Alsatian monks from the branches of willow trees.

"Serena," Chuck greeted coolly as they went back down the stairs, glaring at the blonde. "Where were you?"

"She was just about to explain," Blair said drily. "Apparently it was a matter so pressing and so clandestine it necessitated a whirlwind trip and a no-disclosure policy."

"I'm sorry for dumping Kate on you guys." Serena apologized again. "If it helps, I missed her every night I was gone."

"It's alright," Blair said with a shrug. "I think I learned something new."

"You mean besides how many diapers a four-month-old can go through?" Chuck asked dubiously.

"Yes," Blair said, with an affectionate pat on Chuck's unshaven cheek. "I learned how much of a softie you really are, Bass."

Serena snorted at the comment, earning a reproachful look from Blair, and a scowl from Chuck.

"Chuck didn't go into the office once this entire time," Blair said proudly.

"I couldn't," Chuck defended. "If I left Blair alone she'd probably put another one of those ridiculous headbands on Kate and the poor kid would—"

"Hey!" Blair interrupted. "Those are adorable."

"Alright you two," Serena said with an amused smirk. "I went to London."

The argument ceased almost immediately.

"London?" Chuck asked, brow furrowed.

"Now who do we know who lives in London?" Blair asked with a sly smile.

"I went to see Nate," Serena admitted, blush creeping onto her cheeks.

"And?" Blair prompted, while Chuck just shot Serena a confused look.

"And he's visiting next week," Serena said with a wide smile. "He wants to meet Kate."

The two girls commenced squealing and discussing and planning—things completely things to Chuck, who simply shook his head and headed upstairs at the sound of Kate's cries.

"Oh, we woke up Kate," Serena said bashfully.

Blair shrugged. "Chuck's got this."

They didn't miss the look Chuck threw over his shoulder as he nearly ran up the steps.

"Such a softie," Blair called after him, and Serena laughed in response.

"I really am sorry about leaving like that," Serena apologized once more. "I know you're both busy, but—"

"It's alright Serena. Really. If anything, it was good practice."

"Practice?" Serena inquired, almost afraid to hope.

Blair smiled beatifically. "I'm pregnant, S."

And another round of squealing occurred, complete with a reproach from Chuck over the baby monitor on the side table.

"We're not telling everyone," Blair added quickly. "We don't want to jinx it, especially after what happened the last time…"

Serena shook her head confidently. "It won't happen again, B. I know it."

Blair smiled.

"You know what, S? I think you're right."

They were nearly drifting off to sleep, exhausted after what had transpired moments ago (the doctor had assured them sex was perfectly safe during the pregnancy—much to Chuck's relief) when Blair voiced something that had been bothering her ever since Sean's manic outburst.

"It's not going to be like that," she said.

"What?" Chuck asked sleepily.

"The baby. It's not going to be a parasite. We won't change just because we have a baby."

It had scared her since Sean had planted the idea in her head, and with the discovery of her current pregnancy, her fear had only heightened.

But Chuck, even in the dark, wore an expression that told her it wouldn't be like that. Because they were strong, having weathered enough battles to get to this point.

They weren't giving up anytime soon.

"No," Chuck promised, pulling her closer. "We won't."

"You're not afraid?" Blair asked skeptically. "That after all this effort, all these years, that it's going to go to waste? That this baby is just going to rip us apart?"

"No," Chuck said firmly. "I'm not afraid. I love you, Blair. And I'm going to love this baby, too."

Blair smiled, eyes fluttering closed as she laid her head on his chest, listening to the steady thump of his heart.

"Thank you."

Another moment passed, and Blair smirked slightly, knowing that Chuck was waiting for something.

"Oh, and Chuck?"


His voice was decidedly casual, if completely forced.

"I love you, too."

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