Note: this is sort of inspired by The Hunger Games. I was fully expecting a grunny like this to show up a lot earlier than this.

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Escape From Impossible

Prologue: Judgment

"Why these two?"

"Simple. Their leaders will want them back at any cost."

"And they will believe the other has theirs."


"They will trade heated – but useless – words."

"And these two will be fighting for their lives."

"Possibly fighting each other at the same time."

"They are meant to be enemies, after all."

"What about the Seeker?"

"We have ways of making him flightless."

"How do we get them?"

"Stage a battle. Make it look to each side as if the other is making a move. Attract them."

"Then we step in…"

"When the fighting reaches its chaotic peak, we will strike, and take our subjects."

"The y won't be missed until much later."

"But they will worry about themselves first."

Silence fell in the dark room, lit only by the faint, blueish light of a large computer screen, which showed two mechs. One bright yellow Autobot, one a red Seeker Decepticon. Under each image was the mech's name.



Note: I borrowed the dialogue setup from Ender's Game. So…ideas from two futuristic books, and put with Transformers.

My grunnies hate me.