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Escape From Impossible

Two: Wake

Starscream and Bumblebee were placed back to back, their hands cuffed behind them, and the cuffs were hooked together. This was their first test. If they couldn't work together to free themselves of the cuffs, they would have absolutely no hope of escaping.

They woke at about the same time, both dazed, confused, and with faint tingling where they'd been zapped. Starscream uttered a soft groan when he came to, startling Bumblebee, who jerked upright, his shoulders hitting the Seeker's wings. Starscream yelped, and pulled away, which dragged Bee backwards and twisted his arms painfully. The small Autobot pulled back, making Starscream realize that they were tied together.

"Well slag." The Decepticon grumbled. "Stop pulling!" he snapped at Bee.

"Give me a reason why I should!" the yellow bot fired back.

"Stop pulling, you stupid glitch!" Starscream snarled, twisting his fingers enough to dig into the sensitive wiring along Bee's lower back.

Bee yowled as he felt the fingers pinch a few wires. "The Pit was that for?" he shrieked.


"They're already fighting." A soft voice giggled gleefully.

"Of course they are." The cold voice answered. "As stated before, they are enemies." A brief pause, "You did deactivate the Seeker's primary thrusters?"

"Of course I did. But I left the secondary ones operational."

"Clever. Very clever."

"If he's so desperate to fly, he will fry all his circuits if he tries to activate those secondary thrusters from a dead-cold start."

"He doesn't strike me as the stupid type."



"Stop moving, Autobot!" Starscream growled, struggling to unlock one cuff, so that at least one of them would be able to see what they were doing for the rest of them. "I've almost got it…"

"Are you unlocking mine or yours?" Bee asked.

"Hopefully mine." The Seeker sniffed, as if it should be obvious. "If it's yours, you'd better get mine open."

"Ow!" Bee yelped again as the cuff pinched a wire in his wrist.

"If you'd quit squirming, maybe it wouldn't hurt."


"Got it!" Starscream crowed, hearing the tell-tale click of an unlocking cuff. He tried to move his arms, to see which cuff he'd managed to open. His wrists were still locked together. "Frag…" he groaned.

Bee moved his arms around, glad to finally be able to do so! He got the other side off, then turned to work on the cuffs still holding Starscream. "Where do you suppose we are?" he asked.

"Who cares? Just so long as we can get back." The flier grumped.

"I care, so I can be sure to avoid it." Bee answered. He managed to get one cuff open. "That's one—hey!"

Starscream yanked his wrists away from Bee working on getting the second one off…which he did in mere seconds. "So why were you Autobots at the quarry?" he asked. "I told Megatron there couldn't possibly be any reason you guys would be there, unless there'd been a cave-in…"

"I was going to ask why you guys were there." Bee said, "Prowl said that there were no more Energon cells there, so there was no reason for there to be movement there. We just arrived to prevent you guys from hitting any toxic gas pockets…"

"I knew there were no more Energon cells!" Starscream snapped. "And there aren't any toxic gas pockets…Soundwave already checked."

"So you were there because you thought we were?" Bee asked, more confused.

"Well isn't that what you did?" the Seeker asked.

"We were tricked…" Bee realized.

"And not by us." Starscream said.

"Then by who?"

"By whoever stuck us here."


"If Bee isn't with the Decepticons—"

"They could be lyin'." Ironhide interrupted Jazz, who plowed on.

"—and Starscream isn't with us…"

"Then who has them? And why?" Prowl finished.

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