I think that we are in for enough drama over the next few weeks, so we are going lighter with this one. Thanks to everyone for reading and I always love hearing from you guy. Hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1

"Just shut up. We are here and we are staying."

"We have been here for hours. I am fine, really. Let's just go."

"Shut up. I'm the Doctor here. They paged her, but I am sure that she is busy."

"Arizona, it's not broken. Look I can even stand on it." Arizona watched as he tried to stand before screaming. "Ok…Ok. Maybe it's broken."

Arizona looked at her brother with that 'I told you so' face. "Yeah, how'd that work out for you?"

"I can't believe this. We come to Washington so do some cross country skiing and this happens."

"I called work and asked about hospitals here. They said this one is the best and that they have a Ortho Doctor that is out of this world."

"Yeah who knows. Maybe the Ortho Doctor will be hot and then you will want to stay here." He added mocking.

"Ummm, I work at Johns Hopkins. You don't leave Hopkins for a hospital in Seattle Washington. You get HUGE promotions and leave Johns Hopkins. You don't fall pry to a hot Ortho Doctor and move."

Arizona was unable to finish her rant when a woman walked in looking at his chart. "Daniel Robbins?" She looked up at two dumb found faces.

Both Arizona and her brother were in awe of the woman in front of them. She was gorgeous. Her black, black hair, those dark eyes that sparkled, flawless skin and knock out smile. Neither of them could even find the words to talk.

Finally he spoke. "It's-Yes I'm Danny."

Now it was Callie's turn to stare. She looked at the two of them. They looked like twins, Barbie twin to be exact. Callie almost laughed at the all American boy and girl next door. Their Blonde hair was the same color. Danny had his hair in, what appeared to Callie to be, a military cut. The woman had hers pulled back in a ponytail. As she smiled, they had the exact same smile and dimples. It was the eyes that held Callie's gaze. Her eyes sparkled the most beautiful blue that Callie had ever seen. She wasn't sure about Danny's because she couldn't take her eyes of the woman standing behind him.

Callie finally pulled herself together enough to speak. "Well Danny, I am Doctor Callie Torres They paged and said that you requested me. I normally remember my patients, but….have I seen you before?"

"No ma'am you haven't. We were just told that you were the best here."

Callie smiled and felt her face flush at the compliment. "Well, thank you. You wanna tell me what happened?"

"My sister, this is my sister, Arizona." He said pointing to the woman behind him.

Callie couldn't help but return the amazing smile that had just greeted her. "Hi."

"We were skiing and I took a nasty fall."

Callie turned to pull all of the professionalism together that she could find. All that was going through her head as she scanned the chart was, 'Oh My GOD! That smile, those dimples, those eyes'. Callie finally noticed the wording in the chart and her reading was interrupted by a question.

"So, I'm I dying." Callie looked up at her patient. "I mean you have been reading for a minute. You are making me kind of nerves."

Callie smiled. "No, I think you will live. We had a bad accident on the interstate and all the x-ray machines up here are in use, so I'm going to get someone to take you upstairs to radiology for an x-ray and an MRI. They will page me when it's done." Callie wrote something quickly in his chart and placed a hand on Danny's shoulder. "Doctor Grey will be in here in just a minute."

"Ok, thanks." Danny smiled as he and his sister watched Doctor Torres leave the room.

He didn't even turn to his sister when he spoke. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"That the Doctor, I was instructed to see, is incredibly hot?"

"Pretty much the same thing, yeah." They both let out a chuckle and Arizona playfully pushed her little brothers shoulder. "Tell Doctor McKayla I said thank you."

Arizona mockingly laughed. "Like she would be into you."

"Oh yeah, because she is so into you?" Danny turned to his sister.

"She is sooooo into girls." Arizona said arrogantly

"Arizona Robbins, your gaydar is so broken that they couldn't fix it at a hardware store. How would you know?"

"I'd know." Arizona announced almost sounding hurt.

"You wanna make a small wager?"

"You're on."

"Ok. When we get home, dad and I were going to paint the living room, den, and kitchen for Mom. If you lose, you take a week off and help dad." Danny wagered with confidence.

"And when you lose, you pay for mine and Callie's first date."

"Ohhh, dimples it is so on."

The two stopped the banter as the door opened. "Hi. I'm Lexie Grey. I will be taking you upstairs for your x-ray and then will take you over to have the MRI done."

"Sounds good." Danny said as Lexie and Arizona were helping him into the wheelchair. "So then Doctor Torres will come back in?"

Lexie smiled, "Yes. She will be back then. She is an amazing Doctor. You're in very good hands."

Neither sibling knew that after that statement they had the same thought go through there head. 'I wish I were in her good hands'.

Arizona had a seat in the chair after watching her brother being wheeled out of the room. She took her phone out and thought she would check up one Doctor Callie Torres. After a Google search of the Doctor, Arizona found what she was after. There were several reviews on Calliope Torres, Orthopedic Surgeon, They all were very positive. Arizona was startled by the door opening and, as if she were caught doing something she shouldn't, she jumped. She immediately noticed at the object of her Google search was now in the room. Arizona fumbled with her phone, almost dropping it, before returning it to her pocket. 'Smooth Arizona' was now the thought in her head.

"Hey." Callie smiled that incredible smile. "I was just going to tell you it will tomorrow before the MRI results are here."

Arizona returned the smile. "Yeah, I know." She noticed the embarrassed look on Callie's face. Arizona stood and walked slowly toward the new object of her desire. Callie was mesmerized by the swagger of the woman. She extended her hand. "Let's try this again, Doctor Torres. Hi. I am Doctor Arizona Robbins."

"Doctor? Robbins."

"Yes. I work at Johns Hopkins in the Peds surgery."

Callie chuckled and closed her eyes as she slowly shook her head. She then extended her hand to meet Arizona's. "It's nice to meet you Doctor Robbins. Wow, Peds huh?" Arizona only nodded. "Well then, I am sure that you know your brother will be back shortly." After a second Callie realized that she still had Arizona's hand. "Sorry."

"It's ok and I do know, but thank you for telling me anyway." Arizona smiled and then returned to her seat. Another smile was starting to form on her face when she looked up at Callie seductively. "But it was nice to see you again."

Callie's mind went in fifteen directions as she thought the woman in front of her was flirting. "I- um- well-" Callie pointed toward the door with her thumb. "I gotta…."

Arizona's smile grew. "Yeah." She chuckled and shook her head as Callie walked out. Arizona smiled to herself. "My gaydar is just fine."

"So tell me something about yourself." Lexie questioned as she was pushing Danny's wheelchair down the hall.

"Well. I am here on vacation with my older sister."

"She doesn't look older. You two look like twins."

"Don't tell her that. I have made it my life's mission to remind her that she is actually 10 and a half months older than me."

"You two seem really close."

"We are. She decided to bring me here when I came home. To get me out of the house." Danny became quiet.

Lexie didn't want to push whatever it was that was bothering him. "We don't have to talk about it if you don't want."

"She worries about me a lot. I was wounded in the war six months ago. Should have died." He paused and took a deep breath. "There were ten of us and a road side bomb exploded. When I woke up I had a lot of scratches and bruising, a dislocated collarbone, and one hell of a gash in my head. I was in the back of the group. That's what saved me. My shoes was coming untied, I stopped to tie it, and when I was done I was in the back. Six out of the ten died. Two were left with amputations. And the third…" He lowered his head. "The third committed suicide four months later. He was one of my best friends over there. Arizona knew of him and when he died, it was like she thought I was- I was gonna be next. So she thought that a skiing trip, which I love, would help."

"I am so sorry." That was all Lexie could think to say. "Like I said earlier, Doctor Torres is an amazing Doctor."

"Yeah we heard that."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yep. Arizona works in Pediatric at Johns Hopkins. She called and they told her to bring me here."

"Wow. Hopkins? Impressive."

A proud smile came over Danny's face. "Yeah we're proud of her."

"As you should be. That's a hard place to get in. And I am sure that she is equally as proud of you."

"Yeah, she is."

"So someone there referred Doctor Torres?"

"Yeah. A friend of a friend of a friend went to medical school with her. She had heard that Doctor Torres was doing very well here and told Arizona to ask for her, so she did. So what's her deal?'

"Who? Callie?"

"Yeah. What's she like?"

"Well, she's nice. A stickler when it comes to work. I would go so far as to say that she is a perfectionist most of the time when it comes to her job. Outside of work she is great to hang out with and is an unbelievable cook."

"So what about personally?"

Lexie laughed. "You aren't a stalker are you?"

"No. I think she could probably out run me right now anyway. Is she married?"

Lexie looked at Danny. "Can I ask why? Because I mean if you are going to hit on Doctor Torres…"

"Just passing time as we roll down the hall." He was never good at this game. He often laughed that neither was she's sister. "Look, my sister is a top surgeon in her field. I know that people like to get to know their Doctors. I am not a stalker, I am just trying to get to know the person that is more than likely gonna cut my knee open."

Lexie smiled and gave in. Who could possibly say no to that face and those dimples and those eyes? "No she isn't married. She was married to another Doctor here, but they divorced."


Before Lexie thought or could stop it, the words came out. "No. I mean Erica just left but….." She knew that second she had told something about Callie that was too much.

"Erica?" Danny said almost in a chuckle. 'When the hell did Arizona fix the gaydar?'

Lexie stopped the wheelchair and stood in front of Danny. "Ok, listen. You can't tell her that I said that. It- it just came out. I didn't mean for it to."

"So Doctor Torres is gay?"

"She says that she is Bisexual. I don't know. I really shouldn't even be talking about her anymore."

Danny was bent over laughing. He noticed the look of terror on Lexie's face. "I'm sorry." He tried to stop laughing, but couldn't seem to. "I'm really…"

"What is wrong with you. Did they give you pain meds or something, because I don't think that this situation is funny at…"

"I'm sorry." Danny stopped laughing.

"What is wrong with you?"

"Nothing. I just-I just realized I owe my sister dinner."

Arizona was looking through a magazine when she heard the door open. She looked up to see Danny's wheelchair coming through the door. "Here we are. Back in one piece." Lexie regretted the term the second it came out. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to…."

"It's ok, Doctor Grey."

"No, Daniel it wasn't." She said.



"Danny. You can call me Danny."

Arizona watched the two with sudden curiosity.

"Well ok then, Danny. Doctor Torres will be right back." Lexie's words had sent one person in the room to cloud nine at the thought of Doctor Torres's soon arrival.

"Thank you, Doctor Grey."

"Lexie. You can call me Lexie."

The two smiled at each other as Lexie looked over her shoulder. It was then that she ran straight into the wall with the wheelchair. "Damn it." Lexie couldn't stop the words from coming out. She could feel her face burning red as she heard the two laughing behind her uncontrollably. "Sorry." Lexie said as she walked out.

As Lexie left the room, she huffed and was talking to herself as she pushed the wheelchair down the hall. Callie noticed the way Lexie was acting and although Callie really didn't want to know about Lexie, she did want to know what happened in Danny's room. Or more if it had anything to do with Arizona.

"Hey, little Grey!" Lexie turned when she heard Callie yell for her. "Can I ask why you just can from my patients room and now you are all talking to yourself and pitching an internal baby fit?"

"I'm an idiot! Ok. I am the biggest freaking idiot that anyone has ever seen."

"Boy, you Grey's are really dramatic. What happened?"

"He told me to call him Danny and then he smiled at me and those eyes- those devil eyes that were all sparkling…."

"And those dimples…." Callie stopped as she was now drawn into the discussion of the Robbins charm.


"No- ummm- I was just trying to help." Callie almost looked embarrassed. "Go on."

"Well I looked over my shoulder at him as I was leaving the room…" Lexie stopped to embarrassed to even say it.


Lexie looked around, leaned toward Callie and whispered. "I ran the freaking wheelchair into the wall." Lexie could tell Callie was holding in a laugh. She could see the sides of Callie's mouth twitching as she tried not to laugh. "Go ahead, laugh! They did." Lexie was now getting the typical Lexie Grey melt down moment. The panic, the tears and the high pitched whispering voice. "I just made an idiot of myself in front of a surgeon from one of the best hospitals in the country."

Callie couldn't help but chuckle. She placed a reassuring hand on Lexie's shoulder. "It's ok. I mean look at that guy. He is gorgeous. I am sure that Doctor Robbins has seen many women do much worse stuff in front of her brother."

"You think?"

"Look at them for God's sake. Those two are probably use to people falling over them. They are lucky they haven't lost an eye yet."

"Thanks, Doctor Torres."

"Don't mention it. Now wish me luck as I go into the room of devil blue eyes and dimples all over the place. Let's hope I don't trip and fall."

Lexie smiled. "Good luck. It's like a war zone in that room. Be careful."

"I am badass Doctor Torres. Ortho rock star. I got this Grey." Callie confidently walked toward Danny's room.

Lexie watched Callie walk away. She spoke to herself in a soft, shaking voice. "She is so gonna crash and burn."

After Lexie had left the room, Arizona moved quickly in front of her brother. "What the hell was that?"


"Don't what me, Matthew Daniel Robbins."

"Hey, and don't you big name me either."

"What was with all the looking and the smiling and depth perception issues?"

Danny chuckled as he lowered his head. "She's cute."


"Don't you think so? I mean she is a chic and you dig chics, so don't you think she is cute."

Arizona sternly walked toward her brother until she was face to face with him. "I do not DIG chics. I like women and yes I guess she is cute. I mean if you like that naïve, twenty-five year old thing she has going on. I thought we had a bet. You giving in already?"

"Nope, just counting my loses."

"What does that mean?"

"It means that if Doctor Torres is like you she likes women and if she is like me she digs chicks." He smiled.

"Really?" Arizona couldn't help her entire face lighting up. Which didn't go unnoticed by her brother.

"Wow, Arizona. Try not to jump the woman the minute she walks in."

Just as Arizona was about to explain that she "doesn't jump women that she has just met", they were interrupted by the sound of the door opening again. To Arizona's delight, one Doctor Calliope Torres entered the Robbins war zone.