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Chapter 15

Callie stretched her hands above her head and groaned. As she placed her left arm between her head and the pillow, she felt someone snuggle into her side. Callie smiled realizing it was entirely too small to be her wife. She then felt and tiny arm wrap around her midsection. This was normal for them. Any time Emma had stayed with them in Africa, she somehow always ended up in bed with them. Callie opened her eyes and saw Arizona's side of the bed empty and vaguely remembered the blonde being called into the hospital during the night. They had taken several days off to be with Emma and get settled in, but when they needed the best in peds, Arizona was always their pick. Callie sometimes wondered how they made it without her.

It wasn't until Callie began to smell food that she was confused. She quietly squirmed out of the grip of the 5 year old next to her, and made her way to the kitchen. She smiled as she saw her wife trying to make breakfast quietly. Callie's presence went unnoticed as she leaned against the door frame watching her wife. Callie slowly and quietly walked toward her and was almost to her when the woman noticed. "Calliope you scared me." Arizona smiled.

As Callie wrapped her arms around Arizona, she returned the smile. "Good morning Mrs. Robbins-Torres." She placed a kiss on her wife's lips.

"Good morning to you too."

"Why are you home? I thought their was some big emergency that needed fixing."

"There was, but I am so awesome that it is done for a while."

Callie pouted. "A while? You mean you still have to go back?"

"I do, yes." Arizona joined in the pout. "But I need a huge favor."

"Whaaaat?" Callie almost knew what was coming.

"As you know football season is about to start, and there was an accident last night with one of the players. Star player to be exact. He took a shot to the knee and they sent him to Seattle Pres to see Michael Davison. Then he was transferred to us last night when the team doctor didn't get the answer they wanted. They called in Peter to check him out, but Callie….." Arizona just looked at her wife.

"We have child now Arizona. She needs us here, remember? That is what vacation means."

"Callie, he needs you. Peter told him there was nothing he could. His career, a wonderful career, is over. His scholarship to USC, gone. Can't you just come by and look at it?" Callie didn't respond. "They wanted the best for him, they wanted you. His parents didn't know we were on vacation. Hell they didn't even need me. They suckered me in to get you."

Callie couldn't help but smile. "They used you to get to me?"

Arizona huffed. "Ok Calliope, now isn't the time for a big head. Yes or no?"

"How could I possibly say no to that." Arizona got excited. "On one condition."

Arizona huffed. "What? As if I need to ask."

"You have to say it again. That they used you to get to your super talented and hot wife."


"Ok what?"

"Ok, you are awesome and wonderful and badass and sexy and gorgeous…..naked."

"That was a little much, but I am good with it. I'll do it just because I like the fact that people think you have some magic power over me." Callie's looked off in the distance. "Oh I bet they think you sexually break me down."


"What? I bet they do." She smiled seductively at Arizona. "I bet they think there are things that you do with your hands…." She walked over and put her arms back around her wife, never breaking eye contact. "And your tongue that bring me to my knee and a whimpering mess. Causing me to do what ever you ask."

"Well that part is kinda true if they think that."

"Well we shouldn't let them down. I mean if they are going to think you had to beg, then maybe you should. We don't want to mislead anyone." Callie's lips met Arizona's causing Arizona to moan into her lips.

"No we wouldn't want to mislead them at all."

Callie grabbed the bottom of Arizona's shirt and was ready to pull to up when they heard someone climbing into the chair behind them. Shock, fear and embarrassment took over the two as they pulled their heads back and stared nervously into each others eyes. Had they really just done that? Had they totally forgotten that within the last 24 hours they were guardians of a child?

They both slowly turned to see a sleepy little girl propped up on elbows on the bar. Her favorite stuffed rabbit beside her. "Can I have pancakes with my breakfast?" Emma asked as if nothing else was going on.

"Umm, sure." Callie answered. "I'm on it." Callie said, glad that the little girl seemed not to notice the rest.

"I like your panties, Callie." Callie's horror returned. "Mine have Tinkerbelle on them but I like yours. They're pretty." Callie just realized that she was standing at the stove in a pair of very little, very lacy, almost see through panties. They were Arizona's favorite for a reason.

"I will just…um…." Callie looked at Arizona. "You….umm…got this?"

Arizona almost chuckled. "Yeah, go." She took the plate from Callie's hand and whispered. "I second that. Love those things."

Callie, Arizona and Emma walked hand in hand into Seattle Grace hospital two hours later. Everyone thought it was so sweet that they had found the little girl. She went with Callie and waited in the pediatric surgeons office until Arizona was finished. It also gave Callie a chance to look over some of the Ortho charts.

Emma sat in the chair behind Arizona's desk. She had her knees crossed and would only extend her hands to reach the desk as the chair was quickly spinning around. She would grab a hold of the desk and push off to spin again. As she giggled, Callie continued to look over the charts only saying, "I am not cleaning up puke when you make yourself sick, Emma."

The little girl laughed as she continued to spin, "Yes you will."

"No I will not."

The girl extended her hand to stop the moving chair. "You better. Arizona will be mad if she comes in here and I have throwed up everywhere."

"Thrown up not throwed up." Callie realized that girl knew her too well. "Just stop spinning the chair."

The back and forth conversation stopped as their was a soft knock at the door. "Come in." Callie said and watched Cristina walk through the door.

"Hey, can I hang out here for a while?"

"Sure, who are you hiding from?"

"Altman. She is the warpath over something stupid."

"It wouldn't be that 3 of your intern quit the program yesterday would it?" Callie said with a raised eyebrow.

"Who told you? You are on preschool maternity leave."

"I am in Kindergarten." Emma said.

"Yeah, whatever." Cristina said barely looking at her.

"So who told you?"

Callie went back to her reading. "She's Arizona's best friend."

"Great, now she is ratting me out to everyone. They were morons. I did this hospital a favor. They would have killed someone."

Cristina sat in the office chair on the other side of the office. "I'll just be quiet over here and hang out." Christina pulled her legs up and began to spin the chair around in circles.

Callie looked up from the paperwork and glared at her friend. Suddenly Emma speak. "You aren't pose to do that. Arizona will be mad if you puke."

Cristina dropped her feet down and lowered her head to look at the girl. "I am not afraid of roller girl."

"Yes you are."

"No I am NOT." The surgeon challenged the child.



"Yes!" The young girl said.

"NO!" The brunette said as she couldn't believe the audacity of the child.

"Callie said so." Emma demanded

"What does Torres know. She is scared of little Ms. Muffet."

Callie looked up from the files at her friend. "Cristina, really? You two are fighting?"

"She started it!" The two said in unison.

"Yang. Go face Altman and leave the kid alone." Callie turned to Emma. "And you, young lady, don't poke bears with sticks."

"I didn't poke a bear."

"It was a figure….never mind. Don't argue with adults."

Emma turned to Cristina. "Ok I am sorry. Go head, spin. You will prolly puke and roller gir will kick your butt."

"EMMA!" Callie yelled.

"What is going on in here? I can hear you down the hall."

Callie, Emma and Cristina all started to talk at once, telling their own version until the peds surgeon had enough. "SHUT UP!" The demand of the normally quiet woman caught them all by surprise. "You two are acting like a child, and you." She looked at Emma. "Do you wanna grow up and act them?" Emma shock her head.

"Hey!" Callie said. "I thought you were doing Ortho like me."

"I change my mind."

"Changed not change."

"Good lord, Calliope." Arizona looked at Cristina. "Go Yang! If you pissed Teddy off, you aren't hanging around my office hiding."

"You suck roller girl." Cristina stood to walk out.

"You suck, stupid head." Emma tried to defend Arizona.

"Emma!" Arizona yelled.

"See. That is why I yelled." Callie tried to defend herself.

"Emma, you apologize to Dr. Yang."

"I'm sorry." The little girl crossed her arms.

Cristina laughed causing a confused look from the other three. "In a couple months, you aren't gonna be able to tell that one doesn't really belong to you, Torres." She was still laughing when the door closed.


"They're here. They're here. THEY'RE HERE!" Danny shouted as he ran down the stairs to open the front door. As he opened the door the smile that graced his face was nothing but warm and loving.

"Hey." The young woman in the door walked into his open arms.

"I'm so glad you came."

"It wasn't easy getting out of Medical school, but it wasn't an option." The woman backed away from Danny.

"It's your Mothers' 20th Wedding Anniversary. You had to come home." He moved Emma aside and hugged his parents.

"Explain to me again how you aren't part of this Anniversary surprise?"

"Because they are woman and they like parties and people remembering big days." He took a long look at her. "I think you are taller than you were at Christmas. "Uncle Danny, I am 25. I doubt I am still growing."

"Well, you look taller."

"Are the twins here yet?"

"Nope. You beat them, but they are so excited that you are here. They really miss you. They are with Carlos and Lucia."

"I'm glad my grandparents could make it." She lowered her head. "And I miss Sofia and Timothy too."

"Well come on in and we'll get your luggage put away. Your Moms are going be so excited you are here."

Emma walked into the room Danny had rented to see all the people she had grown up with there. Meredith and Derick Sheppard where there with Zola. Cristina and Owen were there too, along with Teddy and Henry and their three kids. Alex had came in from Hopkins and actually was on the same flight as Emma and her grandparents. Mark Sloan had come alone, as he always did. He was a ladies man that never settled down. Emma had heard rumors when she was a kid that Mark had feelings for her aunt Lexie, but she never believed that to be true. Sofia and Timothy had arrived with their sister to the party. After everyone hugged and asked Emma about school, it was almost time for Arizona, Callie and Lexie to be there.

Everyone took their place and shouted "Surprise!" as the three women walked into the door. Arizona and Callie quickly made their way to Emma. They missed her so badly and knew their twins did too. Arizona hugged Sofia and Timothy after Emma. She realized just how blessed they were. She had the love of her life, three wonderful kids, a great job and amazing friends. Her and Callie talked about it often, just how blessed they truly were.

After hours of everyone talking there was a noise rang out through the crowd. Everyone quieted down as they heard the tapping on the side of the glass. Everyone turned to see Danny standing at the front of the room with Sofia, Timmy, Emma, and his two children. "Can I have your attention please?" Silence filled the room. "My niece Emma has something to say." He nodded at her and she began.

"We would like to thank everyone for coming out tonight to help us celebrate this great marker in our lives. 20 years ago today, my parents, as well as Uncle Danny and Aunt Lexie, decided to start a life together. I can't explain how lucky I feel to have been a part of that life. The four of them have shown me, Sofia, Timmy, Micah and Channing how to love. To love unconditionally. I had my speech all planned out for today, but I got here and it just went out the window. A few minutes ago, while talking to my Mom and Danny, I asked them a simple question. 'What was the greatest moment in your life?' At that I expected to hear the day they married, the day their children were born, when my parents collectively won 11 Harper Avery awards, or when they opened the orphanage with the Shepard's in Malawi. I got none of those." Emma looked at her parents, with tears in their eyes. "I was told the greatest day of my Mom's life was when she walked into a hospital in Seattle Washington and paged Doctor Torres. My Uncle Danny agreed wholeheartedly. So tonight I ask you to raise your glasses with us and celebrate their life and love. Here's to paging Doctor Torres."

"Here, here!" Rang out through the crowd.

The End.