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"February 4th…" She said as she looked at her calendar. It was the day she was dreading for a long time. She wished she could just stay home today, but no, it would ruin her scholarship to the prestige school she attended. With a long drawn out groan of displeasure she sat up and rubbed her eyes. She stretched and cracked her back before swinging her legs over the side of her bed and standing up. Walking over to the calendar she stared at it for a long time, not even caring that her nightgown strap was down on her arm instead of her shoulder.

She stared at the calendar she made when she was little, just for this day. She remembered making it with her mother when she was about four, a year before she died. She could barely read her little girl hand writing but knew what it meant. The month's name was colored outside the lines and the numbers were written very sloppily. At that time she just wanted to be with her mother.

With a soft smile she crossed out the date with the pen on her bedside and mumbled "I'm sixteen now Mom…" before setting the pen down and opening the door to her room, heading to the bathroom.

Once inside she started a shower and striped of her nightgown. She stepped into the steam and hot water and let it relax her mind. She was eager but didn't want to be. She was sixteen today, but wanted to go back to four, even three. She usually didn't show it but she was a vulnerable girl, on the inside. On the outside she was usually cold and sarcastic. On the inside: cutesy, a bit girly, and loving.

She zoned out for a moment and when she came to she hurried up with her shower, washing her hair, which didn't take long since her hair was already short. She washed her body with her favorite scented wash. It smelled fruity. That's the best she could come up with. Fruity. Washing the soap off her body she began to think again, but quickly stopped her self in fear of being late to school.

She turned off the shower and grabbed a towel to dry off before wrapping it around her and stepping out. She quickly brushed her teeth, not normally having breakfast in the morning, and her lunch was always big and healthy, she felt she really didn't need to. She spit out the access toothpaste and washed it down the drain, taking some mouth wash into her mouth then spitting after a quick swish throughout her mouth.

Smiling softly she brushed out her short brown locks and put the brush down, walking back into her room. She quickly changed into her undergarments, putting on a sports bra and boxers ( just incase her pants fell down a bit ) and then her school uniform. She went back to the bathroom to check her appearance and brushed her hair again, wanting it almost perfect. She put in her contacts and blinked a few times to get used to the feeling.

Not hearing her father at all made her wonder if he was still at work, or he brought his work home with him again. Clearing that thought out of her mind she swiftly walked to the kitchen to get a glass of milk before she left. What she wasn't expecting was her Dad, sitting there at the table with a big grin on his face.

"Good Morning Haruhi~" Her dad chimed. "Do you know what day it is…?" Great, he remembered… She rolled her eyes and played along.

"Tuesday?" She asked, taking a sip of the milk she had poured. Her Dad's grin turned into a smile.

"Noooo~ it's your birthday!" He said standing up and clapping his hands together. She gave him a look and spoke up after putting her glass down.

"So Tuesday?" She questioned, raising an eyebrow. He walked up to her and hugged her tightly; she hugged him back, feeling a need to.

"My baby is sixteen today!" he exclaimed, frankly, too close to her ear. She flinched a bit and muttered a "Yeah…" against his arm. "This means…" He started, giving Haruhi a bad feeling. "…that you get cake for breakfast! And I need to give you something too!" He added, letting go of Haruhi and opening the fridge. She knew she would have no choice in the matter so she just sat down at the table and wished for it to be over.

He strolled over with a piece of birthday cake. It was chocolate with green frosting that read 'Happy Birthday Haruhi~' on it. Though. It was a cake which you could only cut into four pieces it still made Haruhi smiled softly. She blew out the candle on the top of the small cake and made her "Birthday Wish"

Her wish was simple. Her wish was that her Dad and she would have a wonderful day, and both would come home happy and not having a bad day. It's her birthday; she doesn't need her Dad being depressed or someone pissing her off today. It's a day of "celebration" and to be happy that you're alive.

She honestly didn't want a bite of the cake; it was too early in the morning for cake. Well, at least she had the milk to wash it down with… She ate the small piece he cut for her quite quickly. She was going to be late for school if she didn't hurry up. When she finished she set her fork on the plate and stood up, the smile still present on her face. She made her way to the sink where she was about to clean off her plate when a hand stopped her.

"I've got it." Her father said, taking the plate and fork out of her hand and washing them. "You go finish getting ready, ya' don't want to be late…do you?" He asked with a slight smirk. Haruhi rushed through her daily routine and bushed her teeth, yet again.

Her father had finished cleaning the plate and even had a slice of his own; cleaning that plate also. He was sitting at the table with a box by his right elbow, waiting for Haruhi to finish and come into the kitchen before going to school.

She rushed right by him, not really paying any attention. She was a bit late and would have to run if she would make it to school on time. As she was putting her shoes on he caught her attention by dangling a small velvet box in front of her face.

"What's that?" She asked, slightly excited, slightly not. If he spent a lot of money on it, she would be a bit disappointed.

"It's your birthday present!" He chuckled softly and dropped it a bit, still having a grip on it though. Haruhi's hands had instinctively gone out in front of her to catch the falling box, which actually didn't fall. When he saw her hands go out, he dropped it for real right into her awaiting palms. She clutched it in her hand for a bit before placing it in her bag.

"Thank you Dad." She said as she hugged him. When they broke apart she went through a check list in her head; making sure she had had everything that she needed. She even made small check mark signs with her hand as she did so. As she was about to leave she remembered to grab her phone off the kitchen counter. "Goodbye Dad!" She exclaimed as she put on her jacket and left into the cold wintery outside.


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