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Chapter 1

Matthew's POV

"Alfred, you bastard! How many times did I tell you to not come near me?" yelled my Cuban friend Miguel before punching me.

It was just midday and I had already been confused with my younger brother Alfred the forth time today. First a few of Alfred's jock friends told me something about football, then my cousin Francis asked my if I had seen where I was and some other guys were trying to sabotage me, so I couldn't participate in the next football match, not that I had intended to do that.

I was relieved when the school bell signaled the end of my last class. Today was an awful Tuesday!

I went home as fast as possible and threw my backpack onto the worn out leather sofa. I followed soon after, pushing my backpack down the furniture.

I sighed loudly. Why was it always like that? Everyone confused me with Alfred, but never the other way round! No one seemed to notice me or nobody showed that they did.

A tear slipped down my cheek and I began to sob. I fell asleep a few minutes later.


I woke up in the middle of the night. I blinked a few times, trying to get the sleep out of my eyes. Eventually I stood up from the couch, stretching my limbs.

I noticed that Alfred hadn't come home yet, but I remembered that earlier today his jock friends had told me about some party, where Alfred should absolutely go to. I couldn't understand why anyone would enjoy going to a party in the middle of the week, when they had school the day after.

I walked over to the window in the living room. The night was clear and there were so many stars in the firmament, which you usually couldn't see that well. I was amazed by their beauty.

Then there was a shooting star. I felt excited. I hadn't seen one in at least ten years. That was back in Canada, the country I grew up in. Alfred wasn't Canadian though. Our father had first impregnated my mother when he was drunk at a party, but he married Alfred's soon after. I was raised by my mother, who was Canadian, but she passed away when I was seven years old. So I had to go to America and live with my father, his wife and my half-brother.

And I hadn't seen a single shooting star in America, so I did something I hadn't done in years. I wished upon it.

"I wish," I whispered, but stopped. My throat felt really dry. "I wish that someone will recognize and notice me all the time. I don't care if it's just one person..." I glanced to the bookshelf. My eyes fell on my favorite book. It was written by the Grimm Brothers. I loved their fairy tales, because of their happy endings, where the protagonist found their true love an had their happy ever after.

"I wish to find my true love..." My eyes wandered back to the sky. Somehow the shooting star seemed brighter than before. And bigger.

Holy maple, it was flying towards my window!

I ran to the next best place, where I could hide, which was our small coffee table in front of the sofa. I tried to hid beneath it, but I was too tall to fit there, so the table lay on my back. I closed my eyes, hoping, that nothing bad would happen.

Instead of a crash (like I had expected) there was a light brightening the room. I tried to look where it was coming from, but I couldn't find a source, until someone started to talk.

"My, my, what a lovely house you have." I looked up and noticed a blond man in a white robe standing in front of me. The odd thing, besides him standing in my family's living room, were...

His eyebrows. These were huge eyebrows! Why did he have eyebrows like that? Oh, were there wings on his back? His eyebrows looked like monsters.

I think I stared for some time, because the angel(?) looked kind of pissed.

"I don't have time for this," he said and swung his wand. "I will fulfill your wish. You will be noticed." He swung his wand again. This time little sparks came out of the star on top of his wand. "You shall find your true love..." His glance wandered to the fairy tale book. " a world of fairy tales."

"Eh?" was the only thing that would come out from my mouth.

He added some words in a language unknown to me.

The last thing I remembered were his piercing green eyes. My vision blurred and I fainted.


A few rays of light danced on my face, waking me up. I turned around, so they would not disturb my sleep any longer.

A soft breeze made me shiver. I opened my eyes to see, where it was coming from. Alfred might have left the door or a window open.

I was surprised to see a large tree in front of my face. Since when did I have a tree in my room. Then I noticed, that I was not lying in my bed, but on a small hill. The grass beneath my fingers felt nice.

I smiled slightly, closing my eyes. What a nice dream.

Then I heard children laughing. I smiled even more. "Eh, when was the last time I-" Then one of the children tripped over me. Other kids ran over to the boy to help him up, which caused one child to kick my face. The force of the kick sent me rolling down the hill and it send my glasses flying somewhere.

"That hurts..." I whispered. The children have already continued their game and have disappeared from the hill.

Great. Now I had to find my glasses. On my knees I searched the grass for my spectacles. I searched for a few minutes. Then I felt something leathery under my fingers. A person was standing in front of me, probably glaring down.

"Kesesesese! Man, you look not awesome crawling in front of me, though I can understand you. I would also go to my knees, when the awesome me was standing in front of me," the man said arrogantly. I couldn't make out his facial expression. My cheeks heated up slightly when the man laughed.

I heard some yelling "Prince Gilbert~!" in the distance and turned my head to see where it was coming from. Someone kicked me again, but this time it was my side, not my face. I clutched my side. "Ouch..." I whined.

Now there were about six girls surrounding the cocky man, giggling like mad. Was the man this 'Prince Gilbert' guy? Probably. That explained his smug tone.

My side was still aching and I think I have a bruise from the impact of the girls foot and my ribs. Why did the people here kick that hard?

Someone grabbed my arm and pulled me up. "Are you alright?" It was the voice of the man, Prince Gilbert. I nodded, unable to speak when I tried to focus on his face. Everything seemed so blury, n´but I could spot a pair of ruby eyes.

"Prince, why do you keep ignoring us?" whined the girls, when the prince helped me up.

Gilbert snorted. "Well, it's not awesome to kick someone, who's already been lying on the floor, so I won't bother with you. Geht heim!"

The girls ran away crying, yelling something about the man in front of me. I watched him confused. He didn't seem like a prince at all.

"What is it?" he asked, looking back at me.

I blushed. Why were the only times people notice me, when something embarrassing happens to me? "Uhm... well, not really. I lost my glasses earlier and I can't find them. I'm blind without them, eh..." I explained.

"Too bad for you," said the prince. Wow, this kingdom had such a nice prince. NOT! I heard a soft chirping approaching us. It was a small yellow chick and it had something in its claws. It was flying around Gilbert's head.

My face lightened up. "That chick has my glasses!" I said happily. The small bird landed on the prince's head. Gilbert looked around. "What chick?" he asked.

"You have a bird on your head, eh," I answered. Did he really not notice when something landed on his head?

It seemed like he looked at me angrily. "I don't have a bird, but it seems that you have one!" Gilbert sounded annoyed. I looked around, but the only bird here was that chick. I walked up to the prince and took the bird in my hands.

The red eyed man stared at the small yellow ball in my hands. "Gilbird! I've searched for you everywhere! Don't fly off again without telling me, you awesome eagle. You scared me," he took the bird and cuddled with it.

I was as blind as I could be, but still I saw that no eagle looked like that.

"Here, your glasses." Gilbert gave them to me and I put them on. Now I could see clearly again. Now I understood why the girls from before reacted like they did. Not only was Gilbert a prince, he was also a handsome man with silver hair and red eyes. He wore elegant clothes from a past era.

But I couldn't place the expression he wore. He seemed... taken aback? But why?

The albino smirked when he noticed me staring. "You know, my awesomeness can blind you, if you stare any longer," he said cockily. God, that guy had an awesome complex. He was as worse as Alfred and his hero complex.

Alfred... I wondered if he missed me. Probably not.

I had to wake up from this dream nonetheless, so I pinched myself. I didn't wake up. I pinched harder. Still there.

"What the hell are you doing?" Gilbert asked with a raised eyebrow. I blushed. I wasn't dreaming? So where were I?

"Prince Gilbert... Where am I?" I asked with a meek voice. I didn't recognize anything, not the hill, not the town a few kilometers in the west. He laughed.

"We're in Apud Munichen in the south of the Kingdom of Germanica, the most awesome kingdom on the planet," the prince smirked at me. I honestly have never heard of a kingdom like that. It sounded a lot like Germany, but that country was not a kingdom.

"A-and how do I get back to Boston?" I whispered. Boston had been my hometown for two weeks now. My father had found a new there, so my family moved. It was coincidence, that my cousin Francis went to school there as well.

Gilbert stared at me blankly. "Never heard of it," he said walking down the hill and made a 'follow me' gesture with his hands. I ran after him.

"Eh, how's that possible? You don't know Boston?" I asked shocked. How could he not know? I mean, Boston was at least famous for the Boston Tea Party.

Gilbert shook his head. "Seems to be not awesome enough to be known by the awesome me." We entered the town. The people there wore ancient clothing, like Gilbert did, but not that fancy. I stood out with my red sweatshirt and jeans.

I walked a few step behind Gilbert, looking around curiously. The people in town didn't seem to notice me. I was invisible again. I ran into Gilbert when he stopped abruptly.

"We're here." The both of us were standing in front of a Tailor shop.

"What are we doing here?" I asked, unsure why the prince wanted me to follow him.

"Your clothing is not awesome enough, so we will replace it with awesome clothes," he smirked and I blinked a few times.

"O-okay?" I said meekly. Gilbert shoved me inside and we were greeted by a familiar blond man.

"Bonjour! Ah, mon ami! Long time no see. Comment vas-tu?" asked the French man.

"Francis, mein Kumpel, I'm awesome as always." Gilbert sounded happy.

It was my cousin Francis! He looked exactly the same and he had the same voice. I was so glad, that tears welled up in my eyes.

"F-Francis!" I exclaimed softly, but the other didn't seem to hear me. Gilbert did though.

"Franny, that's the guy I need you to make clothes for. Since you are one of my best friends, I thought you're awesome enough to do so," said the albino, while laying his arm on my shoulders. Francis laughed at that.

Francis took my hand and kissed it. "Mon chér. C'est un plaisir de vous rencontrer. Comment tu t'appelles?" asked the blond in French.

"Francis, don't you recognize me, eh?" I asked confused. This couldn't happen again, could it? This must be a bad joke.

The tailor raised an eyebrow. "Non, this is the first time I see you," he said with his smooth voice. I looked at him incredulous.

"Je m'appelle Mathieu. I'm your cousin," I said. Why did he forget me? "We attend the same high school."

"I have no cousin with the name of Mathieu. I don't know what this 'high school' is. Do you Gil?" he asked the prince, but Gilbert shook his head. I was dumbfounded. This was not possible, was is?

While I was too stunned to say something, Francis went to get his measuring tape.

"So your name is Mathieu?" asked Gilbert. My name sounded strange coming from him in French.

I shook my head slightly. "I-It's Matthew. M-Matthew Williams," I answered. Why was I stuttering?

"My name is Prince Gilbert von Beilschmidt, but you can call me your awesomeness!" I laughed at that.

I didn't think Gilbert was all that bad, just a little too conceited.


End of chapter 1

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Geht heim! (German) – Go home!

Bonjour! (French) – Good day!

mon ami (French) / mein Kumpel (German) – my friend

Comment vas-tu (French) – How are you?

Mon chér (French) – my darling

C'est un plaisir de vous rencontrer. (French) – It's a pleasure to meet you.

Comment tu t'appelles? (French) – What's your name?

Non (French) – no

Je m'appelle Mathieu. (French) – I'm Matthew.