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Chapter 3

Matthew's POV

Gilbert and I left Apud Munichen about a week ago. He said we were heading to Barliń, the captitol of Germanica and obviously Gilbert's home town. I was really excited how it looked. The prince told me that Barliń was the biggest town in his kingdom and a gathering point for magicians in the north. He described the castle briefly, telling me that it was 'the most awesome palace anyone could ever own'.

If I can believe the things Gilbert told me, there were magicians, who could use magic, which helps you to teleport to different places allover Eurṓpē! He also said it was one of the rarest kinds of magic, so only a hand full of magicians could use it, which means if we were unlucky, we wouldn't find such a person.

After hours of traveling Gilbert stopped his horse on a small clearing in a forest. "Let's stop here to rest a little," said the silver haired man, getting off his horse. Gilbird, who had rested in the prince's bag, chirped and spread his tiny wings, flying to the next best possibility to take a rest, my shoulder.

I sighed. We had traveled at least 5 hours in this terrible heat, both of us squeezed on a horse, which was not helping to lessen the temperature at all. Of course it was beneficial for us not to walk all the way. We would need much longer to get there without a horse. We had already been traveling at least 300 miles.

I patted the horses back and went next to Gilbert. "How long do we have to travel, eh?" I asked curiously. I hoped not much longer. I wanted to sleep in a bed again! I might had lived in Canada for years and loved camping on top of that, but sleeping in a sleeping bag in a tent was completely different from sleeping on the ground with one thin blanket, which looked really gross by the way. Wasn't a prince supposed to have something more... elegant? At least something clean?

I was surprised when Gilbert snapped his fingers in front of my face. "What was that for, eh?" I asked slightly irritated. Bad sleep did that to me, not that anyone ever noticed. The other man rolled his eyes at my reaction.

"You know, you don't have to be a bitch about everything, Mattie. Relax a little, will you?" Gilbert picked up some firewood, so we would have light when the nightfall arrived. I bent down to help him.

"I.. I'm sorry... It's just that I kind of miss my home," my gaze fell to the ground, my hands not even bothering to pick up more wood. Gilbert kept silent. I expected him to have also ignored me, like everyone else was doing, but when his hand touched my shoulder in a comforting manner, I knew he wasn't. I looked up to him.

"Hey," he said, "why miss home when you have the awesome me around you?" His grin was not as smug as usual and it made me smile.

"Thanks Gilbert," I whispered softly. I noticed that I was blushing, so I hid my face. The other didn't seem to notice.

"You know what? I think I should catch us something awesome to eat," said the Prince after a few seconds, going over to his horse and taking some ropes out of it's bag. "I'll be back in an hour."

I stared at his back for some time, but when I noticed him walking away I started searching for something to burn the firewood Gilbert collected earlier. Luckily, I had seen how Gilbert made fire before.

When I started the fire I sat down to warm myself up. The farther we got to the north the colder it became at twilight. The thin blankets didn't help much, but I used them anyway, so I wouldn't freeze to death. Gilbird, who had stayed with me and the horse, sat on my shoulder and warmed my neck by rubbing himself against it. I patted him in return.

I heard some sticks cracking and also footsteps, which approached us.

"Gilbert, that was not even half an hour, have you already caught something?" I asked, my eyes fixed on the flames in front of me.

I was ready for something like "I'm just that awesome" or anything particularly similar, but what I was not ready for was a blade pressed to my throat and a gloved hand covering my mouth.

"Quiet, kid, or I will actually use my knife," said a man with a deep voice. This told me that man was not Gilbert.

Sweat formed on my forehead when he pressed the blade closer to me. I could practically feel his grin behind me, seeing that I had no chance for escaping. He was much stronger than I was, bigger than I was. If only Gilbert was here. He would have helped me. Probably. Maybe. Or not? How could I be sure?

As doubts formed in my mind I heard chuckling. "You know, usually my victims struggle to escape. They hit, kick or bite me, but you don't resist at all." He licked his lips. He turned me around, holding my wrists with one hand. His other one was still pressing the blade to my throat. Now I could see his face. Well, not really. The guy wore a white mask, which covered his eyes. His skin was rather dark, but I couldn't really tell, because darkness had settled in. The only sources of light were the small fire right behind me and the moon.

I gathered enough courage to whisper a question. "W-what do you want?" Gilbert and I didn't really carry much money around with us. Well, I had my wallet with me, but I doubt that anyone here could survive with a few dollars and plastic cards. Gilbert always had a pocket full of coins with him, which I suppose wasn't much either.

The man chuckled again. "Isn't it obvious? I'm here for money." He pulled the knife away from my throat and put it away, taking out ropes instead. I wondered why he even bothered to handcuff his victims. It would be much faster to just injure or kill them and robbing them afterward. When the thief was finished he walked over to the horse and searched its bags.

"I hope you don't mind me taking your horse, but even if you did I wouldn't care!" The man laughed loudly, loosened the knot and got on the horses back.

"Elveda, kid!" He laughed and was off. II just sat there and stared after him.


Gilbert arrived half an hour later at our campsite. The fire died out a few minutes ago. I was lying on the ground, trying to free myself from the ropes, without success.

"What are you doing?" asked Gilbert, one of his eyebrows raised.

I was relieved to see him. "Gil... Gilbert, I'm so sorry! A guy appeared when you were gone and he stole your horse and tied me!" Tears welled up in my eyes when I explained Gilbert how I ended up in this position.

The prince walked over to me and cut the ropes with his sword. He turned his back to me. I guessed Gilbert was pretty angry with me. He didn't even talk to me.

Then he started laughing hard. I looked at him in confusion, not understanding what was that funny.

"Kesesese, Mattie... Do you mean a guy with white mask?" I nodded. Maybe Gilbert saw him, when he was in the woods. "That guy, Sadiq, just played a prank. He's not dangerous, well, at least not to us."

Now I noticed Gilbert's horse appearing behind him. My confusion grew as I watched the silver haired man pat the animal.

"B-but how..." I stutterd, not able to finish my sentence, because Gilbert cut in.

"He knew where I was, so he returned it. I don't know how that guy is able to do so, though."

I turned away from him, angry that he was part of a prank like this. I got up and walked over to the horse, taking a blanket from it and sat down beside the fire. Even when Gilbert asked me something I didn't respond. He didn't even apologize, for Pete's sake! We spent the night in silence. I didn't fall asleep. I was too afraid of another man robbing or even killing us.

By the time the sun rose I could hear some bushes rustling. I stood up and went near it. Gilbert was sleeping soundly and I didn't want to wake him after the previous events. I was capable of taking care of myself. I picked up a long stick near our camp. I could use a hockey stick, so I could use a normal stick as well. When I came nearer to the source of sound my nervousness grew drastically. What if a murder was hiding there? What if it was a wild animal, waiting for its pray? I noticed that it was just a small deer, which has been caught in a snare. I sighed in relief. Nothing to be afraid of. I loosened the ropes and it ran away immediately.

When I turned around another blade was pressed to my throat. This time I could see the guy. It was not this Sadiq from yesterday, but a tall, angry looking blonde.

"Wer zur Hölle bist du?" asked the man dangerously, his voice low, probably because he assumed that I was not alone.

I didn't understand the language at all and panicked. "Sorry, I- I..." I stuttered nervously.

"Who the hell are you?" he asked again, this time a bit louder.

"M-Matthew Williams, Sir." I answered. I was so nervous that my response was just above a whisper. This guy was scary, really scary.

"I don't appreciate strangers freeing my prey," said the blond, his voice deadly.

My whole body was shivering as I watched the man staring holes through me. I was sure he would have killed me, if he hadn't heard footsteps coming closer.

"Matthew, you there?" It was Gilbert! I was never as happy as that moment that somebody remembered me. I wasn't even angry at him for yesterday. A few tears of relief rolled down my cheeks as I watch Gilbert approaching us.

The blond man in front of me dropped his weapon when he saw the prince. "Bruder?"



It turned out that this ''West', as Gilbert referred him, was his little brother Ludwig, who was travelling south with some guy called Feliciano. They were on their way to Imperium of Roma, a big country adjacent to Germanica. Obviously, I just helped their meal to escape. Their camp was a few miles away from ours, so it was surprising that Ludwig had put up snares that far away.

Both, Gilbert and I, walked with Ludwig toward his camp and when we were just some feet away a brunette boy jumped out of some bushes, hugging Ludwig.

"Ve, Ludwig, where have you been? I was so scared. And then there was a scary sound, but it was just a cute rabbit, so don't worry," rambled the smaller man. He didn't seem to notice me or Gilbert, only when the prince yelled "Feli!" as loud as he prbably could.

"Gil, is it really you?" he asked, smiling brightly. He released Ludwig from the hug, which made the blond man sigh in relief, and hugged Gilbert.

The older prince nodded briefly and smirked. "Of course it's me! Who else could be that awesome?"

I noticed Ludwig raising his hand to his forehead and whispering "Why me?". I could imagine how the blond felt, having a brother similar to Gilbert myself.

After some minutes of talking Ludwig decided that he and Feliciano would accompany us to Barliń. We didn't have to travel more than a few hours. The others had just began traveling, but Feliciano insisted on stopping every five minutes. Ludwig would go further, the brunette staying behind. This caused said brunette to get lost and the blond searching for him.

When we arrived in town every citizen turned around and stared at us. Well, probably Gilbert and Ludwig. I think I would also stare at two princes walking through our city if I knew them. Barliń looked like Apud Munichen only bigger. The townsfolk seemed a little bolder than in the other town, too. They stared obviously and whispered when we passed them. Some of them approached us and gave Gilbert and Ludwig apples or flowers, which they gladly accepted.

Finally, we arrived at the big castle and with big I mean big. Despite knowing that I was trapped in a fairy tale world it still seemed surreal to me that people still lived in a castle like this. There were even guards in front of the castle's gate.

"Do you intend to stand there all day long?" Gilbert looked back to me. He had already went over the bridge which connected the town and the castle. I shook my head and started running, trying not to trip over my own feet.

Feliciano and Gilbert chatted animatedly, Ludwig walked beside the brunette, leaving me on my own. If I hadn't been used to ignorance, I would have been more upset than I was. My only company was Gilbird, who sat down on my head. This left me enough time to look around. The castle was even larger than I had imagined. The walls were decorated with paintings of people in expensive looking clothing. Each person wore a crown, necklaces, diamond rings or other jewels. I noticed one particular painting. It showed a man who looked almost exactly like Ludwig. The only difference I saw was that this man had long blonde hair, not short like Ludwig's. Next to the man were two boys, Gilbert and his brother. I stared at the picture longer than necessary. When I noticed the others had walked further without me, I started running after them.

We arrived at a huge door after minutes of walking. Feliciano had left earlier with both Gilbert's and Ludwig's horses. Now, Ludwig was taking his leave as well.

"That door leads to the throne room. My grandfather is in there," said the silver haired prince and sighed loudly. "We have to inform him about our plans to travel to the Northern Kingdom."

Gilbert opened the door and stepped in. I followed right behind him. The throne room was huge. Its floor was covered in red carpets leading to the two thrones opposite of the door. Knights were guarding this room, on each side stood four of them. Two other man were in the room. One of them was the man I saw on the painting in the hall, long blonde hair, face like Ludwig, only older. I guessed this was Gilbert's grandfather. The other man was also blond. He had short, spiky hair, blue eyes and wore an amour.

Both were staring at us, the king with an emotionless expression, the other with a big grin on his face.

"Hej, Gilbert! It has been ages since I last saw you! We must go drinking some time again!" The younger blonde said happily, patting Gilbert's shoulder when we walked over.

"Hallo, Mathias! The awesome me is always ready for beer." Gilbert said cheerfully.

The king glared at the silver haired prince.. "This is not the time for your little conversation. Please talk this out another time." Gilbert laughed loudly and Mathias shook his head, smiling.

A knock on the door announced the arrival of another person. He was also blond and had a cross in his hair. He looked coldly toward Mathias. "We'll leave now." He didn't leave the spiky haired blond time to respond, he simply turned around and escaped the room.

"Wait for me, Lukas!" The other yelled after him, following him fast, after bidding his farewell.

When the door shut the king glared at Gilbert.

"I assume you haven't returned to accede to the throne," said the blond, his voice low.

I could only stand beside Gilbert and stare, when the king took out a sword and raised it to strike.

End of chapter 3

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Some words:

elveda (Turkish) – farewell

Bruder (German) – brother

Hej (Danish) –hello

Hallo (German) - hello