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Into the Light?

Booth tightened his hold on the now shaking Brennan. He knew she was in shock. There was no way he was going to let her go. He glared at David Addy as he tried to work out whether the older man was actually going to shoot them both.

"I knew you would come." The older man walked forward.

Booth nodded as he felt the air around him change. He didnt know if it was real;if something was actually changing around him or if the atmosphere was charged with the expectation of what was about to happen. He felt Brennan move slightly in his arms as David Addy pointed the gun directly at his head.


"You ruined my boy." Addy stated calmly. "You and that place. You ruined my boy!"

"No." Booth stated calmly. He was surprised that his voice didn't waver more than it did. He was facing a madman with a gun while the woman he was in love with lay in his arms, half dead from the cold and the obvious beating she had taken. "Zack is one of the good guys."

"Until he met you."

"No, until he let himself be taken in by a seriel killer." Booth stared at the man. He had no idea how they were going to get out of this alive. He felt Brennan move slightly in his arms as Addy stepped closer and pointed the gun straight at Booth's head. Booth narrowed his eyes, sending up a silent prayer that this wasn't the end.

"Ah." Addy smiled. "Very Romeo and Juliet."

It was then Booth realised David Addy was the insane one in the Addy family. The wrong man was in a psychiatric facility. It should have been Zack with them, not his father. It was his father that was insane not Zack..


"Someone want to tell me exactly what is going on?" Max waved his arms in the air as Angela raised an eyebrow.

"At this moment. No." She snapped before walking away from her best friend's father. She rested a hand on her abdomen as the baby kicked.


"My husband is out there." She pointed towards the door of the Jeffersonian. "He's doing what you should be out there doing too!"

"Please, someone tell me what the Hell is going on."

Cam folded her arms. She hadn't liked Hodgins taking the two interns with him. She didn't like the way nobody had been able to get hold of Booth since he had left. She glanced at Caroline as she realised Daisy was pulling on her jacket as Clarke grabbed his car keys. Caroline nodded.

"Tell him."

"It isn't your drug dealing friend." Cam watched as the older man stared at her. "It's someone much worse than that."

"Who?" Max stepped forwards.

"You keep away." Caroline glared. "You trying to protect your kids caused enough trouble last time."

"Where is she?" Max's voice took on a more dangerous tone. Daisy huffed behind him.

"Dr Saroyan?"

"I'm coming." Cam nodded. "Caroline, Ange you stay here."

Max turned and followed her. "And where are you going?"

"To collect your daughter. We have a lead and none of us intend to sit around here and wait." Cam ushered Daisy and Clarke out of the door as Gordon rested a hand over Angela's shoulder.

"They'll be fine. Jack will be back here before you know it." Gordon squeezed her hand.

"He better be. They all better be." Angela closed her eyes as she fought not to cry.


Jack put his foot on the gas as the two other men in the car urged him to go faster than he was. The small green mini screeched in protest.

"Hodgins!" Wendell was annoyed at how slow the little car went. Hodgins rolled his eyes. The two other men were far too tall to fit in the car he considered a classic.

"We'll get there. We will!"

"And you are certain they are at this place."

"Yeah. I mean Angie managed to find a signal from Booth's phone. She found him, we just have to get there." Hodgins snapped.


Booth felt as though his heart had stopped beating. He glared at the older man. It was now. He knew it was now or never.

"You don't want to do this." He started as Addy just laughed.

"Don't want to do what?" Addy laughed as Booth felt his heart constrict. He knew he would be killed first, he just prayed he could sheild Brennan a little while longer. The gunshot rang through the air as screams could be heard piercing the air.


"BOOTH!" Hodgins yelled as he and Vincent Nigel-Murray reached the secluded basement. The man's body laid on the floor between them and Brennan. She was almost silent in Booth's arms. The gun laying in her limp hand as Booth cradled her in his arms.

"That's Zack's Dad?" Wendell asked as he joined them.

"Yeah." Booth nodded. "He pulled a gun on us."

Hodgins' nodded as he stepped closer. "You ok? Dr B?"

Booth glanced down at her as he shook his head. "She's hurt. Bad."

"I'll get help." Vincent pulled out his cell phone as Wendell crounched next to the man laying on the floor. He reached out and touched the man's carotid pulse before shaking his head. Booth knew exactly what he meant but he couldn't bring himself to care. All that mattered was the woman in his arms.


"So who shot him?" Cam stared at Booth as he rested his head back on the wall of the hospital corridor.

"I did."

"What? How? Hodgins said he saw the gun in Dr Brennan's hand."

"He made a mistake. Cam. My gun, my shot. She didn't shoot David Addy. He may have beaten the crap out of her, left her to die alone but it was me that pulled the trigger."

"And that is what is going on your report?"

"I am telling you what I have already told Cullen." Both saw Angela smile slightly as she listened to him. Both fell silent as the doctor treating Brennan walked towards them.

"Are you with Dr Temperance Brennan?" She looked around as Angela nodded before gently pushing Booth in front of her.

"I'm her friend Angela, and this is her partner." Angela smiled as Booth resisted the urge to explain.

"Ok, well. She had been beaten quite badly. Bruised ribs,mild hypthermia, a fractured left hand and some bruising to her torso and a hairline fracture in her cheek but she is keen to go home. I'd like to know she's not going to be alone for the next 24 to 48 hours." The doctor watched as Booth nodded.

"Can I see her?"

"Sure, follow me." Booth walked along as Angela and Cam smiled slightly. They both knew Brennan had been the one to fire the shot. They both knew she wasn't supposed to have access to a gun. She was just a civilian as far as the FBI was concerned. Both women knew that Brennan had saved them in the end.


"Hey." Booth tried not to wince as he saw her sat on the bench in the treatment room.


"You ok?" He gently brushed a strand of hair back from her face as she closed her eyes.

"I killed Zack's dad."

"No." He cupped her face in his hands. "No, you didn't. I fired the shot. He was going to kill us both."


"You know I am right. He was going to kill us." Booth watched as she opened her eyes.

"Booth." She touched his hand as she met his eyes. For a moment Booth was certain his heart was beating so fast it would explode in his chest.

"Yeah?" He gently removed his palm from her face.

"Take me home." She watched as he smiled.

"You're staying with me tonight."




"Don't you ever scare me like that again. You understand? Don't you ever..." He looked at the floor between them as she gingerly got to her feet.

"Get abducted? Go missing for days on end? Nearly die of hypothermia? You know, it's funny when I was there on my own I sort of accepted that I was dying. When you were there. I just couldn't let either of us die. I just couldn't let go." She watched as his eyes returned to hers.

"I guess I'd better stay around then."

"I think that would be a good idea Booth." She smiled for the first time since she had been taken. "I think that would be an exellent idea."

"So do I Bones. C'mon lets go home."


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