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Pietro was on his way home. He didn't use his powers to run superfast, he was just walking. He needed to clear his head. This was the worst date he has ever been on.

The girl, Jenna, was beautiful. Tall, blond, everything he wanted in a girl. . . But man was she STUPID!

* * * flashback * * *

"So, I heard you're in the basketball team!" – she said with a goofy smile.

"Yeah, we were the champions in my old school. Do you do any sports?" – he asked.

"Well, yeah, I just started driving!"

* * * end of flashback * * *

He never thought he would dump a hottie because she wasn't smart enough. I mean brains have never been a principle to him, but this girl. . . Yeah, she over stepped the line he didn't even knew existed.

He arrived at the Brotherhood Boarding House. He took his keys from his pocket as he reached the door, but. . . it wasn't locked.

What the hell? – he thought. Did one of those losers forget to lock it again?

He stepped in and groaned.

"Who's there?" – he heard a sleepy voice from the living room. He recognized it.

"Pryde? What are you doing here? . . .Again? At this hour? In the dark?" – his voice wasn't surprised, rather annoyed.

This wasn't the first time she spent the night at the Brotherhood. She was Lance's girlfriend. And Wanda's best friend, since they fought against Apocalypse back to back. Despite his father's brainwash, Wanda was still. . . choleric. But when Kitty was around, she was always calm and happy. So he, Pietro, the leader of the Brotherhood, tolerated her in the house.

But sitting in the dark, alone, that was new. And what was with her voice. She sounded kind of woozy.

He stepped into the living room and turned on the desk lamp. He did not believe what he saw!

Kitty Pryde, Little Miss Goody Two-Shoes, Pride of the X-men, was sitting in his armchair, with Freddy's Winnie-the-Pooh glass in one hand and a half-empty bottle of whisky in the other!

He was standing there for like 10 seconds (which is a whole hour in Quicksilver-land) with his jaw dropped, trying to process the sight.

Her hair was down and it was all over her face. She wore a long black shirt, probably Lance's, but it was long enough to look like a dress on her small, delicate body. And she was, no doubt, drunk as hell.

"Jesus, woman! What do you think you're doing?"

"Shhh! The odders arr ashleep!" – she whispered.

"Where did you get that?" – he asked pointing at the bottle.

"I found it in the big room upstairs." – she answered in a sleepy but clearer voice. That used to be Mystique's room. She must've left it here. - he thought.

"What happened?" – he asked as he lumped down on the couch. It's not that he cared or something, it's just he was curious what could have driven the Oh-So-Innocent Kitty Pryde to get stoned. Besides after spending hours with Jenna, he was craving for a meaningful conversation. And compared to Jenna, the drunken Kitty was a genius.

"How was your date?" – she asked. She was avoiding his question.


"Do I know her?"


"Jenna? Jenna Peterson? Cheerleader Jenna?" – she asked amazed.

"Yeah. Why?"

"You're a pedophile." – she said plainly.


"She has the IQ of a kindergartner." – she chuckled.

"So? She's hot! That's what matters to me!"

"Then way did you say it was crappy?" – she asked grinning. He smirked.
He was right. She was smarter with half of her brain then Jenna with her whole.

"Your turn." – he said. "Who died?"

Her smile faded and she looked down.

"Me and Lance did."

"You guys broke up?" – he asked in a surprised yet soft voice.

"It wasn't exactly a breakup. It was a dump. . . and I was the dumpee." – she closed her eyes and took another sip of the Winnie Pooh glass.

"I never thought HE would dump YOU. He was always trying to be 'good enough' for you."

"Well maybe that was the problem." – she said looking at him. "He put me on a pedestal I couldn't match."

"What went wrong?" – he asked, his voice so commiserating it even surprised him.

"Sex." – she said plainly. He blinked in surprise.

"What?" – he asked completely dumbfounded.

"Can you believe it?" – she asked with a bitter chuckle. "He was begging me to give in. . . since I've known him. . . and when I finally did. . . he dumped me after two months. . . for not being the same innocent girl he fell in love with." – Pietro was so surprised, he forgot to breath.

Oh, Lance, you idiot! – he thought looking down at his feet. - You have no sense for women!

"He called me over tonight." – she went on – "Had his way with me one last time, and then shoved the whole thing in my face, and then he took the car and pissed off!" – he noticed that her breathing became uneven.
"He said I should just stay and think about it. An-and. . ." – her voice got higher ". . . and that he won't be back till morning so I could just have my time!" – now she's shaking too. Pietro was sure it was a matter of seconds she would start to cry. But to his surprise she just took a swing from the bottle. Then she looked at him dryly.

"What do you think?" – she asked. Her voice was steady and demanding this time.

"You shouldn't have slept with him." – he said plainly, looking away. She grinned.

"See? You're just like him." – Kitty said. She put the bottle and the glass down the floor. He looked up at her as she got off the armchair and walked towards him.
"I'm not a saint. I wasn't gonna stay a virgin forever." – she said smiling. She sat down on the coffee table so that now they were face to face. She leaned closer to him.
"Let's get rid of that pedestal!" - she whispered into his ear and gently licked his lobe.

Pietro jumped back on the couch. He froze and his face was all red. He really didn't know where to put this. She was smiling at him slyly. She put her hands on his knees, and slipped off the table to the floor between his legs.
"I'm tired of being handled like an innocent child. I'm tired of the expectations. I'm tired of the dumbfounded faces people give me when I do something opprobrious, or just simply say: Fuck! "

Pietro couldn't help but wince at the dirty talk. She wasn't herself. She wasn't the geeky x-man as he knew her. She was. . . damn hot!. . . No! Not hot! Drunk! For god's sake, she would never flirt with him is she was sober.
"Kitty. . ." – he started, but he was cut off by her hands sliding slowly up from his knees to his thighs. He couldn't help but gasp, which made her smile naughtier.

"You're drunk." – he tried again.

"So? Since when does that bother Bayville's number one womanizer Pietro Maximoff? Come on! You hook up with drunken bimbos all the time!"

"You're not a bimbo!" – he almost yelled, and he didn't really know why but it upset him.

"Since when do you care?" – she raised her eyebrow.

"I-I. . .uh" – he mumbled.

Right, I don't care. – he thought. – Why would I? She's obviously willing. And it's obviously a onetime thing. And she's. . .

He looked down at her. Her long, chestnut brown hair was graceful like silk. She looked much more mature without the ponytail. Her sky-blue eyes glistering in the dim light. . .

He never really liked her. She was always rigid, and bossy, and geeky.

She slowly brushed her hair back from her face with her fingers in the most sensual way he has ever seen.
She's not geeky now. – he thought.

She smiled at him, and gently stroked his thigh with her finger once more.
She's not bossy now.

And then she pushed herself up and climbed on his lap with her legs on each side of him.
She's definitely not rigid now!

She wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed herself against him. He placed his hands on her hips. She leaned closer and gently pushed her lips against his. It started as a soft kiss, but after a few seconds she deepened it by grabbing the collar of his shirt and pulling him closer. He wrapped his arms around her waist tightly. They were both moaning lowly against each other's mouths'.

They only took time to breathe for the milliseconds their lips parted to change position. She pushed her body against his and started to move slightly up and down.

This was it for him! He jumped up, still holding her tight, turned around and tumbled down on the couch without breaking the kiss. Now she was underneath him. He felt her crossing her legs around his waist. He was running his hand up and down her slim body, stroking her thighs, grabbing her ass, gripping her breasts and she was moaning in pleasure.

He pushed his hips against hers. She broke the kiss as she gasped when she felt his sensation between her thighs.

She slid her hands down the sides of his back and grabbed the bottom of his shirt. He sat up so she could quickly slip it off of him. It was his turn. He roughly ripped Lance's shirt off her and threw it to the other side of the room. She was wearing no bra, only her panties. It drove him wild. He jumped at her and violently pushed her back on the couch.

He was biting her neck passionately while he kept massaging her bare breasts.

At first, her fingers were tangling in his silver hair, then she started to undo his belt. When she was done she pulled it out and threw it on the floor. He looked down at her. She smiled at him naughtily, grabbed his pants and phased it off of him. He shivered. It was a funny feeling, but it turned him on more.

His hands wandered down to her panties, he removed them, right before his.

Now there was nothing in his way, and it took a whole lot of willpower not to slam into her immediately.

She cupped his face, pulled it closer to hers and kissed him.
"Don't hold back!" – she whispered. She didn't need to say it twice!

He entered her. She tilted her head back and moaned loudly. He closed his eyes as he felt her tightness around him.
"Moooove!" – she purred. He started to thrust her, each move making them both moan. He quickly found the right rhythm. She was scratching his back and biting his neck in pleasure. His moves became more intensive and she spread her legs wider so he could reach her better.

He propped up his feet against the armrest of the couch to bring more force into the thrusts.

She moaned. He could tell she was close.

"Oh, Pietro! Pietro! Don't stop!. . . Please! Don't ever stop!" – she gasped in ecstasy. Pietro completely lost control at this point. He started to knock her faster and faster. . . and faster. He was obviously using his powers without noticing.
"Oh God, Kitty! Kitty! Kitty!" – he screamed.

She has never felt like this before. Her body was violently shaking from his speed and the pleasure was like a smouldering explosion as they got closer, and closer, and closer. . .

Suddenly their bodies twitched, and they both came at the same time screaming from indulgence.

They were just lying there, breathing heavy, clinging on each other as it was the only thing that kept them alive.

"Wow!" - she whispered as she nuzzled up to his chest and fell asleep.

"Yeah, wow." – he smiled.

He looked down at her sleeping form and stroked her hair.

"I wonder how "wow" you'll find it in the morning when you're sober?" – he said. Then he pulled her closer, closed his eyes and fell asleep.

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