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Chapter Six: The X-men find it out

"Hey! You guys!" – Kitty said waving her hand in front of her friends' faces. She was starting to worry. They still wouldn't move.

Pietro noticed that she was getting nervous.

"Let me try." – he whispered to her and before she could've answered he sped in front of the X-men. He eyed his old rival, Evan.
"What's up, Daniels? Cat took your tongue?"

Finally Evan blinked.
"Maximoff you basterd! What do you think you're doing to Kitty?" – he yelled. This brought the other three out of the shock. They were starring at Pietro with anger.

"What I'm doing 'TO' Kitty? It's what I'm doing WITH Kitty, geek!" - he stopped, then he decided to tease them a little more.
"And what I was gonna do ON Kitty!"
– he turned to Kitty and winked. She finally smiled a little. That until Scott spoke.

"Kitty! What the hell is going on?" – his voice was filled with anger.
"You just broke up with that loser, Alvers, and already you're back on the Brotherhood?" – by the end of the sentence his voice was rather disappointed than angry. This made Kitty's heart clutch.

Pietro noticed. But Scott wasn't done yet.

"You know what? If you're so much into them you should just join them! You'd probably be better off with them."

This was it. The last straw for Kitty. Her eyes started to tear up. Rogue, Jubilee and Evan blinked. Scott was too harsh. Kitty's eyes were filled with sorrow. It broke Pietro's heart. How could that jerk, Summers, say something like that. She was too good for the Brotherhood.

Rogue was the first one to speak after a moment of awkward silence.
"Scott, that's a little too-" – but she was cut off. Namely by Pietro. He punched Scott in the stomach hard. Scott fell on the floor. He curled in a ball and coughed and grunted in pain.

Evan let his spikes out.
"You wanna fight, Maximoff?" – he yelled.

"You couldn't take me down on your best day, Daniels!"

"You're asking for it, freak!" – said Evan and let his spikes grow some more.

"No! I'm begging for it, loser!" – said Pietro as he took a fighting position.

Suddenly he felt a touch on his back. He turned around and saw Kitty. Her worried face made him forget about Evan.

Rogue put her hand on Evan's shoulder.
"Chill, Evan! This is not the time and place." – Evan realized she was right and pulled his spikes back. They helped Scott up.

Kitty cupped Pietro's face.
"Thanks. . . I mean. . . You know, not for hitting Scott. . . Thanks for standing out for me." – she said in a whispery voice and gently stroked his cheek. He smiled back at her and wrapped his arms around her waist.
"Any time, Baby Kitty." – and with that he kissed her gently. She leaned into the kiss. His soft lips stroke against hers.

"Oh, God!" – Evan grunted. Pietro and Kitty kind of forget the others were there. The boys looked angry. Jubilee chuckled accidentally. She just couldn't hold it longer. The older X-men like Scott or Evan still saw the Brotherhood as the enemy. Though since Apocalypse there were no open fights. To Jubilee, this was kind of funny. Rogue elbowed her. She looked up and saw the others starring at her with raised eyebrows.

She quickly looked at her watch.

"Oh, look! We're late for DR session! Let's go!"

"Danger room session? Today?" – Kitty asked confused.

"Yeah, that's why we came back for you. But our Friday's gonna be free." – said Rogue.

"Cool!" – Kitty smiled happily. "Let's go then!"

"Wait! That's it? He PUNCHED ME!" – Scott yelled.

"You want more?" – Pietro made a move towards Scott. Kitty stepped in his way.

"Drop it, Pretty Pie!" – she said.

"'Pretty Pie'? Seriously?" – Jubilee burst out laughing.

"Let's go already!" – said Rogue and she pushed the others towards the door. She knew they didn't needed to see Kitty and Pietro's goodbye kiss.

"Call me when the storm is over." – he told her.

"Sure." – she smiled and kissed him before she ran after the others.

Scott and Evan gave Kitty the silent treatment of her life on their way back. Jubilee still couldn't stop giggling. Kitty looked ashamed and happy at the same time. Rogue couldn't stand the silence anymore.
"So are we gonna tell the others?"

"Damn straight we are!" - said Evan. "Starting with the Professor. No! Wolverine! Bet he has something to say about it!"

"Like what, Evan?" - asked Kitty.
"It's not like the Brotherhood is enemy anymore! What's the problem? He's a guy and I'm a girl. That's it."

"And what kind of guy is he, Kitty?" - asked Scott.
"A skirt chasing stud who has never taken a girl on a second date in his life! I HATED Alvers, Kitty, you know that, but even he was better than Maximoff!"

"God, Scott, you're not my escort! It's not like I'm physically in danger. Pietro's not gonna try to MURDER me, for crying out loud! The Professor knows that!"

"We'll see!" - said Scott.

Kitty was a little worried. The Professor wouldn't forbid it, right? He's all about second chances, right?

When they arrived at the Institute Logan was waiting at the door. Not a good sign. Logan was pretty strict about the DR sessions.

Scott pulled over and they got out of the car.

"Ya're late, bub." - Logan grunted.

"I know." - Scott said.
"Blame that on Kitty."

"Hey! It's not my fault that you freaked out!" - Kitty yelled.

"Anyone would've freaked out!" - Scott yelled back.

"I know it took you by surprise, but you're not in the position to tell me who I can see in my private life, Scott!"

"Is there a problem?" - they heard a voice from inside. The Professor appeared at the door and looked at them questioningly.

"We need to talk, Professor!" - Scott said.

They went up to the Professor's office. Kitty, Scott and Logan. The others went to prepare for the DR session and tell the others that they're gonna have to wait a little more.

Kitty wasn't sure if it was a good thing Logan was there. He was usually supportive to her, but. . . well, yeah, making out with Pietro? She wasn't sure how well he'd take it.

Scott and Kitty were sitting across the Professor at his desk, while Logan was leaning against the door frame.

Scott told the Professor what happened. Well, his version of what happened. Which wasn't untrue, just not very well pointed out.
He mentioned that Pietro hit him like a dozen times, but WHY he hit him. . . that was just an incidental detail to Scott, barely worth to mention.

The Professor's face was emotionless. As usual. He was always careful not to jump into conclusions too early, and even if he did, he showed no sign of it until he had heard both sides. Kitty loved him for that. Specially now.

When Scott was done he turned to her.


She took a deep breath.
"I like Pietro. And he likes me. We may be going a little too fast, but. . . I wanna see how this could turn out. I know it may be a mistake, but I don't think that's a reason to not even try it. I mean. . . Who can live a life without risks? I can't ignore my feelings just because there are some difficulties, and wait until I fall in love with someone Scott approves of. What if that never happens at all? I think Pietro. . . Pietro and I deserve a chance. Maybe we'll break up tomorrow, or maybe we'll grow old together, I don't know. But I wanna find out."

The Professor nodded.
"I see." - he took a deep breath.
"What worries me, is that Mr. Maximoff is still most loyal to his father, whereof I haven't heard of since. . . 'the Apocalypse-incident'. We don't know his purposes and thus the Brotherhood's intentions. If there are any at all, of course."

Scott smiled. He knew where this was going. There was no way the Professor would approve of this.

"But recently the Brotherhood showed no sign of animosity towards the X-men, especially towards you, Kitty. The relation between the two teams is not as smooth as it should be. And I don't know anyone who would be more suitable to improve that than you, Kitty."

"Really?" - she asked in genial surprise.

"Yes. You managed to find the balance between the Brotherhood and the X-men. You're the only one welcomed in the Brotherhood, despite you being an X-men. I'm also impressed by the breakthrough you've achieved in the development of Wanda's social skills. I've known and treated her since she was a small child, but I couldn't get her to open up and overcome her anger as you did. I have nothing against your relationship with Mr. Maximoff. . . Though you might should consider to. . . take things a little slower." - he said.

Kitty's cheeks turned bright pink, but she couldn't stop smiling. The Professor approved! Yay!

Scott had to swallow the bitter pill.

But he didn't like it. On their way to the Danger Room he didn't say a word and he went ahead leaving Kitty with Logan walking at a normal pace.

"So. . ." - Kitty started when she was alone with Logan.


"What do you think?"

"I think you have the worst taste in men, Half-pint." - he chuckled and pet her head.

"Do you think it's a mistake?"

"Probably. But I'm proud of you for standing your ground. I know you'll be able to handle it if it ends bad."


"Yeah. Ye're a tough kid."

"Thanks, Mr. Logan!" - she said with a cute smile.

"Don't mention, kid. But next time. . . "

"Next time?"

"Don't be late for my session!"

After the DR session (which has been brutal btw) Kitty took a nice shower and went back downstairs for dinner. A really tense dinner, since Scott wouldn't talk to her and no one dared to mention the Kitty-Pietro thing in his presence. Even though they would've die to know more about it.

Back in her room she grabbed her phone and started to dial the Brotherhood. Before she pushed the green button she stopped. Her thing with Pietro was not a secret at the Institute anymore but Lance didn't know about it yet. Actually no one knew about it at the Brotherhood except for Wanda and Pietro of course. She decided to call his cell.

"Hey!" - she heard his voice on other end of the line.


"So, how did it go? You can sleep over if they threw you out, you know." - he joked. Kitty giggled.

"They didn't throw me out, idiot!"

"Ah, too bad! I was hoping you'd become a stray kitten I can bring home!"

She chuckled.
"I can imagine."

"So, how did it really go?"

"Well, Scott freaked out, as you know. But the Professor was really cool about it. He said it's fine if we see each other."

"Really? I didn't even dare to hope that. What about. . . Uhm. . . "

"Logan's okay with it too. Don't worry, he won't go after you or anything."

"Cool. I mean. . . Not that I'm afraid or anything. . . "

"Yeah, yeah, I know." - she rolled her eyes.

"So. You busy now?"

"What? It's almost 10 pm!"

"So you're not busy."

"Pietro, it's late."

"I know, but we've been interrupted TWICE today! I haven't been with you since Saturday. I miss you."

"Ah, that's so sweet, Pietro! But I can't sneak out."

"Why not? It wouldn't be the first time! You used to do that all the time to see Lance."

"Yeah, but at least you guys knew about that. Lance, Fred and Todd don't know about this. I'd have to sneak out here, sneak into your place, then sneak out from there and sneak back in here. Ah! There's just too much sneaking around!"

"Hold on! Be right there."

"Right where? What do you mean?. . . Pietro? . . . Pietro, are you there?"

She heard some noise from her window. She got off her bed and walked over. Pietro was standing in the garden throwing small rocks at her window. Kitty giggled and opened the window.

"Are you crazy? What are you doing here? How did you even know which one was my window?"

"Been here before, remember? To drop Mystique's massage for Blue-boy. And as for what I'm doing here I came for you! Come down here!" - He smiled and spread his arms. Kitty wanted to be in those arms too bad to resist. She stepped in the wall and let herself slowly slip down phasing. When she was down she ran to him and kissed him. He held her close.

"So, the others aren't home." - he said.
"Fred and Todd dragged Lance to some party to cheer him up a little and Wanda went with them so they wouldn't cause any trouble. So now I've got a big, empty house! I'm so lonely there all by myself, Kitty Baby." - he said in cute, fake-sad voice.

"Ah, you poor thing!" - she said petting his head.
"You need company?"

He nodded excitedly.

"If only I could get there fast enough. . . " - she couldn't finish the sentence. He picked her up and sped to the Boarding House, and up to his room.

He put her down. He didn't need to turn the lights on. It was a full moon. Its shine gave them just enough light to star into each other's eyes.

And that's what they did. Stand there. Starring at each other. He caressed her cheek gently with the back of his hand. Then he leaned down and kissed her gently. Once. Then pulled away a little. Their foreheads still touching. He grabbed her shoulders and slid his hands down her arms enjoying the silkiness of her skin. Then he grabbed her waist firmly but gently and guided her to the bed. His bed.

They were alone. Their pulses were pounding.

Her breath caught in her throat as he laid her on his bed. He kissed her again. Eased his tongue into her mouth. He slid his hands down her thighs and back up to her butt. His hands so experienced. She shuddered.

He slid off her clothes and let her undress him. Without breaking the eye contact. He snuggles up to her but made sure he wasn't lying against her with all his weight. They were skin to skin. Cuddling naked. Kissing each other randomly on the lips, shoulder and neck.

She was so beautiful and perfect he couldn't hold it any longer. He slipped between her thighs. When he pushed inside firmly, she inhaled sharply. Her moan was shaky from pleasure.

He set a calm, cadent pace and kissed her. After a while his movements gathered pace and so the kiss became more and more aggressive.

She broke the kiss and put her face against his chest. She whimpered and squealed. This told him she was about to reach the spot. Already. She pulled him harder against her by clawing the small of his back and soon her body clenched.

Her legs around his waist hold him in place for like a minute. Pietro waited patiently, though wasn't done yet.

When she relaxed he pulled away a little to kiss her and started moving again slowly. She was much more sensitive now. Every single movement of his caused her to flutter. She soon got in the swing of it again and started to squirm under him.

Pietro was getting closer, so he started to knock her harder and faster. If that wasn't enough, his deep, manly moaning did the job for Kitty. She came again. Together with Pietro.

After he caught his breath enough to speak he pulled her close possessively.
"You're mine." - he whispered to her ear. She couldn't answer. She just smiled and let him hold her tight as if telling him 'Yeah, I know. Please, don't let go of me.'


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