Title: The Scent of a Man

My entry for the Twilight No Stress Love Fest

Rating: M

Pairing: Edward/Jasper

Word Count: 3382

Tags: Slash, Romance

Prompt(s): . 40: Valentine's Day through the years - Kindergarten, middle school, high school - always the same. What if college finally makes the difference?

Warnings: May contain boy on boy loving, a coke cola snorting geek and panties

Summary: Edward receives his first ever valentine in college. Follow him on his journey to find out who it was from.

Disclaimer: All Twilight characters belong to Stephenie Meyer, Little, Brown, et. al. No profit was made and no copyright infringement is intended.

Author's Note: Thanks to my pre reader/beta dtav who stepped in to do both while my usual beta is out of action, to the very special lady who shared the picspiration with me. Tuesdaymidnight told you I would write a story including those panties and here it is and to JaspersAngel for editing the pic for me. Extra special thanks to OntheTurningAway and Naelany for hosting the fest.

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In kindergarten, valentines were for our moms or teachers. They were all unevenly cut cards, sticky with glitter and macaroni art.

In middle school, valentines were for the girl you secretly liked but told your friends you didn't because girls were gross, right? But still, you begged your mom for a few extra bucks so you could buy just the right one and hope the girl and your friends didn't find out it was from you.

In high school you wanted to send the valentine but were afraid you would be laughed at when people found out it was from you.

In college you sent the valentine along with the flowers and chocolates, not caring what anyone thought.

In kindergarten, I made my valentine for my mom with so much care. It had to be perfect because she was perfect. She loved it, of course, and still has it all these years later even though the smallest amount of glitter still clings to it and the macaroni heart has long since fallen off.

In middle school, my valentine was sent to Bella. Bella was nice to me, she was the only one that was nice to me even going so far as to push Mike Newton over for making fun of my glasses. Mom took me to the store to buy it and drove me over to the Swan's to post it in her mailbox. Bella knew it was from me but she never said a word. She just gave me a shy smile the next day at school.

In high school, I never sent nor received a valentine and that was fine by me. I was happy to fly under the radar, go unnoticed, and be invisible. I was happy; if I was being ignored I wasn't being pushed into lockers, tripped in the corridors or having drinks poured into my bag when I wasn't looking. It was hard enough being labeled the school geek, but being the school gay geek was even harder. I wasn't strong enough for that, so I never did send that card to Emmett McCarty, the school's biggest, hottest jock.

I realized I was gay my junior year of high school, not that I had done anything to explore this other than jacking off to free porn clips on the Internet. Bella, who had been my best friend since the day after that Valentine's Day in middle school, was the first person I confided in and was a huge support to me then as she was again in the weeks following.

In college I received a valentine and, from the smell of the card, it wasn't from a girl. I inhaled the smell of the cologne on the card and wore a smile on my face for a week.

Two weeks later, I still hand no clue who had sent me the card and was beginning to think it was all just someones idea of a joke, like let's torture the lonely, geeky, gay guy. Then I began to think I was going crazy. There were times I felt like I was being watched and then there was that scent. I would be sitting in the library and get a brief whiff of it but there would be nobody around. I would be in my dorm room and sense someone outside my door but when I opened it no one would be there but I would get a brief smell of the scent. Walking the quad, I would feel someone brush by me and I would smell it again but when I turned and looked I couldn't make out who it could have been.

I spent another week trying to track the scent down because I felt that if I could distinguish the scent, if I just had a name for it, I would feel better. After hours of trawling store after store checking each and every different bottle, it was all to no avail. Thankfully, I had kept the card and although the scent was fading it was still tangible proof that I wasn't going totally crazy.

Exactly one month to day of the card being pushed under my dorm room door things started to get stranger. Thursday night I spent at the campus library finding the book I needed for my research paper in the stacks. I returned to my usual table to find a single red rose, a pack of Sour Patch Kids and again that scent lingering in the air. Anxiously looking around for who could have left them, I almost missed the note that accompanied my gift. Written on a green post it note was:

First they're sour, then they're sweet

A little bit like you, I think


The following Thursday I was in the library again and, after returning from a toilet break, I found another 'gift', another red rose and a turkey mayo sub along with another note:

You really shouldn't skip lunch


After years of wanting to ignored and to fade into the background, I found I was kind of enjoying a little attention even if it was in a slightly creepy, stalkerish way.

And so it went on every Thursday night for the next four weeks. A single red rose and a gift of some kind would be waiting for me when I returned to my table, until one night mid April there was nothing. Trying to pretend I wasn't devastated, I collected my books together and made my way back to my dorm just in time for the tears to start to fall.

The following week was spent berating myself for being upset. How could I be upset over not receiving a flower and a gift from a man I had never met?

Finding myself unable to face the library the following Thursday, I decided to work on my paper at one of the campus coffee shops. Not that I drank coffee, but it was better than sitting in my room alone.

That was the night we finally met.

I wish I could say it was a smooth introduction, it was anything but.

Just picturing the event now brings a blush to my cheeks and makes me cringe. What on earth he saw in me after our first official meeting is beyond me.

There I was, sitting at my table getting more and more frustrated and jittery by the second. The paper I was working on was not going well, this was not helped by the amount of Coke I had been drinking. The more frustrated and fidgety I got, the more I was running my hands through my hair. So there I was sitting with my already crazy hair looking crazier from constant tugging, my thick framed glasses which I have been informed make me look more of a nerd than I actually am, and my last clean t shirt which was also my favorite, my Thundercats tee.

Not paying much attention to my surroundings, I was startled to realize someone was sitting at my table grinning at me. With a wink, he pushed a pack of Sour Patch Kids over to me. Unfortunately, at that exact moment, I had picked up my glass to take another sip of my Coke.

I know I'm not the only person this has ever happened to, but in that moment I surely wished I could have become invisible. Rather than taking a sip, I inhaled my drink and ended up coughing, spluttering and snorting Coke all over the poor guy sitting in front of me.

So that's how we met, in a blaze of blond curls, blue eyes, adorable dimples and a rather disgusting spray of Coke.

After pulling myself together and attempting to clean him up and apologizing profusely, we finally introduced ourselves. He apologized for not being around for a few weeks, he had to go home to deal with a family problem. I told him not to be silly, it's not like we were anything to each other so how could I miss something that wasn't there? That seemed to upset him a little. After an awkward silence, he asked if we could start again. We introduced ourselves properly and spent hours that night talking until we were almost kicked off the coffee shop premises as the staff wanted to go home.

After that first meeting, we quickly became inseparable. The day I physically met Jasper was the day I started actually living my life rather than just walking through it.

There have been times over the past months when I have questioned just what he sees in me and he is always quick to reassure me, and to tell me about the first moment he saw me.

Apparently I was in the library having a heated discussion with my lab partner. Jasper says that seeing me standing there, irritated and alternately pushing my glasses back up my nose and tugging on my hair, he knew I was the guy for him.

Jasper was way more experienced than me when it came to relationships and I constantly worried that my pace wasn't fast enough for him. I needn't have worried though as every obstacle we met we dealt with. Whether it be me rushing off to the labs at half past midnight because I had a theory that may just be the big breakthrough I was looking for, or Jasper not putting things back in their right place.

We never agreed on music, although he was more accepting of my fascination with early nineties Brit pop than I was of his love of trash metal. We never agreed on movies or TV either. He was staunchly Star Wars while I was a die hard Battlestar Galactica boy.

As for the physical side of our relationship, Jasper was happy to go at my pace, from our first kiss to our first grope, from our first hand job to our first blow job. The months of waiting in between each must have been agonizing for him, not that he ever let on.

After our months of experimenting and Jasper's teachings, I now knew Jasper's body almost as well as I knew my own. I had also come to realize Jasper had a fair few kinks, many of which I'm sure he didn't realize I had noticed.

So here we are, one year to the day of that valentine card being pushed under my door. Due to the family problem that had called Jasper away last year, he had had to find a job to fund at least part of his education. For the past few months he had been working himself hard at the coffee shop, almost as hard as I worked myself in the lab. But here we were almost a year later, still together, putting up with each other's shit and insecurities. Tonight of all nights I wanted to give him something to show just how much I cared for him, trusted him, adored him, wanted him.

Expecting Jasper soon, I rushed around my small apartment making sure everything was in place. I had the mix CD Jasper made me last month ready to play in the player, my bed was scattered with rose petals, the exact kind from the roses he used to leave me in the library...now all I needed was to prepare the last part of his surprise.

Twenty minutes later I was ready and I must admit starting to doubt my own sanity. If anyone other than Jasper walked in right now...

"Edward, you here babe?"

Taking a deep breath I answered, "In the bedroom Jazz."

Jasper walked into my room taking in my form lying on the bed in front of him. The roses he was carrying hit the floor along with his jaw. From the stunned expression he was wearing, I knew my plans would come to fruition.

In our first few months together, I realized Jasper had a fascination with women's underwear when worn by a man. One night a few weeks ago my laptop battery died so I had to use Jasper's and came across a recent picture he had saved. With a little investigation, I soon found the site and ordered the item from the picture.

So here I was now, the first Valentine's Day I get to spend with someone I care about and so far it seems to be going well. I made the right choice.

"Edward, babe, how?"

"I found the picture on your laptop and thought it would be a nice Valentine's Day treat for you."

"Valentine's treat? It's like all my fucking Christmases have come at once!"

His eyes roamed my body drinking me in. Rather than feeling exposed and vulnerable, I was enjoying his hungry perusal of my body. Honestly, I have no idea where my shame went. When I was with Jasper I felt like a god and tonight I wanted nothing more than to be his.

This morning when I tried the underwear on I almost chickened out but here I was lying on my bed surrounded by rose petals wearing nothing but a pair of red and black, rose patterned lace panties being devoured by my lover's eyes.

"I just wanted to make tonight perfect for you Jasper."

With predatory grace he made his way over to the bedside table, picked up my glasses, then leaned over me gently slipping the arms of the frames behind my ears. With a quick kiss on the end of my nose, he stood back up, grinned and whispered, "Now it's perfect."

Eyes never leaving mine, he slowly unbuttoned his shirt and let it slip from his shoulders and fall to the floor. Seemingly absentmindedly, he ran his hands along his chest and down his abdomen until he reached the first button on his jeans. Painstakingly slow, he popped each button. With a teasing grin he pushed his jeans down past his hips, his hard cock springing free of its confines.

Palming my own erection, I couldn't help the gasp that escaped my lips. No matter how many times I saw Jasper naked I always found myself in awe.

With my free hand I reached under the pillows and pulled out the small bottle of lube and the condom I had placed there earlier. Jasper's eyes flickered between my hand palming myself, and the one holding the condom. Swallowing hard he asked, "Are you sure babe?"

With what I hoped was a reassuring smile I replied, "Never surer. Please, make love to me Jasper. I need you. All of you."

Lowering his body over mine, he hummed as his bare cock came into contact with the lace of my panties. The hum was followed by a growl, and then his lips crashed into mine. With an increasing sense of urgency, his mouth devoured mine as my hips bucked upwards to meet his.

With teasing kisses, nibbles and licks, he made his way from my lips, along my jaw and down my neck. A short pause for breath and he continued his decent lavishing my already pebbled nipples with his tongue before taking each in turn between his teeth and biting down gently.

I tried to watch as he moved lower but my glasses were steaming up. I reached up to take them off but Jasper's voice stopped me.

"Don't you fucking dare take those glasses off!" Jasper growled at me.

Happy once I had moved my hands, he continued moving lower until his nose and mouth were nuzzling me through the lace of my panties. Not sure I could last much longer, I grabbed the bottle of lube and nudged his hand with it.

"I really wish we could leave these panties on baby, I'm gonna be sad to see them go but I need you so bad," he murmured.

"Need you too, J. Need to feel you inside me. Need you to take me baby."

Lightly grasping the thin lace, he slowly and reverently lowered my panties. Raising my hips slightly, he slid them lower until my erection was free and bounced against my stomach. A gasp escaped me as the cool air of the room hit my newly exposed flesh and was quickly replaced by the warmth of Jasper's mouth. As his mouth and tongue worked my length, I felt slick fingers teasing my puckered flesh before one slid inside me.

The room was awash with my gasps and groans as Jasper bought me closer to the edge with the scent of Jasper surrounding me. No longer did that scent haunt me, now it nourished me.

Moving his mouth from me, Jasper made his way back up my body as I whimpered at the loss of his warmth. Settling his body over mine, he once again kissed me, less urgent than before but with no less passion.

Sliding his fingers from me he gently rolled us over until I was laying over him.

His eyes never left mine as he reached for the condom. Sitting back on my heels, I straddled him watching him as he deftly encased himself in that small piece of latex.

Jasper watched me with hungry eyes as I took the bottle of lube and transferred a small amount onto him. Stroking him, I made sure he was covered before changing my position. Raising myself slightly, I positioned him at my entrance and slowly lowered myself down.

Clenching my eyes shut I gasped at the burning stretch. As his fingers traced soothing circles on my hips, I held my breath as I took more of him into me, not exhaling until I felt my ass resting on his hips.

When he was fully seated inside of me, neither of us moved for a while. We just looked into each other's eyes, and his were filled with awe.

As the burn receded, I started to move slowly at first rocking my hips and then raising myself from him and then moving back down again. Setting a good pace, I rode Jasper holding all control of our lovemaking until he started to move his hips, thrusting upwards to meet me. As his hips thrust harder, I stilled my own movements and allowed his to take control. With each hard thrust upwards he buried himself deeper inside me brushing against my sweet spot, as he called it.

Feeling the tension beginning to coil deep inside me, I grasped my cock hurriedly stroking myself in time with his movements. Jasper's eyes snapped to my cock just in time to see me cumming, my hand jerkily milking my release onto his chest.

Grabbing a tight hold of my hips with both hands, he drove into me over and over again, his movements becoming shaky and his eyes shut tightly. With a final gasp of my name, I felt him twitch and expand inside me as he reached his own orgasm.

Letting his now soft cock slide from me, I collapsed onto the bed by his side. Pulling me into his arms, he held me tightly and kissed the top of my head.

"Wow, have I told you today I love you?" he asked.

I laughed. "Nope, you seemed to get distracted by something when you got here."

"Hmmm, wonder what that could have been? Seriously though, I love you Edward. Happy Valentines, babe."

"Happy Valentines J, I love you too."

As I got up to make my way to the bathroom to get something to clean us both up with I asked, "You really liked those then?" motioning to the panties which were now clasped tightly in Jasper's hand.

"Like is not a strong enough word babe. I fucking love them. You really outdid yourself. Not sure how you could top this."

Making my way to the bathroom I smiled to myself, I knew damn well how I could top tonight. Little did Jasper know, but under my bed was a bag containing several more pairs of panties. I wondered if I could leave the hot pink thong on the next time we made love or just how I could surprise him with the purple ones or those turquoise ones, they were my personal favorite.

Hmmmm, maybe Jasper's not the only one with a kink for panties.

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