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Jasper Whitlock is a dead man!

I'm tired and stressed, and all I wanted to do was come home and curl up in my bed. Yes, I was hoping that Jasper was still insisting on sleeping at my place. It was nice to know he would be there when I got home, but the last thing I needed was to walk into this mess. There were clothes strewn all over the lounge along with dirty bowls and cups. And the kitchen? Oh God, my kitchen! What the fuck has he been doing in here?

Again, I'm too tired to deal with this shit right now. After months of research, equations and experiments, I finally handed in my research paper pulling an all nighter at the lab to meet the dead line. Theoretically, my paper was ready weeks ago but, having dismissed my lab partner for being a dipshit, the whole paper was on my shoulders. Any mistakes were my own and I admit I let my apparent OCD take over. I could have been home hours ago curled up in my bed around Jasper, but I knew I wouldn't rest. Instead I stayed up all night fine tuning my findings, drinking full sugar cola and stressing. As soon as the clock hit 8 AM, and knowing that my professor would be in his office, I made my way there and handed in my paper.

Half hour, and one panic attack later, I told myself there was nothing I could do now. The paper was finished and handed in. Then I come home to this shit. Normally I wouldn't be able to sleep knowing there was so much mess to clean up, but having been up for over twenty-four hours I just need to sleep. I will kill Jasper later, once I'm nice and rested.

Climbing into bed, I make sure to huff loudly, pummel my pillow, aggressively and tug the covers over myself disturbing Jasper. With a sleep weary sigh, he rolls over and drapes his arm over me with a "Sorry about the mess baby, I'll clean up later. Glad your home," and then he's softly snoring again. I'm glad he can sleep when my apartments still a fucking mess.

You know what's worse than being woken by some asshat honking his horn outside? Waking up to realize that the man you love has actually trashed your living space with his not knowing how to clean up after himself. Of course, said lover is nowhere to been seen now, and his side of the bed is cold. Wide awake, I lay there shifting from wanting to kill Jasper to wanting to call his dear mama and ask her why the hell she never taught that boy to pick up after himself. I would never actually do that, though. My own Mom would be disgusted with me and would probably pull out her old adage about me never being too old for a spanking. Not that I'm averse to a spanking, just not at the hands of my mother.

Although I should sleep more, I'm wide-awake now, and I need to sort out his mess. Foregoing a shower because really what's the point when I'm only going to get dirty cleaning up after that messy bastard. Closing my eyes, I take a deep breath before I walk through the door into the lounge. Exhaling and opening my eyes, I am stunned at what I find. The lounge is tidy, not a thing out of place. The kitchen is the same, not an unwashed dish in sight.

Feeling guilty for being so harsh with Jasper, even if it was in my head, I decide to take a shower and relax in front of the TV seeing as I now have nothing to do today. In the bathroom, I find a note on the mirror. In usual Jasper style, it's a green post it note.

Sorry about the mess baby
I cleaned up the best I could
Had to cover a shift at the coffee house
I'll make it up to you when I get home later
J x

He even tidied up the bathroom bless him. Seeing as the bathroom is nice and tidy, I decide to forego a shower and decide on a bath instead. An hour and way too many bubbles later, I'm almost prune like but totally relaxed. Not feeling like wearing clothes today, I survey my underwear drawer and pull on a tight pair of pink and white striped briefs. My choices in underwear have definitely changed over the passing months. While I still wear boxers when I'm in class or in the lab, I wear more colorful ones than I used to. But when I'm just hanging around my apartment on my own, there is nothing like the feeling of a tight pair of briefs. It's like my balls are getting a hug. And with words like that, I realize just how much Jasper's crude mouth is rubbing off on me.

Rested, clean and relaxed all I need now is to decided what DVD to watch, and that's where my day goes to shit and Jasper is yet again in trouble. All I wanted was to sit down and watch a few episodes of Battlestar Galactica, but upon opening the case the disc isn't there. No, instead of BSG disc one, inside is Farscape series two, disc four! Opening the Farscape box to return the disc to its rightful place, I find Red Dwarf series three, disc one. The Red Dwarf case holds a Dr Who disc. Empire Records is in the Mean Girls case; Sky High is where Spy Kids 2 should be. It just goes on and on with every case I open and I can feel myself starting to hyperventilate.

Twenty minutes later, my front door opens and my best friend Seth finds me sat on the floor surrounded by empty DVD cases, a pile of DVDs, disc cleaner and cloth, and close to tears. With a sigh, he toes off his shoes, sits beside me and takes half the stack of discs. In total silence, he starts sorting through them with me returning each disc to its rightful place.

"I take it your boy's in big trouble?" he sighs again. I don't answer him, just give him a scathing look. Of course Jasper is in trouble. It's one thing to mess up my apartment but another thing altogether to totally disrespect my DVDs.

"I take it you won't be wanting this package that turned up at my place this morning then?" he says.

I can't help but gasp aloud, knowing exactly what is in the package he's talking about. Realizing a long time ago that Jasper was very nosy and I couldn't keep anything hidden, I started having certain items delivered to Seth's address. He was one of the few people I had told about the underwear situation. Rather than judging me like I thought, he was very open to it and often sent me emails with links to online shopping sites he thought I would find beneficial. This particular package he was holding was something he found a few months ago, but I was scared it was crossing a line I wasn't yet ready to cross. After a few weeks of ridiculously named cocktails, (Seth's current obsession), and pep talks, I hit the order button and decided that after my final paper was handed in I would surprise Jasper to say thanks for of all his support recently.

Seth places the package next to me and silently carries on helping me sort out the DVD mess. One of the things I love about Seth is that he knows when to be quiet. We don't need to fill the silence with inane chatter. Forty minutes later, he places the last case on the shelf, stands and puts his shoes back on. With a quick hug, he's gone and I'm left staring at the package that contains my latest underwear purchase.

Tonight had been all planned out for weeks, but with the mood I was in now it just wasn't going to work. I had always been happy for Jasper to take the more dominant role in the bedroom or the lab or even that one time in the library but today, while sorting through the mess he had made of my DVD collection, something had shifted. Tonight, I wanted to be the one in control. A new plan was forming in my mind as I set about getting everything ready for when Jasper got home.

Nervously pacing the bathroom, I hear Jasper letting himself into my apartment.

"Edward, you home? I come bearing gifts and waving a white flag," he calls out.

I almost snort at Jasper's idea of bearing gifts. The last time he knew I was angry with him he bought me a new dildo. The man has strange ideas when it comes to peace offerings. Not that I'm complaining, as me and that dildo have become quite close. It's always handy having Draco on hand when Jasper's not around. Yes, I named my dildo Draco. Sue me.

Hearing him enter my bedroom, I know it won't be long before he finds the note I left for him, but I just hope he follows though with my instructions. Reaching into the pocket of my robe, my fingers run over the silky fabric they find there. Five minutes pass, and I nervously swallow the lump that has formed in my throat. Bracing myself, I open the door hoping to find Jasper naked on then bed with his eyes closed like I asked him to be.

Peeking around the doorframe, I see he's just where he should be, gloriously naked, eyes closed and spread across my bed. Making my way over to him, I try to be quiet but being the klutz I am, I manage to almost trip over his discarded shoes. The fact that even after today, knowing I would be pissed at him for being untidy, he still leaves his shoes in the middle of the floor just spurs me on. A resolve settles over me and my nerves seem to fade away.

His head moves in the direction of the noise but still he keeps his eyes closed. Leaning in close to him, I whisper in his ear for him to stay as he is but to grip the headboard. He does as I ask in a heartbeat. Taking the silk stockings out of my pocket, I lean over him and use them to secure his hands to the headboard. He says nothing, but tests the resistance of his bindings. Confident he won't be able to move just yet, I tell him he can open his eyes now.

His eyes open slowly and he gives me this look, a look that says he has no idea where this is going but he trusts me and that's all I need. Running a finger slowly up his arm, I finger the silk stocking at his wrist. "You have no idea what I had planned for tonight do you, J?" I ask.

He just shakes his head, no.

"I was supposed to be wearing these stockings tonight, for you, along with these," I breathe in his ear before I pull back and undo my robe, letting it fall to the floor.

Jasper's eyes go wide as he sees the black crotchless panties I am wearing. His eyes dart to the bindings around his arms and comprehension crosses his face.

"That's right, love," I say. "Tonight I was all set to seduce you wearing nothing more than those black silk stockings and these, but I don't think you deserve it".

He opens his mouth to speak, but I shush him with a finger to his lips.

"Oh I know you tidied up before you left this morning, and I'm thankful for that. I'm still upset, however, at your apparent lack of respect for my DVD collection." Finding my stride in the scene, I continue on, "I have told you many times, J, that everything has a rightful place. I spent all afternoon putting each one of those DVD's back in their rightful place and I got to thinking about what I could do to make you understand that. So, love, tonight your rightful place will be here, tied to my bed, and you get to watch, but not touch, and maybe, just maybe, you'll learn your lesson."

Stepping back, I give myself a moment to take him in. He's hard and I see his dick twitch so I know he's enjoying himself. Turning, I open the bedside drawer and remove the supplies I made sure were there earlier and place them at the foot of the bed. Surveying the scene one last time, I realize that he will probably strain his neck trying to watch me as he is at the moment so I get him to lift his head and place a couple of pillows under it. Happy now that he will have a good view without hurting himself, I settle myself at the end of the bed on my knees. Reaching down, I untie the two simple laces that have kept my own hard cock concealed.

Reaching over for the lube, I open it and drizzle a small amount into my hand and then reach down for my cock. We both let out a small gasp as my hand connects and I slowly stroke myself. I grin as I see Jasper's dick twitch again. He's so hard it almost looks painful, the reddening head slowly leaking a bead of pre come that slowly moves down his length. Mesmerized, I watch its descent until it is lost in his neatly trimmed pubic hair.

Tearing my eyes away, I reach for the lube again and empty a good amount onto my fingers. Eyes never leaving his, I evenly coat my fingers and reach my hand under myself. I circle my hole with one slick finger before pushing it inside. My eyes close at the intrusion and I hear a muttered, "Oh dear God!" from Jasper.

Steadily working myself with one finger, I feel myself start to loosen so I add a second. Opening my eyes again, I see he has a lovely flush across his cheeks and chest, his hands opening and closing like he's trying to reach out and grab me. We both sigh as I remove my fingers. He licks his lips and lifts his head a little higher looking hopeful that I might release him or at least touch him. Instead, I grab the bottle of lube and the dildo.

Holding it where he can see it, I peek my tongue out and run it around the tip of the dildo before taking it into my mouth. Once it's in my mouth, I hum around it just like I would if I was doing this to Jasper and I can hear him whimper. Knowing I won't be able to hold out much longer if he keeps making those noises, I take it out of mouth and wink at him as I coat it in lube.

Positioning the dildo underneath me, I lower myself and gasp as I feel the head of it enter me. The stretch is a welcome burn and I only wait a moment before working more inside me. My eyes close involuntarily as I take a breath before slowly sliding it back out. As I slowly work myself on the silicone cock, I almost forget Jasper is there tied to the bed and watching me. That is, until he starts panting and I feel him moving as the bed dips. Opening my eyes, I check that he's still bound and I can't help but gasp at how needy he looks. I think if I told him he could move he would be free and fucking me hard in seconds. But I don't tell him he can move because I like him just where he is. Instead, I work the dildo faster and harder inside me, crying out as I hit just the right spot over and over again. Feeling myself so close to the edge, I remove it and toss it to the side. With both hands free I grasp my still slick cock and begin stroking myself at a fast pace. As my orgasm hits, I close my eyes and just let go not caring where my cum lands as I can always clean the sheets later.

As my body is rocked by the after shocks of my orgasm, I hear Jasper's high pitched cry and open my eyes, panting, just in time to see him cum all over his stomach. I don't know who is more shocked, him, or me at the fact he had just cum, hands free, untouched and just from watching me.

Leaning forward slightly, I swipe a finger through the pooled cum on his stomach and bring it to my mouth, humming around my finger as I taste him on my tongue.

"Ugghh, fuck babe! Stop, please."

Deciding he's been sufficiently punished, I untie his hands and he wastes no time in pulling me down to him for a searing kiss. His hand starts to wander over my ass and he fingers the edge of the crotchless panties I had forgotten I was wearing.

"I love these," he whispers. "Can't wait to see how they look with the stockings."

Giving him one last kiss, I sit up and say, "Well, if you promise to be tidier and put things where they belong, you may just get to see how it looks. You think you can remember that everything has a rightful place?"

"Damn Edward, if this is what I get when I make a mess, I'll never be able to be tidy again!" he chuckles.

I huff and scowl at him but he just grins and pulls me back down to him. "I know everything has a rightful place babe, and so long as you remember that yours is right here by my side, I promise I will do my best to pick up after myself and put things back where I got them from."

That's all I can ask really. Smiling to myself, I can't help but look forward to the next time he pisses me off. I kinda liked being in charge tonight and the crotchless panties weren't so bad after all, I almost forgot they were there. And he's right, my place is by his side and him by mine.

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