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"Sookie. I want to bond with you." Eric stated definitively as he cradled my face in his hands.

"I want to bond with you too." I replied in the same tone. I would need to ask Eric what all the bond would entail, not that it mattered much, I was fully prepared for anything if it meant being that much more close to Eric.

Just as we were about to start kissing again, Pam came back into the room interrupting us by unnecessarily clearing her throat.

We both simultaneously looked at Pam with an annoyed expression. "Pam, how did they manage to find out where you rest?" Eric asked angrily. I think he was madder that Pam cock blocked him.

"I don't know Eric, Sookie killed them before we could question them." Pam replied in a seemingly uninterested tone.

"There was no need to question them." I replied feeling the need to defend my actions. "Telepath, remember." I said tapping on my temple.

"They work for the plumbing company that we contract at Fangtasia. They've been stalking Pam for weeks, watching her every move. They don't belong to any sophisticated cell network of drainers, they are just a bunch of low-life V addicts. They got lucky, that's all." I said as Pam and Eric listened carefully.

"Pam, your resting place has been compromised, you cannot stay here. You will come live with Sookie and I until you find something else." Eric stated matter of factly. There was arguing with Eric when it came to the safety of himself or his progenies.

We all gathered ourselves up and drove home. I had to admit that tonight was the first night I years that I felt like I truly had a family and that I finally fit in. My seduction of Eric would just have to wait for another night, but I am a patient vampire and when the time is right, I will know it.

Chapter 17 – SPOV

I wanted to be near Eric when he rose for the evening; well actually I wanted to be on Eric when he rose for the evening. I had plans to lay my heart on the line and hopefully start the bond with him. I also didn't want Pam around when that happened.

So I wrote Pam a note and taped it to her forehead.


Please see yourself out ASAP. Our maker and I have things to discuss, and by discuss I mean that I plan on seducing him.



I made my way back down to his resting place. This time, I was not going to wear some silly leather getup, nor was I going to wear a thong. I grabbed one of Eric's tank tops and left on my regular everyday boy shorts.

I wanted to tell Eric that he meant more to me than anyone else had ever meant, I wasn't ready to admit to loving him, but I was completely open to the possibility of loving him.

Eric would be up in a few minutes, so I straddled him and began to place open mouth kisses all over his naked body. He was completely sexy and utterly mine. My fangs ran out and they were itching to be buried inside Eric. His blood was addicting to me, and I wanted to taste him, but I also wanted him to taste me.

"Is this a dream?" Eric said seductively as he rose for the night.

"God, I hope not, otherwise I am going to wake up incredibly frustrated." I replied. In fact I had woken up sexually frustrated one too many times in the past thanks to my Viking dreams.

Eric pulled my hips up higher on his body so that he could caress me better.

"You look fucking sexy in my clothes." I felt sexy in his clothes. Something about being enveloped in his scent made my body heat rise a few thousand degrees.

I was torn between ravaging his body and having the discussion that we needed to have. Ultimately I figured the discussion would inevitably lead to the ultimate seduction, so I moved myself off of him and went to sit next to him on the bed.

Eric, however, had other things in mind.

"Where do you think you are going?" he asked, well growled as he held me in place.

"We need to talk." I said.

"Sookie, I meant what I said last night. I want to bond with you. I want you, all of you. I know that you are still healing, but we are meant to be and I will wait forever for you." Eric said sincerely. I smiled at his words. Not that I would make him wait forever, just another 5 minutes…maybe.

"And I meant what I said last night too. You are mine and I want to bond with you as well. But I think you misunderstand me, Eric. I am healed; I have accepted the things that have happened to me. My past does not dictate my future, and believe me when I say that you are my future. You are the one that saved me. I want to be with you in every possible way two vampires can be with one another."

There was so much more that I wanted to say, but at the risk of being overly sentimental, I just decided to show Eric that I meant what I said.

I placed my lips on his in a very deliberate, sensual way, punctuating my words. Eric, grabbed a handful of my hair and moved his lips in motion with mine. It was not rough or animalistic, it was slow, sensual, meaningful.

My tongue slipped into his mouth slowly dancing with his. I took an unnecessary breath, taking in his unique scent relegating it to my memory and simultaneously causing my libido to skyrocket.

I pulled away from his lips trailing my mouth down his cheek and landing on his neck. My tongue darted out; licking and sucking the spot on his neck where his pulse would be were he alive. I lingered there for a while, silent asking for permission.

Eric grunted and rubbed my breasts through my shirt urging me on, but I wanted, no needed to hear him say the words.

"Take me into you Sookie, drink me." He said so low and deep that only a vampire would be able to hear the spoken words.

My fangs ran out and I took inhaled his scent one more time committing this moment to my memory. My overly sensitive fangs dug into his neck and I took the first mouthful of his blood and simultaneously soaking my panties. His blood tasted like pure bliss. I was so lost in the sensation of having him inside of me, that I barely registered the fact that he had also bit into my neck.

We were both grinding on each other and there was no doubt in my mind that the wetness I was feeling between us belonged to me.

His free hand snaked into my panties and he began to gently massage my slit. I wanted him inside of me in that very instant.

I reluctantly pulled away from his neck, licking the bite marks I had left as he did the same to me.

Our eyes met in a brief minute of unadulterated lust and longing. And I could feel the evidence of his need between my thighs.

In that instance, Eric tore my panties leaving absolutely nothing standing between him and I. I needed to have him. It was a need so strong that I almost couldn't stand it. He reached between us and began to massage me again, but I needed more than that. I reached down and took his hand in mine and together we lined up his sex with mine.

Lowering myself onto him at a painfully slow pace while we both stared into each other's eyes, there was no doubt that there was love between us.

I couldn't take my eyes off of him, but the sensation of him being inside of me made me gasp. He felt like home to me, and I knew I was right where I was supposed to be.

"Oh fuck Sookie, you feel so goddamn amazing." Eric grunted and raised his arms to grab onto the headboard. I took that as my cue to start moving. I braced my hands on his chest and started to move slowly up and down on his cock. He was a very big man, and I was certain that I would not be able to take him all in if I was a human, but as it stood, he filled me completely and it was goddamn amazing like he said.

He brought his hands to my hips, spurring me to move faster, before I knew it I was moving at vampire speed, riding his cock in complete utopia. Eric sat upright and I knew I was so incredibly close. I could feel my walls starting to pulsate, and I needed to have more of him inside of me while I was riding him.

I bent my head down and bit his neck again, taking in a few mouthfuls of his blood. He did the same to me and before I knew it we were both coming together and drinking each other.

It was the single most profound moment of my life. I could feel everything that Eric was feeling. Euphoria.

There were no words that needed to be said between us, because we could feel what each other felt. The bond was strumming to life and although we still needed one more exchange to make it permanent, the feelings running between us were the same and they were extremely intense.

Eric reached up and gently brushed the hair out of my face. I didn't want to detach myself from him, god I wanted to be right where I was forever. This is where we belonged. This was right.

I reluctantly pulled away. Eric grabbed me and tucked me into his body so that we were face to face and our foreheads were touching each other.

Again, no words necessary, we just stared into each other, bathing in the glory of the newly formed bond.

I don't know how long we lay that way, but it must have been hours. I wanted him again though, and through the bond I could feel his lust as well.

Eric began kissing my lips and this time I couldn't hold back the raw animalistic need that I had for him.

Eric pulled my body underneath his and we kissed fiercely clawing, biting, grabbing each others hair, then suddenly he entered me. The movement was so fast, so sudden that I hardly had time to think about it.

He pounded into me at vampire speed and the need I had for him was ever-present.

"Shit Eric. Fuck. Me. Ohmygod! Eric!" I screamed out. To the outside observer, you would think that this round of fucking was violent, and honestly it was, but truthfully it felt so fucking good.

As he was pounding into me at vampire speed, Eric yanked my head to the side and bit hard into my breast. I ground my fangs into his shoulder at the same time and the sensation was otherworldly. Indescribable. It was like a burst of light hit us both and the sheer permanence of the bond was made tangible by the sensations that it was causing.

We were forever one and as we came together, we were both shouting each other's name. That very moment made all the suffering that I had gone through all worth it.

As we came down from our bonding high, both in awe of the feelings solidifying between us, Eric was the one to break the silence.

"You are amazing Sookie Stackhouse." Eric said as he caresses the rogue strands of hair away from my face.

"You are amazing Sheriff." I said seductively. I knew that Eric loved it when I called him Sheriff.

"This, us, we are forever Sookie. Only death can break what is between us. What he have transcends and human form of commitment. I am yours as you are mine." Eric's piercing gaze punctuated the levity of his words. Nothing is forever and everything ends, but hopefully we would be able to last, if we stuck together.

"Forever." I whispered as I entwined Eric's fingers with mine. "My maker. My lover. My bonded."

The End…