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Naruto groggily opened his eyes, only to see darkness. The blonde sat up lethargically and was surprised to realise that he was seating on a tenebrous alley, with only the soft noises of raindrops accompanying him along with the dreadful silence. "W-Where am I? Is this Konoha?"

Wrestling himself to a standing posture, Naruto dusted his pants and scanned his vicinity vigilantly, cautious about the foreign land. Naruto saw dimmed lights emitting from the end of the alley and he ambled calmly towards his destination. When he stepped onto the streets, he was startled by the present of an isolated ghost town. There were mutilated corpses scattered throughout the pavements, ruined buildings on the verge of collapsing and a repugnant semblance lingering in the air.

Heightening his senses, the blonde could hear the roars of explosion on distant land. The melancholy rains that fell upon the land of pandemonium were depressing enough. Closing his eyes, Naruto tried to reach the soulless land of death and sensed a gleam of life on the other side of the decimated town. Naruto sighed and strolled in a clumsy gait across the demolished streets. When the blonde arrived to his directed location, he was utterly shocked to see the last person he would be expecting to be lying before him, gasping desperately for her breath.



When Konan was awaken, she didn't expect to be enveloped by a warm sensation. There was a campfire, there was heat and there was a mysterious boy grilling chicken with a skewer over the flames. The blue haired girl was frightened by the stranger's presence as she sat up abruptly and retreated backwards fearfully, pointing a shaky finger at the blonde enigma. "W-Who are you? W-Where a-am I?"

"Oh? You're awake!" The blonde beamed cheerfully and handed the skewer to Konan. "Here! Have a chicken! It's delicious!"

The blue haired girl swallowed hard when she smelled the ambrosial aroma from the food.

"I bet you haven't eaten anything like this before, huh?" Naruto smirked. "Come on, take it. Have a bite while it's still hot."

Konan was suspicious of the boy's kindness. "He looks like an orphan, just like me. Why will he want to share his food with me?"

"Uh... there's no poison on it. Really. Besides, if I want to kill you, I would've done it sooner. And why would I want to be stupid and waste food like this. Coating poison on food? Are you kidding me? You know how much effort I have to make just to gather all these food?" Naruto noticed the reluctance in Konan's eyes and sighed with annoyance; the blue haired girl was trembling in sheer fatigue that she couldn't comprehend the miracle at her sight. The blonde enticed. "Just eat it. No MSG added but still tasty, trust me."

Konan couldn't tolerate her hunger's call any longer and relinquish her urge before seizing the skewer. Naruto flashed a toothy smirk as the blue haired girl munched on her chicken greedily. "Eat slowly or you'll choke."

Ignoring all proper etiquette, Konan was chewing her food hurriedly before she devoured the last remnant of the chicken and stared warily at the blonde. "Y-You haven't answered my question..."

Naruto smirked buoyantly. "I'm Naruto Uzumaki. And where are we? No clue. I found you almost dead, lying on a pile of corpses. You're lucky I was there. If I wasn't, you're probably be suffocated to death or die in the hands of enemy patrols."

Konan was still cynical of the blonde's intent. A turmoil of turbulent emotions swirled like a maniacal maelstrom in Konan's mind as she was dubious about Naruto's motive; trust was not easily given when it came to poverty. "Still, he saves me and even gives me food. He doesn't look like a bad guy..."

"Are we still in Ame?" The blue haired girl queried timidly.

"Heh! Of course we're in Ame. It seems that jutsu was indeed effective. Sending me back at this time period is the perfect timescale for me to change the future! And the fact that I can befriend Konan... now that I think about it, Konan-chan is rather... cute." Naruto regained his composure promptly and feigned surprise. "Ame? We're in Ame? I guess we are. Sorry, I'm a traveller. No kin, no family. Unfortunately, I don't know there is a war happening here... until I get here. And found you."

"Oh." Konan bowed in gratitude at the provided food and placed the skewer on the ground. "W-Where are we then?"

"Inside a cave?" Naruto smirked. "This place is completely sequestered from any life forms. Not even animals dare to pass by this deserted place. Creepy, but safe. The authority seals this place up for precaution's sake."

"O-Oh... okay. Thank you."

An awkward silence intruded the pair before the blue haired girl mustered her courage to speak up. "Konan."


"That's my name. I'm Konan."

"No surname?"

Konan shrugged. "I'm an orphan."

"Oh." Naruto smirked. "I'm an orphan too. Born without any parents. But I guess... my parents did love me."

"If they love you, why abandon you?" The blue haired girl was perplexed by the irony.

"Because they die protecting me."

Konan blinked dumbly. "Oh... I'm sorry."

"Don't be." Naruto grinned optimistically and shook his hand. "You didn't kill my parents. Nothing to be sorry about. I'm used to a lonely lifestyle."

The brilliant flames crackling from the campfire gave Konan the opportunity to assay her saviour's facial features. The boy seemed to be invigorated easily by trivial matters and was handsome to say the least. The exotic markings on his cheeks served to augment the beauty of his appearance. However, what was truly intriguing was not his robust physique or his alluring exuberance, but his pair of abnormal eyes that made her horrified. It was illuminating an indigo glow with rippling rings decorating his sclera and his iris was a mere dot. "Y-Your eyes!

The blonde blinked in curiosity. "What about it? There's dirt on my face? What about my eyes?"

"It looks... freakish!"

Naruto was taken aback by Konan's perturbed tone as she was vexed. The blonde scurried outside of the cave and rushed to a nearby lake; Konan simply stood up and followed the boy. When they reached the riverbank, Naruto surveyed his appearance through the reflection from the calm water and was petrified to see his eyes. "The Rinnegan? Impossible! B-But how?"

"W-What are you?" Konan crept behind a tree, watching attentively at the boy's back view.

The blonde stood up and gazed at his small hands. "I didn't just step into the past. Even my body is tuned into that of a child. I don't even know if I'm fit to fight in this... shape."


Naruto stroked his chin in contemplation. "I can no longer sense Kyubi's demonic chakra within me... but I do feel that my chakra reserve has just amplified by more than 10 folds. Did the fox just give me his chakra for free? Yeah right."

Konan heard the bushes stirred from the unusual, dry wind. "N-Naruto-kun?"

The blonde paced around the grass patch, pondering at his dire situation. "If my chakra capacity has increased dramatically then, without a doubt, my ability to mould chakra is off the hook. Damn it. I need to figure out more about this dimension. Now that I have met Konan-chan before Yahiko and Nagato do, I've freaking change the future."

When Naruto perceived an imminent danger from the woods, the blonde dashed towards the quavering blue haired girl and tackled her down. Konan was confounded and pushed the boy. "W-What are you doing?"

"What am I doing? Look up!" The girl obliged and did what she was told and much to her dismay, there was a gigantic shuriken embedded onto the tree. "W-What..."

"Stop stuttering and stay alert." Naruto whispered silently. The blonde dragged a few stones with his fingers and smirched his nails with moist dirt, but he didn't care.

It was then the pair could hear applauds from behind them. The blonde swerved his sights at the snickering culprit and widened his eyes in genuine stupor. Hanzo the Salamander was clapping with glee at the children's performance. Naruto scrutinised the man; he wore an extravagant breather that was notably different from his subordinate and he had long blonde hair tied in a pony tail fashion, his attire consisted of a flak jacket and a coat to symbolise his superiority. "This is my first time meeting Hanzo... they say he's stronger than the Sannin. And he's the guy who killed Yahiko. He's the top-dog in the ninja world... and he's unlucky meeting me."

"Impressive. Most impressive. Correct me if I'm wrong, the two of you are orphans. You, boy, are most likely seven years old and the girl is one year younger than you. However, the boy has received ninja training before because no ordinary kids can hear the wheezing sound of my shuriken. Nobody... can sense my shuriken coming unless you're arduously trained by someone. A hermit, I suppose?" Hanzo grinned underneath his breather when the boy hoisted the blue haired girl up and the leader of Amegakure tilted his head patiently for an answer. "Well?"

"You're good. Now that you have a rough idea of what I am, what are you waiting for? Kill me." Naruto stood protectively before a shaky Konan and scowled fiercely at Hanzo.

"Kill you? I must say kid, for a useless brat like you, you sure have some guts."

"I do. I have a heart, liver and lungs as well. Want me to name the rest of my anatomical organs to you?" This time, the blonde smirked haughtily at the notorious leader of Amegakure. "You're not going to kill me. No. Because you deem me worthy as a subordinate. As an underling for you to torture. But you're not going to do that. You're going to train me and make me your weapon. You're a patient man but you have too many enemies who loathe your guts so much that they would do almost anything just to watch you writhe beneath their feet. You might be powerful but you know full well that you're not immortal. You're afraid that one day you might wake up from your sleep with a knife on your throat. Is that your greatest fear?"

Konan nudged Naruto's arm, trying to stop the blonde for causing a detrimental outcome from happening. Hanzo wasn't feared by the Elemental Nations for nothing. Still, Naruto's unwavering and fiercely determined pair of gazes had marvelled Hanzo; catching sight of the boy's eyes, the leader of Amegakure was flabbergasted by his discovery. "The Rinnegan? But that's impossible! The Rinnegan is considered as a myth! T-This boy... I've never met a boy more courageous, more reckless and more discerning than this one. Hell, I've never even met anybody who is more perceptive and ingenious than him. With proper guidance, this boy will become... an extraordinaire. Fabulous... this boy is gold."

Hanzo cracked his neck and took a step forward. "You said that I would train you. Where did you get the nerve? Do you know who I am?"

Naruto's shrewd smirk was kept strong as his fortitude remained firm. "Hanzo the Salamander. I know all about you yet you could only assume who I am. "

"Snarky little bastard, aren't you? How dare you speak to Hanzo-sama like that? You insolent maggot!" One of the Ame's ninja rushed forward and seized Naruto's collar; the sudden action scared Konan immensely and she hid behind the blonde. The ninja was irked by the boy's arrogance as the blonde was still grinning. The henchman pulled back a punch but someone had gripped his fist. The ninja twisted his attention to his back and was dumbstruck that Hanzo was the one who had stopped him. "H-Hanzo-sama?"

"There is no need for you to be angry." Hanzo grinned. "Tell me, boy, why must I recruit you and your girlfriend? I mean... the two of you are practically useless to me."

Konan gulped nervously when Hanzo switched his predatory gazes at her.

"Because I can help you." The blonde boy's tenacity seemed to possess a sort of charm, as his words were succinct and his conviction was authentically trustworthy. Hanzo concluded that Naruto's inveiglement carried an enchanting aura that could make others trust the blonde unconditionally; that made the boy more dangerous in the future. "You can view Konan-chan and I as long term investments. It benefits both you and us. If you help us, you won't regret it."

Hanzo's smirk widened. "What an interesting kid. Very well. I appreciate talents, despite all the rumours you might be hearing about me from... outsiders. From now on, you'll under me. And that girlfriend of yours too. Now, it will be polite if you give me your name."


"Uzumaki Naruto." The blonde boy smirked triumphantly. "Heh. I will gain Hanzo's trust... and he thinks he is going to use me as his tool. We'll see about that. Right now, my priority is to ensure our safeties... especially Konan-chan's safety. She isn't the Konan I know... but no matter what, I will protect her."


As predicted, Naruto and Konan were escorted to Hanzo's headquarters, located at the epicentre of Amegakure and the fortress was not concealed; on the contrary, the nefarious overlord of Amegakure built his empire conspicuously and was significantly proud of his achievements. Initially, Naruto and Konan were acquired separate rooms but the blue haired girl was terrified to be alone, thus the blonde requested a room for the both of them. Hanzo obliged and granted them their wishes.

Cuddling each other in bed, Konan whispered. "Why did you do that?"

"Do what?" The blonde raised a confused brow.

"Arguing with Hanzo. He's evil! Who knows what he will do to us!" The blue haired girl shivered apprehensively; she didn't want to know what Hanzo would do to her if she accidentally riled him up one day.

"Calm down, Konan-chan. He's not going to torture us-"

"How do you know that? You don't know if he suddenly goes all berserk and tries to kill us all-" Naruto cupped his hand on Konan's lips, effectively shutting her up. Solicitude was sparkling in Naruto's eyes as he solaced the girl in tranquillity. "Konan-chan, listen. As long as I live, nobody can hurt you."


Naruto smiled benevolently as he assured. "Nobody. Now go to sleep. We have a long day for tomorrow."

Konan nodded and closed her eyes. The blonde exhaled a tired breath as he too shut his eyes gently and was driven to bliss oblivion. Creaking an eye open, Konan smiled as she watched the boy slept; the girl never realised she was blushing the entire time.

(The next morning…)

Hanzo was tending to his paperwork until a shadow on the corner of his room stirred. Adroitly, the leader of Amegakure spared the target no attention when he threw a kunai at the intruder. From the darkness emerged Naruto with Hanzo's kunai in his grip. "What is it that you want, kid."

"I wish to initiate our training as soon as possible."

"And where is that girlfriend of yours?"

"Asleep." The blonde retained his impassive façade. "Still, I wish to discuss with you about the training-"

"Let me guess…" Hanzo raised a hand to stop Naruto's continuing speech. "Your bloodline requires a different training regimen from other ninja. In fact, with the fascinating ability that still lies locked within the depth of your Rinnegan, I need to know more about it. That is the only way for me to know what kind of training is suitable for you."

"You want to know more about my Rinnegan? Sure."

Hanzo grinned.

"But you're wrong."

His jubilant mood was cleansed by Naruto's statement. "I'm not a lab rat."

Hanzo sighed. "Of course. I understand. I only need information about your dojutsu. For starters, take this."

The leader of Amegakure pulled open his drawer from the desk and rummaged a sheet of paper before handing one of them to the blonde. "I believe you know how to manipulate chakra, right?"

Naruto shrugged. "I guess."

"This is not an ordinary paper. It is a paper that detects an individual's affinity to their element. Some people might be born with one element, others have two and the unfortunate ones have none. Channel your chakra into the paper. If your base element is water, the paper will soak. If your base element is fire, the paper will burn and turn to ashes. If your base element is earth, the paper will turn to dirt and dissipated into dust. If your base element is lightning… well it doesn't get electrocuted; on the contrary, it simply wrinkles. Last but not least, if your base element is that of the wind, it will be split into two."

Hanzo watched attentively as Naruto held the paper. Instantly, the paper was sliced into four segments and they were either damped with moisture, wrinkled in agitation, ignited into flames or dissolving into earthen flakes. The sinister smile tugging at Hanzo's mouth widened as he was bewildered in wonderment by the phenomenon before him. "So the legend is true after all… The Rinnegan grants its master the privilege to wield all elements. And if I'm not wrong, this boy has gargantuan amount of chakra… so much that he isn't capable of containing all of them. He's leaking chakra… and even so, his ability to regenerate lost chakra is astounding."

Tapping his chin in contemplation, Hanzo smirked. "Say, kid, do you know any chakra control exercise?"

"I know the tree climbing exercise."

The leader of Amegakure nodded. "Yes, that. But that is only the fundamental exercise. Your chakra reserve exceeds many ninja, kid. You're unable to completely hold them in check. You need a different chakra control exercise. Follow me, I'll show you your first training ground."

"Before that, I wish to know more about Konan's training too."

"Blue hair, red eyes, no doubt." Hanzo grinned as he elaborated prudently. "She's from the Shikigami clan. It was long lost from the ninja world, eradicated by the Namikaze clan during the First Shinobi World War. They are famed for their confounding ability to manipulate paper. Still, it does amaze me for her to survive for this long."

Naruto widened his eyes in shock and he was trembling as he grimaced at the truth. "N-No way… father is a Namikaze… that means my clan… is responsible for Konan-chan's clan's destruction? I am her… nemesis."

Hanzo possessed rigorous ability when it came to profiling an individual's emotion; due to his atrocious notoriety as a malignant conqueror, it was only natural that others might assume he had an abrasive personality. However, he was an analyser who looked at the pertinent details. He could draw sorrow and remorse out from Naruto's features and that piqued his curiosity. "What's wrong? You seem… distracted. Why?"

The blonde shook his head. "Nothing. So what will her training be?"

"That is none of your concern-"

"She's my friend! I have every right to know." The blonde was aggravated.

"Oh? Defensive for her, aren't you?"

Naruto narrowed his eyes to vicious slits.

Hanzo wagged his fingers disapprovingly. "Don't worry, I won't do anything to her. It isn't an everyday miracle for me to gain two worthy subordinates under my wing. Rest assure that she will be looked after. Besides, her training will vastly differ from yours. Now, let us not waste anymore precious time and move on to training, shall we?"


Dizzily, Konan woke up and rubbed a sleepy eye. Yawning aloud, the blue haired girl sat up and surveyed her bedroom. When realism struck her, she gasped in horrification at Naruto's disappearance. The girl rushed out of her room, only to see guardsmen staring at her perversely.

Shrinking in terror, Konan ran across the corridor.

In the midst of despondency and confusion, she didn't realise nobody was chasing after her.


Naruto grunted in agony as he walked across a groundless terrain of spikes. Blood was dripping from both of his feet as he was struggling to cope with the pain. In the nexus of his affliction and strived concentration, Naruto remained focus on his pathway as he had to channel and expel his chakra into diminutive sizes at the bottom of his feet in order to animate a shield to prevent the spikes for protruding through his leg. It was a brutal, yet fastest way, according to Hanzo's theory, to master chakra manipulation.

"Damn it! This hurt like a bitch. If I don't have the Rinnegan, I would be stabbed to death! This training is un-fucking-believable! And to think that this is just the beginning…"

"Don't be hasty, boy. This training will enhance that extravagant chakra of yours that you possess. It will sharpen your instinct, heighten your senses and boast your resistance to pain. The ultimate training for greatness… if you're capable of crossing two kilometre of spike road, you're qualified to upgrade your training regimen. If you can't, well, you just have to try until you succeed." Hanzo chortled sadistically as he watched Naruto winced in pain. "Still, I must say that the boy's determination is praiseworthy. It has only been two hours and he has already walked half of his entire journey. Heh. This boy is really… gold. If it's ordinary ninja, it will take three months just for them to cross half the spike road without bleeding. Well… he's not ordinary, is he?"

"Now that you are getting a hang over this training, let's raise difficulty level up a notch, shall we?" Hanzo grinned as he tossed a barrage of shuriken at Naruto. Much to the blonde's chagrin, the only way to avoid the legion of projectiles was to leap away.

"He plans all this! If I jump away and land to another side of the spiky ground, I need to adjust extensive amount of chakra onto my feet and at the same time, predict the location of all the spikes. D-Damn it all!" Shoving all hesitations aside, Naruto sprung acrobatically to the sky and landed onto the dark corner of the chamber. "Safe! I'm starting to understand the concept of this train- Whoa!"

Catching a glimpse of a volley of kunai, with explosive tags attached on all of them, sailing through the air towards him, Naruto cursed aloud before he leaped to the other side of the spike ground. "S-Shit!"


Konan took the next exit to the right hallway and continued running in the seemingly endless passages of underground tunnel. The bizarre labyrinth structure had bewildered the blue haired girl as she had been running for half an hour. It was at the last exit that she heard grunts and the sharp screeches of metals collision. Approaching warily towards the source of the sound, Konan gulped the nervous lump in her throat and kept a curious gaze at her eerie surroundings.

When she had reached her destination, she saw Naruto, trapped in a chamber while he was hopping manically all over the arena. "N-Naruto-kun?"

"Be calm, youngling."

Konan gasped and turned to her back, only to see Hanzo staring coldly at the blonde's progress. "The boy is an insightful fighter. He understands the concept of this training and has already figured how to solve his predicament. As his friend, you can only stand aside and send your prayers to him."

The blue haired girl nodded fearfully.

"Your training will commence after he has finished his."

"M-My training?"

"Yes." Hanzo nodded. "Your friend over there wants it as well. You will be defenceless if you have none."

Konan bit her lower lips and watched as Naruto struggled to fend off hails of shuriken and kunai while adjusting his chakra's intensity onto his feet.

"You have a powerful bloodline stores within you, youngling. Train it well, exhibit its strength and recognise your power. That's what you must do."

With resolve of determination sparkling in her eyes, Konan nodded gravely. "I'll do it."

Hanzo couldn't help but grin.


"Naruto is about to finish his training. While he's at it, we'll start with you." Hanzo stood on a plain field enclosed within a sealed chamber. There was tree plantations located throughout the field with green patch of grass, accompanied with a few pile of broken twigs scattered on the moist dirt. There was a manmade lake beside the terrain and Konan was fidgeting. Hanzo huffed and announced softly. "Youngling, do you know anything about your heritage?"

Konan shook her head.

"Nothing much, sir. I'm an orphan."

"Figure that much." Hanzo sighed. "Your clan was infamous during the first war for being a bothersome and for that, they were… annihilated. Your parents are most likely survivors… but they just have to stumble into Amegakure. Very unfortunate. Still, you have to know the truth about your clan."

"My clan?"

"The Shikigami clan. Their chakra control is magnificent. So magnificent they were able to manipulate their chakra in such profound degree that they could do wonders with it. Sadly, they're gone… except you. You are the last survivor and the only one who can take up the mantle as a Shikigami." Hanzo smirked. "You will do great, youngling. I can sense it within you. Together with that boyfriend of yours, you will engrave your names into the history of our world."

Konan blushed as she was flustered by her relations with Naruto. "H-He… he's not my boyfriend."

"Whatever that makes you sleep at night." Hanzo clapped aloud. "Alright, fun times over. Let's get down to business. Chakra control is redundant. Unlike your boyfriend-"

"He's not my-"

"Whatever." Hanzo scowled for being interrupted before he continued; Konan simply cringed. "Chakra control exercise is unnecessary. What we need to do is to allow you to acknowledge the presence of your chakra."

"So how can I do that?"

Pointing a finger beside him, Hanzo grinned. "Climb that tree."

"With my hands? Sure."

"With your legs."

"W-What?" Konan was baffled.

Hanzo sighed. "Watch."

To the blue haired girl, it was a miracle; the leader of the Amegakure was walking on a tree with his feet intact on the bark. "This is going to be an easy feat to you. It is a pity that nobody understands why the Shikigami clan could control their chakra that efficient. Often, people who are capable of handling their chakra with relative ease are because of the fact that they have a small reserve of chakra. That's why they can utilise it without breaking a sweat. Powerhouses like me and your boyfriend are required to do heaps of training just to stabilise our powers. However, you, my dear, are different. Contradicting to popular belief, you are not different from our… categorisation. You, too, are a powerhouse."


"Yes. The Shikigami clan is really similar to the Senju clan, in terms of chakra level and the ability to control them fluidly. That means you can control your chakra level as easily as breathing, even when they are massive. Now, you simply lack the will to recognise it. I will teach you how to draw out that latent power swelling within you, waiting eagerly to be… bloomed." Hanzo smirked. "Now, let us start with some basic pointers."


Naruto wiped off the sweats from his forehead as his stifled his pants. "I can finally control my chakra. At first, I felt a pang in my chest… as if my chakra is about to burst any minute. But now… it is under control. I wonder if the Rinnegan has some perks that help me on this. It's probably the Rinnegan… I guess. W-Wait a sec. Maybe…"

Gathering chakra into his finger tips, the blonde drew an array of chakra strings on his palm and expelled the raw power in a steady pace. Naruto was stupefied as he had successfully formed his trademark technique without the aid of his shadow clone. "Rasengan! No way! I can't even do this before because I have too much chakra within me. Now… I feel as if I'm… in control. Well, who cares! I'm gonna try this baby on!"

Dashing towards an adjacent wall, Naruto cried as he threw his appendage forward and slammed the orb of swirling chakra onto the wall. Instantaneously, a crater was embedded onto the wall as debris and smoke rose from the crash site. The blonde grinned joyously. "I did it, believe it! Hey, that rhymes! It will be cool if Kirabi is here… Oh, yeah… he died in the war… protecting me."

Naruto sighed as a doleful silence intruded. "At any rate, I have to save Yahiko and Nagato soon. My mission… is to save this world and bring a better tomorrow. Not for me but for everybody else. This time… I'll make everything right. With my new powers… this time, nobody dies!"


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