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Doto Kazahana smirked as he toyed with the cup of wine in his hand. He couldn't resist his urge to snicker. "It won't be long before I overthrow that loser. I never understood why father would choose Sosetsu as the daimyo for this village? He is a weak-minded, idealistic fool who think we can live in a peaceful world. Only weaklings think like he does."

"I don't see what's wrong with that."

Doto blinked and registered the foreign voice echoing in his chamber. "W-Who's there?"

"Greetings, Doto-san." Naruto emerged from the shadows, along with his companions. "I have heard things about you."

"Things?" The tyrant arched a dubious brow at the blond and sneered. "You dare intrude into my realm?"

Naruto shrugged. "What can I say? I'm a daredevil. So, how is your conspiracy going? Fine, I guess? If I'm not wrong, you have planned to murder your brother, overthrow his kingdom, and seize a large amount of money from your father's vault. Am I wrong to say that?"

Doto narrowed his eyes. "I don't understand what you're talking about."

"Oh, my. Don't play dumb with me." Naruto tossed a few documents on the ground and grinned. "I have all the evidences of your perfidious treachery in my hand, Kazahana Doto-san. Your plans of creating an army by selling Yukigakure's technology to other nations and earning a fortune from it, I have it all noted. You even managed to sway some of Kirigakure's councilmen to support your scheme. Of course, those who are guilty would be held accountable."

The tyrant growled and stood up. "Who do you think you are? Storming into my territory and talking all that blasphemy crap… I can sue you for defamation and-"

It was then the door opened, revealing Kazahana Sosetsu at the doorway. "I can't believe you wish to kill me, brother. This gentleman here has already informed me of your treason. Why?"

Naruto smirked as he pointed a finger at the frightened Doto. "Bang. I win."

"T-This is… no! No!" Doto clutched his head and screamed manically. "This… is not happening! This is not supposed to be like this! Just… who are you?"

"I am Uzumaki Naruto, personal advisor of the Mizukage. I am here to apprehend you for your malfeasant attempts to denigrate the pride of our nation, Kazahana Doto. Surrender and we might lighten your sentence." Doto enraged glare was fixated at the blond and his animalistic growl slowly became a guffaw of amusement as he raised a fist at his brother. "You fool! Sosetsu, you're unfit to be a ruler! I am the rightful heir of this kingdom! It is my birth right! Men!"

Doto's minion descended upon the ground, perturbing the daimyo and his guards. Naruto remained aloof as he eyed uninterestedly at the commotion. The blond stared wordlessly at Maya and nodded. The swordswoman smirked deviously before she unsheathed her blade. With ethereal grace, Maya performed fluid slashes with Reiki and muttered hollowly. "Chiton: Chiko Kaso." (Blood Release: Bright Blood Cremation)

As if on cue, Doto's guardsmen literally exploded and the splattered blood from the mutilated corpses was drained and absorbed by Maya's nefarious blade. Naruto took a step forward and smiled. "I will suggest you surrender now before things get out of hand."

"You imbecile!"

"Brother, please stop!" Sosetsu was petrified when his brother vanished and reappeared behind him.

Doto placed his dagger on his brother's neck and yelled. "Nobody come closer! Anybody who defy me, I shall slit his throat!"

"Father!" A girl, who Naruto recognised as the young Koyuki, rushed towards her father, but she halted her track as an opposing figure hindered her pathway. She looked up with horrified eyes and saw a pair of benign pair of mystical sapphire eyes staring at her. Patting an assuring hand on Koyuki's small shoulder, Naruto squatted down and smiled. "I'll save your father for you. This time, I'll make sure you won't get hurt anymore."

"W-What? H-Hey! Look out!" Koyuki screamed as she noticed a pair of colossal black dragons charging towards the blond.

Naruto stood up and formed a hand seal. "Shoton: Shojinheki." (Crystal Release: Crystal Encampment Wall)

Durable quartz sprouted from the ground and shielded Naruto from the imminent assault. The dragons, composed of sheer intensity of ice, collided against the obstructing crystal. Naruto smirked as the quartz was frozen before he bellowed. "Ayane!"

Adroitly, Ayane threw a shuriken towards Doto and the projectile miraculously tracked its target's movement. Doto cringed as the shuriken pierced his arm and he released his hold of his brother. Naruto immediately dashed forward as his frame dissipated into a whirlwind and reappeared behind Doto. "Farewall, Doto-san."

Doto didn't even have the opportunity to scream. His lifeless corpse collapsed on the ground as a kunai embedded through his throat.

Naruto sighed. "Now that the disputation is over, I guess we have some important business to address, Sosetsu-dono? Shall we have a private moment?"

Sosetsu gulped and nodded. "T-This way please."

Naruto smiled as he was led into a hallway with his companions by Sosetsu's bodyguard, while the daimyo remained in the chamber, staring sadly at his fallen brother. Koyuki ran into her father's embrace and Sosetsu reciprocated the hug. "Everything is going to be okay now, Koyuki-chan."


Nagato stood in solitude on the arena platform, staring emotionlessly at his opponents. Standing before the redhead were notorious and phenomenal warriors representing Kumogakure and they were all ANBU Unit Commanders. Their ridiculous and unearthly strength were not to be underestimated, as it earned them the rightful entitlement as Kumogakure no Jusanchushin. (Thirteen Pillar Gods of the Hidden Cloud Village)

The stadium was filled with anxious crowds and notable people, including the Raikage and his councilmen. The thirteen ANBU unit commanders were dressed in their trademark white overcoat with their armour underneath. Mabui stood behind her superior as she eyed Nagato with concern.

His adversary was Kumogakure's strongest elite combatants.

It was an understatement to claim that their combined might was fearsome. It was beyond terrifying that even the Raikage might not triumph against them when they were united.

However, Nagato was confident.

He had no fear.

"I will advise the thirteen of you in a personal level." Nagato smiled. "Please do not hold back. If you do, you will die."

"I believe you have overestimated yourself, Uzumaki." Kensei growled. "We are the Jusanchushin. All of us here standing before you are ANBU's finest. We are the unit commanders. If you don't know, ANBU unit commander is classified as lieutenant generals by default. Do you understand now? You are just a nameless clown from some nameless place."

The redhead narrowed his eyes and flexed his fingers. "I will laugh in joy at your defeat then."

"Let the battle commence!" The announcer declared and the bustling crowd calmed.

"Come at me with all you got." Nagato grinned as he beckoned the competitors forward.

Kensei was the first to dash forward, despite his comrade's protest. Without hesitation, he delivered a crushing fist at Nagato, who evaded effortlessly. However, the redhead was not surprised when Kensei's punch had caused a crater to form.

"Just like how I have expected from you, Muguruma-san."

"Get back here, you bastard!" Kensei roared as he charged blindly towards Nagato. Readied a punch, the silver-haired warrior was stunned as his attacks were counterattacked by a sharp strike to his bicep from the redhead. Every attempt made to assault Nagato became nugatory. It was as if the redhead was predicting Kensei's movement with an acute sense.

Yoruichi grinned as she crossed her arms under her ample bosom. "Well, well, well. It seems likr Kensei is not having much fun. Wanna help him?"

Sui-Feng scoffed. "I proposed a strategy against him. However, that brute went off after a mere instigation."

"Hey, bumblebee." Nagato retreated as he skidded to a halt and winked provocatively at Sui-Feng. "You ain't catching me, no matter what. Suck on this!"

The redhead stuck his tongue out at the brunette, who was fuming with seething anger. "T-The nerve! I'll show him!"

In an instance, Sui-Feng vanished into a breeze. Nagato guffawed in disturbing delight as Sui-Feng appeared behind him and swung her foot, intending of decapitating him with her kick. However, she was stunned that before she initiated her attack, the redhead smacked her thigh and snatched her foot deliberately to throw her off her momentum. Sui-Feng yelped as Nagato hurled her over to the opposite side of the battleground.

"Is this all the Jusanchushin got? How pathetic."

Toshiro gritted his teeth and unsheathed his blade. "You dare spit on our-"

"If this keeps up, I'll do more than spitting."

Nagato grinned tauntingly and sewed a few hand signs. "Suiton: Suiryuben." (Water Release: Water Dragon Whip)

A colossal wave of water rose from the ground and morphed into a gigantic serpent. The leviathan, composed of condensed liquid soared, towards its nemesis, threatening to drown them with the deadly tidal waves. Nagato's eyes widened as the tsunami was cleaved into half by a tall man who wore an eye-patch. He had a robust physique and dressed in a sleeveless ragged coat. The intimidating man stood forward and he scowled. "Isn't this boring?"

The Raikage, who sat on a throne as he oversaw the match, stroked his chin. "This will be interesting. Nagato has spiked his interest."

Mabui bit her fingernail and fidgeted. "Oh no. This isn't good. T-That's… Zaraki Kenpachi, commander of the bloodthirsty ANBU's eleventh division… SPARTAN. He was the one who fought the late Sandaime Raikage to a draw for three days three nights. Like the Sandaime Raikage, he possessed a renowned body with extraordinary level of durability. His endurance, strength and raw power match that of the Sandaime Raikage. During the warring era, he gained the moniker as Kumogakure no Akuma-O." (Demon King of the Hidden Cloud)

Nagato immediately discerned undeniable danger emitting from the man. It was as if his opponent's murderous aura was smothering him. Regaining his composure, Nagato smiled placidly. "You look strong. Stronger than the rest."

The man scoffed and sliced the air, forming a devastating fissure on the ground in the process. Nagato sidestepped the destructive wave of mayhem and aimed his palm at his opponent. "Onmyoton: Gutaika–Toraidento." (Yin-Yang Release: Materialisation – Trident)

Tridents, created from sheer energy, manifested before the redhead as the projectiles hovered in the air. With a snap of his fingers, the tridents launched telekinetically towards the opposing man. Kenpachi stood motionlessly as he allowed the tridents to pierce him. Much to Nagato's shock, the projectiles shattered into harmless fragments before it dispersed into dust.

The man swung his blade with his monstrous might and cut the arena in half, while the crowd cheered in jubilation. Nagato emerged from the smoke as he leaped to the sky and thrust his palm forward. "What a pest. Shinra Tensei!"

An ungodly force slammed upon the battlefield and the combatants ducked to safety as the platform crumbled into debris. Nevertheless, Kenpachi stood with a dispassionate gaze as he withstood the almighty pressure; he didn't even flinch. Toshiro clamped his hands into a prayer motion and declared. "Hyoton: Bakushinchi." (Ice Release: Ground Zero)

A layer of ice materialised on stage, laying out a sturdy ground for the demolished terrain. Nagato flew towards Kenpachi, but his trajectory was intercepted by a violet blur. Nagato landed on the icy platform and nursed his bruised lips. Surveying his surroundings, the redhead blinked as a beautiful woman, with sunglow eyes and a tan complexion, descended before him like a goddess. "You must be Shihoin Yoruichi, right?"

"I'm glad that you know." Yoruichi crossed her arms and smiled sensually.

"The Shihoin clan is reputed for their members to be practitioners of the Swift Release, am I not right to say that?"

"You did your own research." The Shihoin matriarch nodded. "I am the fastest woman in the world. I am the Goddess of Flash, Shihoin Yoruichi! Jinton: Raijin no Ishi." (Swift Release: Will of the Thunder God)

Hundreds of Yoruichi's afterimages materialised before Nagato and they rushed towards the redhead mercilessly. Nagato inhaled deeply, channelled an extensive amount of chakra into his unholy Rinnegan and mumbled. "Shinra Tensei."


"This is our contract. Would you like to see the agreements?" Naruto smiled, oblivious of Koyuki who was staring intensely at him. Sosetsu sighed and took the documents. "I understand that you have gone through something traumatic earlier. However, you must understand that your brother has caused financial damage on your nation."

Naruto frowned as he eyed the fidgeting daimyo. "I will be blunt with you. Kirigakure plans to open factories here, as well as securing an alliance with Yukigakure. As long as you sign the contract, Kirigakure is willing to help your nation. The contract has already stated the deposit of goodwill that we're willing to pay."

"I see…" Sosetsu sighed. "I will put this in consideration."

"The longer you wait, the longer your people will suffer." Naruto slammed a palm on the files and stared sternly at the daimyo. "Don't you get it, Sosetsu-dono? Your people are suffering because of your hesitation! Some are freezing to death, others are starving, while you're here, submerging in warmth and pondering about this issue! Accept this deal now and ease the suffering of your people."

The daimyo blinked in shock.

Naruto widened his eyes before he bowed shamefully. "I apologise for my brashness. Please forgive me."

The daimyo gulped and skimmed through the content of the proposal. "It is alright. There is nothing to forgive. You are right. Hmm… So… if I agreed to this contract, you're willing to dispatch your platoon of ninja from Kirigakure to protect Yukigakure?"

"Yes." Naruto nodded. "All we want is for you to willingly accept us as major shareholders of your factories in Yukigakure. We are aware that Yukigakure are an industrialised nation, famous for your competent machineries and fabulous technologies. We wish to aid your country during such dire era, and in return, we request you to only upload mission profiles to us and provide us a share of profits."

Sosetsu blinked. "Mission profiles?"

"Yes. In other words, Kirigakure will be supporting any missions Yukigakure required. May it be transportation of goods or escorts, Kirigakure will be able to help."

"But, I am aware that Kirigakure is currently under a major recession in its financial state and an imminent civil war will soon be wrought upon your lands." Naruto chuckled. "Rumours have its effect. If Kirigakure is under a recession, is it plausible for us to even submit you such generous amount of money? As for the civil war, let's just say that we're simply using the rumours to protect ourselves from other major nations."

"I don't understand." Sosetsu adjusted his glasses.

"There will be no civil war, I guarantee you. All of the terms and conditions are stated in the contract. Please read through thoroughly and-"

"It's alright. I have already decided." The daimyo smiled. "Yukigakure has no substantial military forces. It will be pleasant if Kirigakure is so kind to protect us. We are willing to ally ourselves with your nation. I accept the agreement."

"T-Thank you, Sosetsu-dono. Our alliance will be a beneficial one, believe it." Naruto grinned lewdly as Sosetsu signed the contract. "I love it when a plan comes together."

Tsunade, sitting quietly beside her surrogate son, stared at the blond.

"Is this still the brat that I know for all those years? This Naruto… he seems so foreign to me. Sometimes, I don't even know what he is thinking. Naruto… what happened to you?"

Sosetsu and Naruto stood up as they exchanged a handshake. "I am glad to be part of your alliance, Uzumaki-kun. As for the deposit of goodwill, that would be redundant." The blond blinked. "S-Sir, are you implying that the sum is not up to your satisfaction? We can always increase-"

"N-No, it's not that." Sosetsu sighed. "You have disposed of my brother and his tyranny, that much is considered a deposit of goodwill to me. Kirigakure do not need to pay me anything. I am happy to join forces with a major nation such as Kirigakure no Sato."

Naruto smiled and bowed in gratitude. "On behalf of Kirigakure, I thank you for your cooperation."

"Please, Uzumaki-kun, you need not be so formal to me. After all, you are our benefactor. It is we who should thank you. Please accept my bow of-"

"No, please don't." The blond grasped the daimyo's shoulders and smiled. "Someone of your status shouldn't be bowing to me. If you wish to express your thanks to me, all you need to do is to be a splendid father for Koyuki-chan and become a great king for your nation. That's all I asked."

Sosetsu smiled. "I understand. Where would you be residing, may I ask?"

"My companion and I have decided to rent a hotel for tonight-"

"No, no. That would not be good." The daimyo gestured his guards to him and announced. "Tidy up the guest rooms in my manor. The ambassadors from Kirigakure deserve that much."

"I thank you for your hospitality." Naruto smirked.


"As expected of the Jusanchushin." Nagato licked the blood from the edge of his lips and sewed an intricate set of complex hand seals. "I didn't want to use this in a fight, but… I guess I have no choice. Onmyoton Hijutsu: Yubu no Aragami." (Secret Technique of the Yin-Yang Release: Tempestuous God of Valour)

Gin's smirk widened as an ominous shadow loomed over him and his comrades. An ethereal warrior, clad in oriental armour, stood with the height of a skyscraper as it glared malevolently at its foes. It was constructed by Nagato's potent chakra and was equipped with an arsenal of undulating swords. Standing within the towering creature was Nagato, who had his arms crossed. "This technique may be incomplete, but it will be enough to defeat the thirteen of you. After all, it is the progenitor of the Mangekyou Sharingan's fable technique."

Sui-Feng gritted her teeth as she felt tremendous power emanating from the oppressing aura of the summoned entity. "W-What in the world is this?"

Hiroko Shinji stepped forward and sighed aloud. "I guess it is time for us to raise this game level a notch."

Urahara Kisuke, chief director of Kumogakure's logistic and technology advancement bureau, as well as commander of the ANBU's support force JOKER, scratched his head in modesty before tapping his cane on the ground. "This is perturbing, don't you think? If I'm not wrong, that technique of his grants him defence at an unreal level. This would be troublesome."

Shihoin Yoruichi materialised her frame beside Kisuke in a static blur and grinned. "He is such fun, don't you think? I have never met an opponent that can actually kill me. I'm starting to like that boy."

"Woman and their distasteful love for the antagonist." Kuchiki Byakuya, unit commander of ANBU's elite stealth unit NOBLE, scoffed as he eyed Nagato emotionlessly from a distance. Byakuya hailed from the aristocratic and wealthy clan of Kumogakure. His paramount skills had certified him as one of Jusanchushin's most deadly member.

Yoruichi stuck a tongue childishly at Byakuya and huffed. "You're just jealous that I, the super sexy Yoruichi-sama, have never liked you, brat!"

Kurosaki Ichigo, the newly enlisted commander of a once exiled ANBU unit REAPER, rolled his eyes and pointed a finger at Nagato. "Shouldn't we be worrying about that man, Yoruichi-san"

"Shut up, kid. You know nothing. Just shut yer face." Yoruichi snapped, much to Ichigo's chagrin.

Aikawa Love, a tall man with a spiky afro and wore the traditional white overcoat, wielding an enormous kanabo that was covered with bladed protrusions, grunted as he stashed his comic book and dug his ear. He was the assigned commander of the ANBU unit, BERSERKER. "At any rate, we should all get serious. He is really determined to kill all of us. I still cherish my life, thank you."

Kenpachi smirked as he rested the sharp edge of his blade on his broad shoulders. "Now we're talking. This is my fight."

"Your fight?" Kaname Tousen, the blind division commander of the ANBU unit JUSTICE, arched a brow and unsheathed his sword ceremonially. He had an orange scarf encircled his neck and he wore a visor. "This is our fight, you fiend. This battle is arranged by Raikage-sama. I would not allow you to taint this glorious battle with your selfish lust for blood."

Kenpachi glared sinisterly at Tousen and snarled. "You want to die first?"

Kensei punched his fist and hollered. "This is no time for games and petty bickering. If you want to settle your vendetta, do it after we kick his ass."

Unohana Retsu, chairwoman of Kumogakure's medical institute and senior commander of ANBU's healer unit THRONES, sighed. "We might as well finish this match. I will take the lead. Will that be fine with you, Hirako-san?"

Shinji averted his gaze and scratched his cheek. "Uh… well, I was thinking of-"

"I said, 'Will that be fine, Hirako Shinji-san?'" Somewhat, a malevolent aura of death manifested from Retsu's frame as she smiled at Shinji, who was sweating profusely.

"W-Well, if you insist…"

Without any hand signs,Retsu aimed her palm at Nagato and whispered. "In attendance of the Jusanchushin, I shall give you a welcoming gift. Raiton Hijutsu: Hiryu Gekizoku Shinten Raiho." (Secret Technique of the Lightning Release: Flying Dragon Striking Heaven Shaking Thunder Cannon)

A gigantic azure beam of pandemonium erupted from Retsu's palm, stupefying her comrades as the blast consumed Nagato. Crackling electricity whiplashed to existence as it destroyed the structures of the stadium, while the audience's cheers blared in excitement. Smoke emitted from the epicentre of her palm as she smiled serenely at the mayhem she had wrought. Nevertheless, Nagato's summoned phantom had shielded the redhead from the devastating assault.

Unfazed, Nagato stared patronisingly at the woman. "Is that it? I expected more than just a few sparks of lightning."

Toshiro was stunned as he stared fearfully at Retsu, who retained a saccharine demeanour. "I-I didn't know she is capable of using an S-Class Lightning technique. The same trademark technique originally created by the Nidaime Raikage… it was said that the lightning is so potent, it changes colour! It was one of the most powerful jutsu… yet that man withstood the blast."

"This is no time for us to be surprised by every little thing." Shinji unsheathed his sword and charged towards Nagato.

"It is futile!" Nagato yelled. "With this variation of Susanoo as my defence, nothing can penetrate through it! Give it up and acknowledge me!"

The blond sliced the ethereal entity with his blade, but was dismayed when the shield of energy received no damage. Nagato raised his hand and his action was mimicked by the monstrosity. Without hesitation, he swung his arm and the humongous entity traced his movement. Shinji ducked from the assault and vanished, before attacks were executed from all direction.

Nagato scowled. "Impressive. That is neither shunshin nor bunshin. That is just… pure speed. My eyes can't even trace his movements anymore. However, impressive as it may be, he cannot defeat me. I am invincible!"

"I guess this is my cue." Gin unsheathed his wakizashi and twirled the hilt of his blade playfully. The silver-haired swordsman pierced the ground and seemingly an incessant amount of blades ascended from the earth. "Don't get mad at me, bro. No hard feelings but, yer gonna die. Suiginton: Senryuu Ginyari no Jutsu!" (Mercury Release: Thousand Dragon Silver Spear Technique)

Toshiro thrust his blade to the sky and the sky simultaneously darkened. A column of light surged to the sky as his sword radiated a chilling aura and the surroundings were frozen in ice. Roaring furiously, Toshiro brought his blade of light down. "No matter how powerful you are, you cannot stand against all thirteen of us! Hyoton: Hyotentsuken!"(Ice Release: Freezing Heaven Moon Blade)

Kensei growled as he smashed the ground with his fist and unleashed tremors at unimaginable magnitude. "Doton: Yama no Bunkatsu Ken!" (Earth Release: Mountain Splitting Fist)

Kisuke chuckled and pointed his blade at Nagato. A blinding crimson beam erupted and blitzed towards the redhead. "What a hassle. I guess we really have to fight. Raiton: Jugeki Byakurai." (Lightning Release: Heavy Strike Pale Lightning)

Byakuya channelled extensive amount of chakra into his fingertips and muttered. Vibrant flames burst out from Byakuya's palm and the wildfire transformed into a roaring serpent. "Katon: Soren Sokatsui."(Fire Release: Twin Lotus Blue Flames, Crash Down)

Sui-Feng punched the air as current of electricity was generated from her fist before a golden bolt struck Nagato. "This will end it. Raiton: Raikoho!" (Lightning Release: Thunder Roar Sear)

Love connected a few hand seals before he formed a circle with his fingers and pumped chakra into his lungs. A wave of red inferno spat out from Love's mouth as the flames consumed his foe. "Let's get this over with! Katon: Karyuu Daiendan!"(Fire Release: Great Dragon Flame Bullet)

Tousen drew a circle with his blade and spoke. A deafening cricket chirps washed over Nagato as the volume amplified, decimating the field with its sharp frequency. "Your silence shall do honour to the Jusanchushin. Ototon: Shikei no Hyoketsuo Narashi." (Sound Release: Ringing Death Penalty Verdict)

Nagato smirked as he clamped his hands in a prayer motion. "As I said, all of your attempts are futile! Gakido Kinjutsu: Fujutsu Kyuin." (Hungry Ghost Realm's Forbidden Technique: Blocking Technique Absorption Seal)


Juri slid open the window and giggled. "To think that the security here is so lax. I can easily assassinate the daimyo and everybody here without notifying anybody."

The brunette ambled in stealthy grace through the tenebrous hallway of the manor. She ventured past a kitchen and noticed a faint light emitting from within. Curiosity piqued, Juri took a peek. Much to her dismay, she saw a monstrosity lurking in the shadows. Its glowing demonic eyes and unreal swaying hair spooked Juri. The brunette yelped and dashed out.

Meanwhile, Shizune rolled her eyes and dropped the empty carton of milk. "Darn, someone spotted me. I better get back to bed."

"Damn! What is wrong with this place?" Juri regained her composure and adjusted her glove. "Stay calm, Juri! You can do this! All I need to do is to assassinate Maki-chan and-"

Making a sharp turn around the corners, she stumbled upon a room and noticed a discarded robe lying on the ground. Juri opened the door and smirked as she found a slumbering Naruto before her. "Bingo! Here is my chance!"

Stifling her gleeful giggles, Juri readied her fist before lashing out a strike. Much to her baffled chagrin, Naruto flipped over in his sleep and evaded the lethal assault. Juri blinked and attempted another attack, but somewhat the blond retaliated by shifting his position. The brunette growled as she glared with menace gleaming in her luminous eyes at Naruto, who was sleeping peacefully.

"S-Stupid Uzumaki Naruto! Are you looking down on me? There is a limit how much you can tease a person!" Juri straddled an oblivious Naruto's hips in order to immobilise him. Before she could strike, Naruto suddenly sat up, their lips were closely apart. Registering danger, the brunette tried to outmanoeuvre the blond. Swiftly, the blond snatched her slender arms and slammed her on his bed.

Juri groaned and opened an eye weakly. She gasped softly when she realised the blond was still asleep. "He's pinning me down while asleep? No! This is bad! I was careless! H-He… he is not a simpleton as I thought!"

When Naruto underwent training sessions with Jiraiya, he remembered how the sage would utilise underhand tactics to beat him. When Hanzo took over the training, he reinforced it to the extremity where Naruto would become paranoid and defensive in his sleep. However, that taught the blond never to drop his guard, even when he was asleep; Naruto was invulnerable.

Naruto crawled predatorily towards a panicked Juri as she tried to retreat. "This is bad! What should I do?"

Juri clamped her mouth shut. "Not good! I cannot let anybody hear my voice… and I cannot awake him! I need to improvise something to- Kyah!"

The blond materialised behind the brunette and bound her appendage with a tactical grapple. Unexpectedly, the slumbering Naruto groped Juri's breasts and fondled her bosom. The brunette moaned as the blond ripped her breastplate mercilessly, leaving her topless. "W-Wait a second! Let go of me! This audacity-"

Naruto pulled her back towards him and he exhaled a sultry breath on her neck, sending chills down her spine. "What is happening? This is supposed to be an assassination mission! H-How did this end up… My body feels so hot all of a sudden. My heart is beating so fast. This is different from my night with Chunny. Why do I feel… could it be?"

Juri panted as Naruto continued to rub his body against her. Her strength was as if robbed away from the blond. She tried desperately to struggle against Naruto's iron grip, but her attempt was futile. "Stop this…"

The unconscious blond licked Juri's neck sensually, enhancing her arousal. She moaned in pleasure as Naruto teased her bosom; her mind was a jumbled mess as the blond continued molesting the hapless brunette.


Ayane and Maya subsequently awoke as they heard muffled cries and erotic moans emanating from Naruto's room. Maya, who was fuming with annoyance, threw her pillow on the ground and screamed. "Stupid Naruto! I can't even sleep properly at night! Why am I still thinking about that stupid guy? That no-good, useless, perverted, self-obsessed, egocentric, volatile piece of hot ass! Urgh!"

Ayane, who was blushing fervently, grabbed her bed sheet tightly. "Why am I still thinking about Naruto-sama? He is such an intelligent, noble, handsome, understanding and kind man. I… am I worthy of him?"

They hesitatingly climbed out of their beds and ambled with caution to the door. Sliding open the door in unison, they were surprised to see each other, face to face across the corridors. Maya narrowed her eyes and probed. "What are you doing?"

"I can ask you the same question." Ayane retorted. The moans were heard and the girls blinked. Ayane and Maya carefully walked out of their rooms and tiptoed towards Naruto's chamber. Impatiently, the silver-haired swordswoman twirled the doorknob and barged into the room, only to be dismayed by Juri's presence.

"What the fuck…"

Ayane gasped and she cupped her mouth. "N-Naruto-sama…"

Tsunade yawned as she walked into the chamber, only to halt as she saw an unfamiliar brunette being pinned down by an unconscious Naruto. "What the…"

Naruto's snort popped and he jolted from his sleep, only to see a naked Juri kissing his neck. Maya's furious aura of death transformed into a grim reaper as her sword miraculously materialised in her grasp. "Naruto-baka!"

"W-What?" Naruto suffered a nosebleed as he stared at his situation in confusion. "What happened?"

"That's what we're supposed to ask you, pervert!"

The silver-haired swordswoman brought her blade down.

A horrified scream of agony blared and the birds from the surroundings flew off.


Sui-Feng panted as she eyed Nagato, who remained apathetic. "W-What a joke. He has never moved an inch ever since he used that technique. And all of our attacks combined are readily absorbed into that… thing. It is enlarging as we speak. If I'm not wrong, it is eating our chakra in order to feed that… shield.

If that's the case, it is truly an ultimate defence."

"Nothing is absolute." Byakuya stood with his blade drawn.

"Byakuya is right." Shinji responded. "Let's put that invincible Susanoo to the test, shall we?"

"You guys still have such confidence? Even when you know it's hopeless, even when you're facing overwhelming power, do you all not feel fear?"

"Fear?" Kensei growled. "There is no fear in our dictionary."

Nagato smiled before he applauded. "As expected of the Jusanchushin. I shall do the same. I shall put your title as the Thirteen Pillar Gods to the test."


Naruto, with bandages on various part of his face, sat drooling at Juri, who was eyeing him back with mixed feelings. Ayane knelt beside the blond and nursed his wounds. Maya folded her arms and stared infuriately at Naruto. Tsunade shook her head disapprovingly, while Shizune and Kimimaro remained quiet in the corner.

"Han Juri, it would be nice if you can answer a simple question from me." Maya said sweetly, before she glared fiercely at the brunette. "What the fuck are you doing here?"

"It's none of your business." Juri huffed.

Ayane sighed. "Mizukage-sama can't possibly be the one who sent you here."

"You came here by your own accord, didn't you?" Maya concluded rhetorically.

Juri looked away. "Like I said, it's none of your business."

Maya deadpanned as she glared at the dazed Naruto and smacked his head with the sheath of her blade. The blond yelped indignantly and pouted. "W-Why did you do that for? Isn't it enough already? I can sue you for your insubordination and-"

"Shut up." The silver-haired swordswoman narrowed her eyes viciously.

Naruto obliged.

"You may be crazy, Juri." Maya's eyes morphed into a diabolical crimson accompanied with draconic slits. "But I'm the craziest bitch around here. So don't go around and mess with people's plan. Amongst the seven of us, we all know what you are like. So play quietly and leave, Han Juri."

Juri's eye illuminated a sinister violet as she glared back at Maya. "Don't tell me what to do, Natsume."

"And what are you gonna do to me, huh? Kill me? Suck it, bitch."

Furiously, Juri slammed her palms on the ground and performed swift kicks at the swordswoman. In retaliation, Maya unsheathed her blade and swung it with almighty force. However, their attacks were stopped and parried by Tsunade, who raised a finger to block the brunette's shin and a kunai to shield from the deadly edge of the swordswoman's nefarious sword. "Alright, cut it out girls. Stop acting like uncivilised monkeys and do things the rational way."

Naruto stifled a giggle and he whispered conspiratorially to Kimimaro. "Women. Always fighting. Always resorting to violence. It is the reason why that crazy old woman still isn't married yet."

The blond didn't realise he had spoken everything aloud. When he turned around, he was confronted by an apathetic Tsunade with a fist imbued with palpable chakra. "Call me old and crazy… one more time."

Naruto smirked and mocked with hand gestures. "Cuckoo!"

The busty blonde licked her lips and readied her punch. "Grandson or not, I'm gonna bust your ass right now!"

Before Tsunade could thrust her punch, Naruto redirected his attention to the window; as if on cue, an entity blitzed into the chamber, startling everybody. Chun-Li surveyed the room and noticed Juri. Without hesitation, she darted towards the brunette and subdued her with a grapple technique. Juri moaned as Chun-Li pinned her on the ground, immobilising her successfully. "I got you now, Juri! You're coming home with me, whether you like it or not."

"W-Whoa, whoa, hold up a sec!" Naruto exclaimed. "Chun-chan? What are you doing here?"

Chun-Li registered the situation and yelped. "N-Naruto-kun? Why are you here?"

"That's our line!" Maya retorted. The martial-artist switched her sight at the silver-haired swordswoman and subsequently the violet-haired assassin. "A-Ayane-dono, Maya-dono? If the two of you are here, then this must be the mission Mizukage-sama has instructed me to prevent Juri from interfering."

Juri growled. "Release me!"

Tsunade coughed, alerting Chun-Li of her presence. "I'm here, you know."

Naruto scratched his scalp sheepishly and introduced. "This is the Densetsu no Sannin, Senju Tsunade."

"Sannin?" The brunette thought for a while before she recognised Tsunade. "O-Oh! You're the Legendary Sucker, Tsunade-sama!"

The Sannin's eye twitched vigorously. "I seriously hate that nickname."


The council of Iwagakure was summoned for attendance. Within the palatial chamber, various notable clan leaders sat, patiently waiting for the arrival of the Tsuchikage's representative. The door opened and everybody was alerted as a beautiful woman, accompanied by escorts, strode briskly into the spacious room.

She carried an aura of indifference as she took her seat on a gothic throne. She wore a red bodysuit that wrapped her well-endowed figure and she was equipped with diabolical armours fastened on her shoulders and shins. She had velvet mahogany hair held into a ponytail by a ribbon. Dressed in combat sandals and had utility pouches secured on her curvaceous waist and slim thigh, she was praised for her limitless arsenal of overwhelming prowess throughout Iwagakure.

She was Taki, the adoptive daughter of Ryotenbin no Onoki and commanding general of Iwagakure's military. "I, Taki, on behalf of Tsuchikage-sama, am here to address a few issues regarding about Kirigakure and a certain man."

However, Iwagakure was a country filled with chauvinistic man occupied with traditional and discriminating concept of woman. Monosuke, pompous heir of a wealthy clan in the village, scoffed. "I don't understand why we are listening to your orders. Who do you think you are? The Tsuchikage? Huh?"

"That is enough!" A blonde woman, garbed in a courtesan kimono, exhaled a smoke ring from her tobacco pipe and sighed. "This is a ceremonial meeting. Mind your words, Monosuke."

"Shut up, Tsukuyo! You are a woman, just like Taki! Stay down and be obedient like how you are born to be!"

Tsukuyo narrowed her eyes and a kunai materialised in her grasp. "I dare you to say that again, Monosuke."

Kitsuchi, chief commanding general of Iwagakure's operative forces, grunted. "Silence, Monosuke! Father has chosen Taki as his representative. You will respect Taki as you respect Tsuchikage-sama."

Monosuke shook his head and slammed a hand on the table. "No! It has been our law that women are not supposed to interfere with men's business! Why are these dirty whores barging in with this nation's problems? Why is that senile old man handing the responsibility of this village's security to a lowly woman such as her?"

"Watch that tongue of yours, Monosuke!" Kitsuchi growled as he balled his fists. "Taki is my sister, if you have forgotten!"

"Like I care! She is a bastard child! A bastard child who is not even remotely related to you, Kitsuchi! She is just an abandoned street dog who just so happened to be picked up by that miserable, old fool! This is a perversion of our society and an insult to our ancestor! What would Shodai Tsuchikage-sama think of this? What would any of our late fathers think of this? That a lowly woman is commanding us? She might not even have Iwagakure's blood in her veins! She is a dirty little abomination who-"

Taki climbed the table nimbly, dashed past Monosuke and unsheathed her sword, performing a fluid slice. A fountain of blood gushed out from Monosuke's bifurcated body and the dark liquid splashed on Taki's delicate face. Tsukuyo's face softened into a disturbing smile while Kitsuchi sighed. Taki watched remorselessly as the blood splattered on the wall, painting the scene into a macabre mess.

Taki gracefully sheathed her sword and stared darkly at the councilmen. "To remind those who still do not understand I shall break it down for you. For assuming pseudo leadership, I strongly encourage you from time to time, and always in a respectful manner, to question my order. If you're unconvinced of a particular proposal of mine that I've decided is the wisest, tell me so."

The councilmen swallowed hard as Taki smiled uncharacteristically. "However, I promise you that no subject will ever be taboo, lest you're worried. The price you pay for bringing up my heritage or gender as a degrading subject, I collect your fucking head."

Taki snatched the head of Monosuke and raised it for everybody to see. "Just like this fucker here. Now, if any of you son of bitches got anything else to say… NOW IS THE FUCKING TIME!"

The sheer ferocity of Taki's rage shattered the windows as a shockwave erupted. A malicious shadow manifested behind Taki's frame as she took the form of a devil incarnate. Everybody averted their gazes nervously. Taki was trained personally by the Sandai Tsuchikage; she was a prodigy amongst her colleagues and had built up a fearsome rapport, becoming rivals against Kumogakure's Goddess of Flash, Yoruichi, and Kirigakure's Bloody Princess, Maya. It was said that their last battle, which lasted for days, had decimated an entire forest into a godforsaken wasteland.

Regaining her composure, Taki retained her impassive demeanour and dropped the head. "I don't think so."

Stashing her blade, Taki bowed politely and resumed her seat. "Ladies and gentlemen, shall we continue this meeting?"

A silence intruded and Taki nodded. "We have received information a few days ago from our scout unit that Kirigakure is possibly expanding their forces to other minor countries. The expansion of territory is supervised and led by an unknown man. Our men have assimilated their findings and came up with a name."

Kitsuchi cocked a brow.

"Uzumaki Naruto."


(A few days later…)

"What do you think of the factories?" Sosetsu, accompanied with his guardsmen, ventured within a hallway with Naruto, Ayane and Maya. The blond stared sagaciously through the panels of window and observed the electric generators and the massive computers. "This place is built to produce electricity for our nations. I'm sure that the other major nations utilise other source of energy to create power. However, our scientists and researchers have been working on solar panels and wind turbines to produce sufficient electricity in order to replace coal."

Naruto stroked his chin and stared keenly at the technicians working within their stations. "This is indeed fabulous. You will be willing to expand your technologies and profits with us, won't you? With Yukigakure's aid, our alliance will only flourish."

"Of course." Sosetsu smiled. "Will Kirigakure become an opened market?"

"Certainly." Naruto replied. "Kirigakure will buy some of the factories here. I will be blunt with you. We wish to open factories within the Alliance's territory. You see, Kirigakure is planning to ally ourselves with other countries. Due to the harsh climates in Yukigakure, merchants and businessmen are unwilling to travel to your country to purchase your goods. However, we plan to aid your economy by introducing foreigners to your nation. That way, you will have your share of profits and we can continue working together as partners."

"That is indeed a wonderful idea. As for the mission profiles, we will transfer all of our statuses to Kirigakure. If you could kindly attach a few platoons of your military forces to our site, we will be pleased." Sosetsu proposed.

"They are on their way, sir." Ayane interjected.

Naruto smiled. "If that is the case, we will take our leave."

"You're leaving so soon?"

The blond nodded. "Unfortunately, yes. We still have to travel to the Land of Vegetables, the Land of Rice and the Land of Noodles to open a discourse with their daimyo. Hopefully, the next time we meet, the Alliance will become stronger than before."

Sosetsu bowed. "Yes, of course. I wish you luck in your journey."


"Okay, I get the whole the-more-the-merrier idea, but isn't this counterproductive?" Maya huffed. "There are too much unnecessary people in this team! We should get rid of some of those pests, Naruto-baka!"

Juri placed a hand on her curvaceous hip and grunted. "Who are you calling unnecessary, you whore."

The swordswoman unsheathed her blade and taunted. "Call me that and I will slit your throat, you third-grade slut!"

Chun-Li and Ayane intervened as they grasped Juri and Maya's shoulders respectively.

Shizune sighed as she shook her head. "For some reason, this group is recruiting more and more homicidal women."

Tsunade grinned. "You have a healthy bunch of girls there, don't you?"

Naruto smiled. "Awesome, huh?"

"I apologise if I'm interrupting, Naruto-sama, but where are we heading?" Kimimaro, for a very long time, spoke.

The blond ruffled his apprentice's white hair and chuckled. "We are currently heading north-east to the Land of Noodles! It is a must-go!"

"Why, may I ask?" Kimimaro queried. "Because they have the best ramen in the world!"

The apprentice nodded. "Agreed."

Tsunade slapped her forehead. "I should've known."



Maya, dressed in a formal attire that somewhat exposed her cleavage, stood in a classroom, facing young students from the ninja academy. Grasping a pointer in hand, the swordswoman grinned. "Good morning, class."

"Good morning…" The students responded lethargically.


Instantly, the dull atmosphere in the classroom lightened up as the students became alert. "G-Good morning, Maya-sensei!"

"Fabulous." Maya smirked before she noticed a disturbance in the air. Without hesitation, she grabbed a chalk and threw it at a dozing boy, effectively waking him up. "Nobody is to sleep in my class. The consequence will be severe, am I clear?"

"Yes, ma'am!"

"Good! Now, onward to today's lesson!" Maya cleared her throat and smiled. "As we all know, our career is a lifetime of stress and bloodshed. We are forced to face death every day. Sucks, isn't it? No idea why so many idiots sign up for this crap but- Yes, little girl over there, you have a question or something?"

A girl, who raised her hand, snickered. "You said idiots sign up to become ninja. Are you saying you're an idiot too?"

The swordswoman smiled before a chalk struck the girl's forehead. "As I was saying, due to the responsibilities and stresses occurring in our life as a ninja, our relationship, may it be kinship or something sexual, is often jeopardised. I am here to teach you how to prioritise your life. Boys, stay alert because what I'm gonna say is going to happen to you."

Maya folded her arms. "Okay, here's the thing. A relationship that last for a month or so, your girl will look at you and want you to promise them something. Girls want you to promise them something simple. They want you to promise not to lie to them. Girls, listen up, because they will promise you, and that is the first time they lie to you."

A boy raised his hand.

The swordswoman blinked. "Boy with curly hair, you have something to ask?"

"Yes!" The boy smirked. "Are you a virgi-"

Before the boy could finish his bold question, a chalk smashed his face and he promptly fainted from the impact.

"Any more questions?" Maya queried sweetly.

A girl waved her arm. "Sensei, I got a question! What is masturbating?"

The swordswoman almost choked. "W-Who taught you that?"

The girl shrugged. "Our sex-ed teacher. Juri-sensei told us masturbate a day keeps the urges away. She never really told us what she means though."

Maya smacked her forehead with her palm and sighed. "This is harder than I thought."


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