Author's Note:: A crossover fic. Tony DiNozzo (NCIS) is called to Boston (lets just say he worked there and not in Baltimore) to his old P.D and there, he meets his cousin, Jane Rizzoli (Rizzoli & Isles) and her best friend, Maura Isles.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters portrayed in this fic, no copyright infringement is intended either.

Tony looked out over the wings of the plane and saw the city of Boston circling underneath as the plane tilted and gradually began to descend into Boston Logan airport. To say he was excited was an understatement. He was ecstatic to be heading back to Boston to see his cousins, Jane and Frankie Jr. but this trip was not a family occasion. There had been a dead Marine discovered and this Marine had ties to one of Tony's old friends at the Boston P.D; Bobby Marino.

Buckling himself back into his seat, he thought about those good times he had spent with Bobby and the boys in the Narcotics department. Tony couldn't ever imagine Bobby to be tied in with any murder investigation. No, there was no way he would be involved. The only way Tony could ever imagine Bobby being involved in something this size would be for his undercover work, with his partner, Danny.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking, our flight will be landing in approximately ten minutes, please make sure all trays are in the upright position and locked away, and any hand luggage is stored away in an overhead compartment, or stowed under the seat in front of you. Thank you for flying with us today, and on behalf of all our crew members onboard this flight, we wish you enjoy your stay in Boston, good day."

Tony smiled and rested his head back against the rest at the top of the seat, turning his eyes to look out of the window at the city getting closer beneath the wings of the plane. He clung to the armrest as the plane soared lower, hitting some slight turbulence as the plane dropped through the flying class levels of altitude before driving home, straight for the Boston Logan runway, heading into Gate Four.

De-boarding the plane, Tony nodded to the leggy blonde who was part of the cabin crew as she flashed him a smile that rivalled his own DiNozzo grin, and he followed the throng of passengers heading towards the baggage claim and arrivals lounge before heading out to find their respective on-bound journeys. And Tony was doing the same, he collected his bag and headed for the Avis hire care stand in the airport. Reaching the store, he dug out his paperwork and ID so he could get his hired car for his stay.

"If you'd like to follow me, Mr DiNozzo, I can get your car right away." the sales assistant told him and flashed a soft smile over her shoulder as she walked ahead a little until he caught up with her.

Tony chuckled to himself, he'd been in Boston for not even half an hour and already he'd seen more beautiful women than back in Washington, "Why'd I ever leave this place?" he muttered to himself, slinging his bag higher on his shoulder as he rushed to keep up with the sales assistant in her clacking heels.

"So, you'll be returning the car to us on Sunday before you fly out in the evening." she smiled to him, moving out into the parking lot.

"That's right, so...are you single, married...?" Tony smirked.

"I'm in a relationship." she replied to him with a knowing smirk.

"Willingly, or...?" he pressed, smirking now with that famous DiNozzo expression.

"Willingly, and happily." she replied, unlocking the car for him and watching as he opened the backseat, tossing in his baggage and then closing the door to move to the driver's seat and getting inside.

"So, what's he like?" Tony asked, closing himself in the car and buckling in.

"Who said it's a he?" the sales assistant replied coolly, watching for his reaction while he signed for the car.

Hearing her words, Tony's smirk transformed into a grin and his eyes lit up before he began chuckling, "I love this city!" he watched the assistant head back to the office with papers she'd gotten Tony to sign as he inserted the key into the ignition and nodded to himself, "Boston P.D..." he smiled a little, turning on the radio station.

"Good afternoon Boston! Here's a feel good song for all you folks out there! Summer Of '69 by Brrrrryan Aaaaadams! Take it away Bry...!" the DJ announced the song as the introduction of the guitar riff kicked off in the background before Bryan Adams' voice came into the track. Tony smiled and bopped his head along with his fingers, to the beat of the music as he put the car into drive, leaving the parking lot and heading over to the Boston P.D.

"Korsak, has he called in yet?" Jane looked to her partner with a look of concern, she hadn't heard anything from her cousin yet. His flight had apparently landed around forty minutes ago, and she still had no word on where he was.

"He's probably finding his hotel first, eh?" Korsak supplied her with an answer.

"And knowing Tony, probably chasing some skirt." she rolled her eyes, her cousin was too much like her uncle, her mother's brother, Anthony Snr.

"He's Italian, what do you expect?" Korsak shrugged and shook his head a little before Jane's younger brother walked in, and up to her desk.

"Hey Frankie." she smiled and gave him an expectant look.

"Hey Janey, I wanted to ask you about this section in the guide book..." he trailed off as he glanced up and saw Maura crossing by the window, looking in for Jane.

Frankie had started his training with the Boston P.D at around the same time Dr. Maura Isles had been appointed as the new Chief Medical Examiner in the M.E's office a minute five months ago, and from the moment he had saw her, he had developed an undeniable crush on her. A lot of the other officer's had done too, but Frankie Rizzoli Jr got it bad for Maura. He'd blush, not be able to form coherent sentences, everything a teenage boy would do around his crush.

Besides Jane, Maura was the only other desirable female working at the Boston P.D, and Maura wasn't actually working with Boston Police Department, she worked for the city, as part of the Medical Examiner's Office. Jane had been the only woman on the team for almost two years before the previous Medical Examiner had passed away, that was when Maura had been fortunate enough to get the job, and move back home to Boston from San Francisco where she had been working as a lecturer at their university hospital.

Maura rounded the corner of the glass partitions and she entered the Homicide bullpen, heading straight for Jane's desk, with a bemused expression etched across her face. She glanced around the small bullpen and frowned a little before she laid her eyes over Frankie briefly before turning her focus back to Jane.

"Hey Maura, what's wrong?"

"I've just returned back from my lunch break and there's a dead Marine laying on one of my tables." she explained.

"Yes, Maura...your patients usually are dead, aren't they...?" Jane smiled at her, her partner, Korsak rewarded her with a chuckle and she saw Frankie raise his brow.

"Jane, I am a Medical Examiner, I do not have time for you witty banter, with your team." Maura shook her head.

"It must be so hard to be you..." Jane smirked a little before she chuckled and then continued, "We're waiting on an agent from NCIS, if he hurries his ass up!"

"Language, Jane." the Medical Examiner chided.

Jane rolled her eyes a little before she continued, "Yeah, he'll explain all."

"An NCIS agent?" Maura tilted her head a little, "Should I hold off the autopsy then?"

"Yes, Dr. Isles!"

Maura gave a solemn nod before she began walking away, noticing Frankie was still drooling over her as she passed him, though she seemed oblivious to him, she was not.

"Oh, and by the way, Maura!" Jane called just before Maura rounded the glass partitions to leave for her lab, "He's my cousin."

About another half hour later, he finally showed up at the Boston Police Department, his crime scene gear to hand and dressed in his usual attire of Gucci shoes, Armani tie and Ermenegildo Zegna suit with his Dolce and Gabbana shirt. Yes, Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo junior was all about taking pride in his appearance, that, and he liked to splurge his hard (or sometimes not so much) earned wage on pretty and expensive things.

Flashing his badge to the officer on the desk, he smiled and entered the building, receiving a 'VISITOR' badge before checking to see the Homicide department was still on the same floor it always had been when he'd been there before he headed on up to meet his cousin, Detective Jane Rizzoli. He had to say he was proud Jane was part of the Police Force because it had been his idea for her to join up with him, he'd talked her out of going to college and having her father not be able to pay for her tuition, so the next best thing to make Frankie Snr proud; become a Police Officer.

Jane's desk faced the window, allowing Tony to be able to pull a Gibbs on her, "Hi Jane!" he exclaimed as he jumped up beside her, like he'd done many times before to his partner back at NCIS, Ziva David, and to the partner he'd lost during combat, Kate Todd.

"Jeez, Tony!" she glared at him before she chuckled and smirked a little. She stood and pulled him into her, embracing him a little, "It's great you finally decided to make an appearance here. What, almost an hour later than planned." she raised her brows, still smirking.

"I wanted to change, you know show best impressions for NCIS agents."

Jane chuckled and she rolled her eyes, "Alright, we can socialise later, this is my partner, Korsak...Korsak, this is my cousin, Tony." she introduced the men to each other before Frost and Frankie entered the bullpen, "Oh, Tony, look Frankie's here! And this is Barry Frost." she smiled, "He took your spot on Narcotics, just been moved to Homicide." she told him.

"You work with Danny and Bobby, Frost?" Tony asked the younger Detective.

"Briefly, they were a strong team, I wanted something a bit more challenging, put in for a move to Homicide." he replied.

Tony nodded before he turned his attention on his youngest Rizzoli cousin, Frankie, "Hey Junior!" he called out to Jane's younger brother, "I see you're doing your Officer training, huh?" he smiled, "They been leaving all kinds of fake hands and stuff around the place?"

"No..." Frankie looked a little confused.

Jane shoved their older cousin and rolled her eyes again, "No, Tony you know that all stopped when you left!" she smirked a little before checking her watch, "We should get down to autopsy, check out this Marine. I don't wanna keep Dr. Isles waiting. Then we can go check out the scene, hm?"

"Sounds alright to me." Tony replied, nodding and leaving his bag at Jane's desk as he followed her out into the corridor, "So, your M.E, is he really that impatient, like ours?"

"Who said our M.E's a he?" Jane smiled knowingly over her shoulder to Tony.

Author's Note: I decided against making this fic a oneshot, there was too much I want to put into it, so it's probably going to be about three chapters long, who knows! Thank you for reading!