Author's Note:: A crossover fic. Tony DiNozzo (NCIS) is called to Boston (lets just say he worked there and not in Baltimore) to his old P.D and there, he meets his cousin, Jane Rizzoli (Rizzoli & Isles) and her best friend, Maura Isles.

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Tony sighed a little and looked to Maura, his smile disappearing rapidly and he replied to her question, "Jane, it was Jane. Maura...I know, well I actually don't know, but Jane's told me you can't help it. I was just pleased you didn't do it with me, that's the only reason I brought the topic up." he smiled to her gently, caressing her jawline with his thumb. He saw that Maura wasn't buying his reply, so he tried to make his smile seem bigger and softer, "Maura, you can diagnose me all you want..." Tony finally said as he saw she was looking down to her lap as they sat in the car together.

"I'm not upset that you know about that, I just...I don't know why Jane had to tell you." Maura looked up at Tony and frowned a little.

"Would you be mad at me if I told you I asked her? About you..." Tony smiled to Maura and stroked over her cheek.

"You asked her?"

"I just wanted to know what kind of things you like...whether you like Italian, French..."


Tony smiled and nodded softly, "I didn't mean for that to come out Maura, I just...I'm glad you didn't diagnose me." he looked at her.

"I can't help that sometimes the men I agree to go on a date with, have some genetic disorder. You happen to be lucky enough I haven't worked one out for you, Anthony."

"Please Maura, call me Tony." he flashed his smile at her, for what seemed the millionth time that evening.

"Okay, Tony...we should head home, it's getting late." she smiled, buckling her belt a little as she looked at him.

Tony nodded and complied to Maura's suggestion. He started the ignition and buckled himself in, before looking to Maura gently and ahead to the road to pull out and get her home, to her little Bass. The drive was relatively quiet, just Tony asking for directions, and Maura giving short answers in reply. Rolling up outside Maura's house finally, Tony got himself out of the car before walking around to open her door, smiling softly.

"Tony, it's cold go inside." Maura said softly as she got out of the car.

He looked to her, and raised an inquisitive brow as he tried to determine what she was meaning. He noticed that Maura closed the passenger door and was getting out her house keys to enter her home, so naturally Tony thought she had been opening up and invitation to him. He followed her towards the front door.

As she reached the small porch, Maura turned, "Thank you for this evening, Tony. It's been really lovely, but really, you should head back to your hotel. It's getting colder."

"You're not inviting me inside?" he asked her and smiled a little, since he was feeling very awkward.

"I'm sorry, I have an early rise tomorrow, with yoga and Bass...and I know sometimes you don't call for a second date if you end up sleeping with the woman you've been out with." Maura stepped up inside the house, in the hallway as she turned and looked back at Tony, her hand resting on the jamb, "Although I loved this evening, I don't think it would be a very appropriate idea for us to dine again, with you living and working in Washington, and I remaining here." a light suddenly flicked on, "I have to see to Bass, goodnight Tony. Make sure you call Ziva..." she closed the door after smiling to him, noting his confused expression.

"Maura, come on, we can work it out. Wait...!" he cursed silently and sighed a little before he looked to the now gently lit living room, "But who said...?" he asked himself before his own lightbulb popped on, "Bass..." he chuckled, "Bass is code word for Jane!" he nodded triumphantly to himself, "Janey said!" he punched the air and moved towards the window, peeking inside. And just as he thought, he saw his cousin Jane standing with Maura in the living room as the Doctor slipped off her shoes. He saw Jane lean in and chastely kiss Maura's lips before he lost his footing, trying not to crush Maura's begonias and he slipped.

"Who was that?" Jane asked herself more than Maura.

"Probably just Tony...I told him I had to get inside, to check on Bass...he loved those strawberries by the way..." Maura smiled seductively to the Detective.

"Yeah, but Tony knows about us. So, who...who said?"


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