Leo and Ulla Bloom returned. The happy couple immediately noticed the change in their friend, but could not get him to admit what had put the light back into his brown eyes.

The trio sat in their sun-light kitchen, enjoying breakfast together as they so often did.

"You got a haircut," Leo stated, nodding, proud that he had finally figured it out. He took a big gulp of orange juice.

"No, silly," Ulla cooed, rising to her feet and crossing the room to get the toast as it popped from the toaster oven. "Max met a gurl," she said confidently.

The men gasped for different reasons.

"Is it true, Max?" Leo pleaded, his blue eyes wide.

"How'd you guess?" he asked, looking up at the pretty blonde as she carefully put a slice of the warm bread on his plate.

She shrugged her shapely shoulders. "A voman knows dees tings."

Max chuckled. "Yeah, well... that's all you're getting from me," he said, taking a swig of his coffee. "Nothing can come of it, so I don't know why this discussion has to continue."

"She's married?" Leo pressed.

"She's too young. Max is tired of old vemen," Ulla commented, sitting back in her chair and crossing her long, beautiful legs before taking a large bite of pickled herring.

"Is she a high ranking officials daughter?" Leo piped in as he chewed.

Max shook his head. "You two won't quit, will ya?" he mumbled playfully. "She's gonna be in the show." The words just came out of his mouth and he had been powerless to stop them.

"There's always a place in the show for the producers girlfriend," Leo said, turning to Ulla, grinning.

With a snort, Max stood and moved to the front door. "Let's stop talking and get to the theatre. You can interrogate her, too," he snickered, placing his fedora on the top of his head. The sooner they left, the sooner he could see her again.