Drabbles/short-shorts that I've written for me_challenge. Badly written and mostly stupid. You've been warned.

An Embarrassing Injury

Eden Prime's sun was just peeking up from over the horizon. Gunnery Chief Ashley Williams dragged herself to the garrison mess hall, her ears perking up at the sound of Private Nerali Bhatia's laugh. It was a musical sound that always seemed to warm her heart.

The other privates at the mess table were all snickering, some out right laughing. Figuring she could use a laugh (or put a stop to their early morning antics), Ashley made her way to the mess table to see what was up.

She did a double take when Bhatia turned her head and looked at one of the privates, incredulousness painted over her smooth dark features. She asked, "How the hell did you get shot in the ass, Evans?"

Private Evans stammered a reply that had something to do with a misguided plow, some electrical tape and a rock and Ashley decided she didn't want to know. In fact, now she felt like a stiff drink.