Prompt: Brave

The club was jumping when Ash appeared beside him. She looked good. White and grey jumpsuit sans the pink and white overcoat; it showed off her toned shoulders and arms and bitten nails. He had the perfect view down the front. She wasn't paying attention. No, instead, Ash was watching Joker talk animatedly to EDI at the table behind him.

James wondered if she even realized -

Her hand over her cleavage let him know she caught him and he grinned. He hoped it was a million credit smile instead of a sloppy drunk smile.

"Eyes up top, Jimmy," she told him, but her eyes darted back to where Joker was talking.

He couldn't remember if he'd ever been jealous before. Six shots in and he thought maybe there was a time a few years ago. A time before Fehl Prime when he allowed himself to feel something other than... other than whatever the hell it was now.

Six shots in and he really wasn't thinking all that straight. He wanted to tell Ash how beautiful she was; how talented she was; and how smart he thought she was. What came out was: "You look hot. You should dance here."

Close enough.

He took another shot and his mouth kept running: "You gonna talk to him? Take him away from his ship and her titanium tits? Or you gonna talk to me? Take me away from the bar?"

Her eyes met his and he was really too drunk to be even standing let alone swigging back another shot of... was this shit water?

He thought maybe she said she wasn't brave enough about something. The music was really loud. When did it get so loud? She said something else before tapping her foot at him.

"I'm taking you away from the bar," she said finally. "Commander's order us back to the ship."

He only half-way heard her. Next thing he knew Esteban was there and they were both dragging him back to the airlock.

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