Prologue: Once Upon A Time

A neutral country of 17 million people. It is a world of magic and everything that comes with it. Not only is it bought and sold every day, integrated in people's lives, but it is in the nature in a way that you might never have seen it before.

In Fiore not only humans lived. But fairies, exceeds (cat-like beings usually accompanying humans), dragons and many other creatures lived. And this is where our little story session takes off. Okay… not exactly here but it does involve a dragon or two.

In this kingdom two children were cursed. Both by the same person. One lost his only parent, his father, when he was but a few years old and spent the rest of his childhood alone, in a large castle in a place mostly unknown to humans. The other was cursed because her parents had offended the curser. The curser threatened that when the girl was old enough he would come and take her away, and that they would not be able to hide her anywhere. He would find her.

So when the girl was almost sixteen her parents told her what was to happen. They had found an abandoned castle that no one knew of and they hoped that she was safe there. She doubted their decision but did as she was told in any case.

And this is where our story starts.

This all started when I started getting into Fairy Tail again. I started noticing how many fairytale references you can find in both FT and Rave Master, and I though "why not make a REAL fairytale to our two mains?" and so I started working. As you all can see it has a pretty normal plot and I wanted to keep the whole story under 6k - didn't happen, and when I passed 7k i decided to turn it into a multi chaptered story.

Not everything is explained in the story so if you have any questions just ask, 'cause not everything will be answered in the story as I didn't want it to get TOO detailed. The chapters all have different lenght but all are over 1k and 2k. umm... oh yeah! There will be several references to the original story and you will meet characters from it (it IS a fanfic after all). Natsu also have a past that is a lot like the original story but keep in mind that this is an AUTHENTIC universe fic and though I used the characters it is not the same world.

I have already finished this, as you might have guessed and IT WILL BE UPLOADED EACH THURSDAY .

I'm looking forward to your reviews

- Pen