Phoebe was gazing out of her bay window sitting on her pink and black skull pillows that her older sisters had bought for her last summer. She felt numb, not in all of her sixteen years had phoebe kept something from her big sisters. Heck she didn't want to keep this from them; she just didn't have to words to explain what was wrong and what had happened.

She looked at the clock, four twenty am. She had hours before she had to be up but she couldn't sleep. She hadn't slept properly since it had started….since he had started.

She walked into the bathroom she shared with Piper, Prue had her own. The bathroom was your usual white. Toilet, bath, shower, blue accessories, and enough hair and beauty products to open a store. Phoebe reached for her black toothbrush and gasped in pain, he had really gone to town the night before.

"Hey Pheebs, Piper has got to work late at P3, some meeting with an accountant. Joey can't work so I said I would cover his shift" Prue shouted as she finished putting the bowls away . "Yeah whatever sis, I will be fine on my own. Probably just hit the hay early anyway" Phoebe yawned. "Nice try lil one, Rodger said he would watch you. Not leaving you alone again so you can invite your friends round to destroy the house" Phoebe didn't reply she just sat there as Prue walked out "Rodger will be here in half an hour, go do you home work. Love you"

Phoebe finished with the toothbrush wiped her mouth and dug up the courage to evaluate the damage from last night. She lifted her pink long sleeved pj top and began to cry. Her abdomen was covered with a large purple bruise, she had marks all around her neck from where he had held her in place, she was sure her wrist was sprained again and her shoulder looked a mess.

"Where are you Pheebs?" Roger bellowed from down stairs. Phoebe didn't answer, she never did. This was some sick game he liked to play. She knew he would be along in a minute. "Spoke to Prue, she told me you wanted to stay alone. Can't have that can we? Not after last time" Roger sniggered. She responded, she couldn't help herself "last time? I didn't do anything. You Rodger invited truckloads of teenagers I hardly knew. Encouraged them to beat up the house and get corn dog drunk…" Phoebe got cut off mid-sentence with a slap. "Shut the hell up you stupid little bitch, you need to learn some fucking manners." Roger spat as he began to lunge for her. She was pinned to the bed by her throat in seconds; he stared into her eyes and began to trail his hands over her body. She tried to struggle, to fight back but he was to strong. He beat her to keep her still. Punch after punch to her stomach, all his weight on top of her, his greasy hands over her skin, horrid breath and disgusting words… she eventually passed out. When she woke she was lying naked on her bed while he was zipping up his trousers. "Perfect as usual lil one, and remember no telling the siblings….they won't believe you anyway" he whispered blowing a kiss.

She stared at herself in the bathroom mirror, she hated it when he called her "lil one" and he knew it. She got a wash trying her hardest not to hurt her battered body any more, she lay in hot bath water thinking of how it used to be. Everything had been fine before Rodger; sure it was hard after grams had died. Really hard especially for Prue but the girls got through it. It was okay for a while when Rodger first came on the scene but when it came apparent to him that Prue was not leaving her family for him it became bad…

Phoebe walked into the sofa room with a catalogue looking at things she could get for her sweet sixteenth in two weeks. She wasn't looking where she was going and bumped into Rodger. "Hey Roge, what you up to?" she smiled at him "watch where your walking you stupid bitch" Roger spat back . Phoebe stood looking at him for a while to see if he was joking. Sure he had been a little off with her for a few weeks but she couldn't see what she had done wrong. Before she could speak he had her against the wall. "Listen here you annoying little fuck. If it wasn't for you me a Prue could be together always" he slapped her "I don't understand" Phoebe wept "Don't understand? You are like a leach! If it wasn't for you Prue would be free. You are always wanting her to do something with you and always getting in to trouble at school. You keep her awake at night with the amount of boys you sleep around with Slut!" He threw her to the floor "I really don't…I haven't…what boys?…I..i..i am a v.." She cried with pleading eyes "Likely story a v…v…virgin. Don't lie you little whore. All those skimpy clothes you wear just asking to be fucked" he sneered "I don't ask…never..please leave me alone…I just want to go to my bedroom" she whispered " Okay why don't we both go and see if you are telling the truth" he shouted and grasped her hair and pulled her up the stairs.

That had been the first time he had raped her. He laughed and said "what do you know she was a virgin" when he had finished. She had lost count of the amount of times it had happened now. She didn't want to know she just wanted it to stop.

She had managed to get dressed and attack her hair into the best pony tail she could, she didn't have the strength or will power to apply makeup. "Hey lil one. Want some breakfast?" Piper asked with a smile "No thanks Pipe, not hungry. Could you pass me the juice though?" "Pheebs you really should eat, you haven't had any breakfast all week. Have you lost weight? Your so pale, is something wrong?" Piper confronted Phoebe "honestly I am fine sis, just not hungry. Promise I will have a vast dinner tonight" She shouted as she walked out of the door to avoid Pipers worried glare. She was anxious though, she hadn't felt hungry because she felt sick. In fact she had been sick a few times and she was three weeks late for her period…..